31 Crystals for Manifestation That Really Work

By Katie Robinson

On December 29, 2021

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31 Crystals for Manifestation That Really Work

Learn the manifestation process as well as some powerful crystals for manifesting all your dreams. Here are the best crystals for manifesting.

What Is Manifestation?

Let’s get this straight, shall we! Manifesting is the creation or magnetism of something physical, using only your mind to attract it. 

Everything—you, your dog, car, house, crystals, and your mother—has a vibrational frequency. To “manifest” something is to utilize that concept. For example, magnets have a quantifiable vibrational frequency—one that we might be a little easier to imagine. Put two magnets together in the right way, and they stick. If one side isn’t putting out the right energy, they won’t. 

So, in essence, manifesting means getting on the same vibrational frequency as your desires. And, with that, pull them closer (and faster) to you. In plainer terms, it’s the Law of Attraction. 

Law of Attraction

Most people were introduced to the Law of Attraction thanks to Rhonda Byrne’s magical book (and now documentary), The Secret. The simple law isn’t one of “physics.” It’s a spiritual law that is said to rule above all people, things, and energy matter. 

The best way to think of the Law of Attraction: “like attracts like.” If you continually think that you’re going to have a bad day before it’s even begun, guess what? The universe will serve up a really unpleasant day for you. You can imagine, then, why this particular way of thinking is so important for people who engage in crystal manifestation. If like attracts like, then a crystal with energetic pull on money should attract money. Likewise, if the crystal allows you to think more positively about money, the green stuff is bound to come around even faster.

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The Science

Don’t just take our word for it. There’s research behind this!

A 2018 study found that kids who had a positive attitude toward math were predicted to succeed. Even in taking into account different psychological makeups and learning abilities of the children, those who kept their minds positive were able to excel. 

A 2013 research study discovered that positive self-affirmations can help us overcome stress and improve problem-solving. In fact, the participants who engaged in a brief self-affirmation exercise were able to more quickly and effectively solve problems by 50 percent.

And, finally, a 2010 research review found that visualization was a key component to success. Envisioning your goals as though they have already been achieved raised the likelihood of that happening.

The Best Crystals for Manifesting

Every crystal comes with its own set of personal superpowers. In order to manifest the things that you want, using the best crystal for that purpose is essential. Here, we’ve set up a small guide for you to attract the thing you desire most in this life—whether it’s love, money, health, or something entirely different. 


When we think of “attraction” and “desires,” usually the first thing on our mind is love. We so often wonder whether our soulmate has crossed our path or whether the love compatibility we have with our partner can really last a lifetime. Use these crystals to get answers.


Whether you’re looking for consistent cash, a flowing bank account, or fast money to pay off a loan, these crystals are perfect for you.

Goals & Miracles

Hoping to manifest career goals, life goals, or personal improvement? Check these babies out.


Crystals have a number of wellness benefits, ranging from digestive to mental health. Use these crystals to tackle whatever ailment you face. 

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A New Job

When you use crystals to manifest at work, it’s best to start with what you really want to attract: a new job! A few of these stones are also great for transition periods—helping you stay calm or focused during the job search.


In some cases, our own energy isn’t enough to ward off the overbearing nature of another’s. That’s when you might call on some of these stones to help keep you safe.

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How to Use Crystals

Here are some ways to use crystals while visualizing your desires:

FAQs About Crystal Manifestation

Is manifestation real?

Of course it’s real! Why do you think there’re so many studies on the Law of Attraction, visualization, and positive thinking? Your mind can make all the difference. 

Do healing crystals work?

Again, of course! There wouldn’t be such a hype about them if they didn’t, right?

How do healing crystals work?

Crystals work because energy works. Everything has its own energy field. With crystals, this is also true. So, if you’re setting an intention, and asking the crystal to work with you on manifesting your desire, the outcome will happen much faster. 

Where can I buy healing crystals?

Healing crystals can be found in your local stores! Typically, they live at bookshops, boutiques, or geode and geographic stores. Crystals can also be found online—via big retail stores or spiritual websites.

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