Weekly Horoscope: August 21–27, 2023

By Mary Bergner

On August 20, 2023

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Weekly Horoscope: August 21–27, 2023

The middle of the week will get pretty hectic, so the universe is gifting you with a self-indulgent square between Venus (the goddess of pleasure) and Jupiter (the planet of abundance) on Tuesday that gives you some time to slack off before things get dodgy. This distracted energy gives you permission to do stuff like eating your favorite junk food and binging some trash TV without feeling bad about it!

On Wednesday, the sun (our cosmic disciplinarian) moves into strict earth sign Virgo, though, increasing your responsibilities and reminding you that you need to get back on track. Your to-do list gets ridiculously long now as it fills up with your own goals and things that other people expect of you. Details matter, so working quickly isn’t as important as doing things efficiently and effectively.

Later on Wednesday, Mercury (our planetary messenger) goes retrograde while also paired up with picky Virgo, sending your decision-making center into a tizzy. Overthinking every little detail is inevitable for the next several weeks, so why fight it? Take a deep breath and try to stay calm as things fall apart around you.   

On Sunday, warrior Mars (the astral motivator) becomes a pacifist thanks to its partnership with charming Libra, so get ready to put down your weapons and hug it out. The main goal of this transit is for everyone to get along, which means doing your part and not adding to the chaos. Make love not war, man!

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Your cosmic advice this week is to slow down and take things a little more seriously, Aries. You like to skip over the details a lot of the time, but right now, it’s important to shut out distractions and focus as much as possible. You don’t have to stop completely, but forget about finishing first and concentrate on doing things correctly instead of just quickly.

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You’re comfortable with the steady earth energy that’s hanging around this week, Taurus, and you’re ready to prove what can happen when you’re patient. If people have been teasing you about taking your time and moving too slowly, you’re about to show them what can happen when you apply your trademark dedication and determination to life. Go you! 

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Your leader Mercury reverses positions in the middle of the week, and you know what that means! When things start to get out of control, though, why not embrace the challenges that come your way? Mercury retrograde is a good time to rethink how you approach problems so that you can come up with better solutions, Gemini. Working smarter instead of harder is the plan.

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Your feelings get pushed aside when things starts to hit the fan this week, Cancer, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you’ve been throwing a pity party for yourself lately, you get a real taste of what things look like when they really go wrong when Mercury goes retrograde — and it’s an eye-opening experience. Maybe you don’t have it so bad after all.

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Get your partying and slacking out of the way early in the week, Leo, because you’re going to need to pay attention and be fully engaged starting on Wednesday. There’s obviously a lot to do both at work and home, so you can’t sneak out of the room or claim ignorance. You know exactly what’s going on, and you know you have to step up and take part in it, right? Put on your big person pants and just do it. #Adultingishard 

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Your solid sign oversees two major cosmic moves this week, so people can count on you to take care of your responsibilities and maybe even help them out if you have some extra time on your hands. It takes a lot to shake you, so you aren’t about to let a little thing like Mercury retrograde get in your way. You have a plan and you’re going to stick to it.

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Your even temper helps you survive most of the stormy cosmic weather this week without getting rained on too hard, Libra. When powerful Mars highlights your charming first house over the weekend, it’ll be like the sun coming out for the first time in a while. Wait until then to try to negotiate a deal or sign on the dotted line. And if someone won’t budge, distract with your dazzling smile. It works every time.

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You have a hard time totally relaxing in most situations, so you might just power through the time that the universe gives you to relax early in the week. You’ll likely regret that choice, though, Scorpio, when things get harder as the week goes on and you wish you had that time to slack back. Oh well. Maybe on Sunday, when your aggressive co-leader enters your karmic zone, you’ll get the chance for a do-over.

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You’re pretty good at not letting things trip you up or get to you, but some of the events that start taking place this week are too much for you to ignore. Try not to let things build up to the point where they will eventually make you explode, though, Sag. Taking time through the week to vent your frustrations in a healthy way is a much better game plan.

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It takes a lot to rattle you, Capricorn, and even if you’re boiling over on the inside, you don’t usually let anyone see you sweat. This week there’s a lot going on that could push you to your breaking point, but you insist on hiding behind that calm exterior. So, you’re still the one that everyone goes to in an emergency because they think you’ve got it together. Which is exactly the way you like it.

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You might get so wrapped up in the laid back vibes early this week that you forget to slip the switch to panic mode. So, while everyone else is running around freaking out, Aquarius, you’re wondering what the big deal is. Okay, so you might want to pay a little more attention to what’s going on around you instead of letting yourself be totally distracted, but the way you see it, what’s the use in worrying about things you can’t change?

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You don’t deny being a procrastinator, but this week you don’t get much of a chance to put things off. Yes, you get a pass until Wednesday, but do you really want to go straight from totally chill mode to having to take full responsibility for all your actions? So, the question of the week is: If you know you have to stop, is it better not to start in the first place? For someone like you, Pisces, the answer might be yes.

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