How to Remove, Reverse, or Break a Love Spell

By Katie Robinson

On February 20, 2022

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How to Remove, Reverse, or Break a Love Spell

If you’re hoping to remove a love spell from yourself or someone else, cast this reversal spell with pink candles and rose petals to help you.

Sometimes, we’re the ones casting the love spell. Other times, the love spell has been cast on us. But once a spell has been cast, it will stick (which is probably why it’s best to get a love Tarot reading before you go through with one)! So, if it’s too late, know there are some things you can do.

In this article, we discuss all your options for spell reversals and include a couple spells to help you out.

The Difference: Removing, Reversing, or Breaking a Spell

Are these things different? Well, slightly.

Removing a spell: This is exactly how it sounds: simply removing the curse from yourself or another person.

Reversing a spell: If a curse or love spell has been cast on you, this means that you’re sending the spell back to the original caster.

Breaking a spell: If you feel comfortable acquiescing to the demands of the spell, you can do so in order to break it. 

For this article’s intentions, we are focused on removing a spell from you or a person. 


Moon Phase: Some of the magic is done under the influence of the cosmos. When removing a spell, you’ll want to practice this art under a full moon or waning moon phase. 

The reason for this is because full moons represent endings. They are closing chapters, moving on, and leaving behind toxicity. So, it’s the best time to rid yourself of anything unwanted—including spells.

Additionally, full moons bring out our strongest emotions—which is the key ingredient for any successful spell. 

Another common time to perform removal spells is during the dark moon. This is right before a new moon!

Time of Day: Nighttime is preferred here. 

Removing a Love Spell

Spell removals can be tricky, particularly when you’re attempting to remove a spell from another person. Removing a spell from yourself is easier because you’re the one in control of your own body. There is a direct connection between you and the spell itself. 

Know that if you’re trying to remove a spell from someone else, the results may take longer to come to fruition because of the degrees of separation.

On Me

For this spell, salt or dirt is necessary because they are neutralizing energies. They allow for absorption without derailing us of our own energy.

The mirror allows us to reflect outward what was placed on us. 



  1. Sprinkle some salt or dirt in a bathtub.
  2. Add the mirror to the tub.
  3. Take a bath and chant, “Dirt [or salt], I call on you to reverse the spell, I want to own my body well.” 
  4. After the bath drains, clean the tub of everything. 
  5. Take the remains (if there are any) outside and bury them. 
  6. Place the mirror under a tree or post and face its reflection away from the house (i.e. away from you)

On You

Many people look up this spell because they believe their partner has been taken by another person who has cast a spell on them. If that sounds like you, this is the spell to do. 



  1. Light both the pink and white candles.
  2. As you do so, place the picture of the victim between the two.
  3. Hold the rose petals as a symbol of peace and love. As you do this, chant, “I release you [person’s name] from your burden” three times. Close the chant with, “So mote it be.”
  4. Place the rose petals in a jar and place it by your bed until the person comes back around.
  5. For extra peace of mind, keep the two candles lit all night long—imaging that your person next to you the entire time.

What Happens Next?

So, you did it. You removed the love spell. In order to make sure everything goes smoothly from here, take a few minutes to do these last steps.

Close Your Circle

If you’ve casted a circle to perform your reversal spell, make sure you close that circle. You can easily do this by blowing out your candles consciously, thanking the spirits for listening to your wish, and paying respects to the caster and casted. 


Smudging yourself or the other person with sage, sandalwood, or palo santo is the best way to cleanse your entire body.

Cast a Protection Circle

If you’d like to cast an extra layer of protection, sprinkle some salt either around your house (if you’d like the caster to stay out of the home) or around your bed (if you simply want them away from your room). 

Carry or Wear Black Tourmaline

Crystals are great tools for manifestation. You can use crystals for protection simply by wearing one around your neck, arm, or finger. If you don’t like jewelry, carry it in your pocket! Black tourmaline is one of the best protection crystals out there.


Do spells work?

Of course they work! If they didn’t, we wouldn’t be talking about them right now. 

The better question is: How can you perform magic safely? If you’re inexperienced in magic, it’s best to read up a little on how and when to perform magic, so you don’t get into a situation like this again!

Am I under a love spell?

It can be incredibly difficult to recognize when you’re under the influence of a love spell. The easiest way to tell if you’re not completely in control is if you are starting to think or act differently. Are you doing things that are out of character? Are you thinking differently about someone—whether that means positively or negatively?

Note that your actions will change only slightly. The reason spells work is because they are gradual. They begin taking over your thought train in such a subtle way that you believe you’re the one who came up with the idea.

How long does a love spell take to work?

Powerful love spells will work immediately. Love spells that are half-baked or that use less potent ingredients can take up to a day or two to see results. 

Can black magic break a relationship?

Magic can certainly cause tension in a relationship. However, it’s important to recognize that we all have free will—even under the influence of “black magic.” So, black magic can never be the sole motivator in a breakup but it can be a catalyst for one.

How do you put a love spell on someone?

There are many ways to put a love spell on another person. Typically, they involve pink or red candles, honey jars, aphrodisiac oils or herbs (like lavender), or timely opportunities (like under a full moon). 

Do love spells backfire?

As you’ve probably already experienced, love spells can easily backfire if they aren’t done with precaution. Practice love spells with gratitude and care. Realize that we cannot force someone to love us or do anything outside their true character and intentions. With that in mind, you should be just fine. 

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