5 Easy Love Spells That Work Immediately

By Katie Robinson

On September 29, 2021

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5 Easy Love Spells That Work Immediately

When you cast a spell, there are certain procedures to follow. Here are free love spells to woo anyone you desire. They’re free, easy, and they work fast!

But before you get started, there are a few things you’ll need to remember. First, love spells are not “black magic;” they are never intended to sway someone to do what we desire. We all have free will.

The second thing to remember is that love spells are not always successful. They depend on your personal vibration levels and the connection you currently have with the person you’re trying to attract. When it comes to soulmates or twin flames, these spells should work beautifully. 

Honey Jar Love Spell

What it does: Sweeten your connection; cultivate understanding

Ever heard the phrase, “You catch more flies with honey”? Such is the case with this sweet little love spell. This spell isn’t one to attract a new mate; it’s supposed to help “sweeten” an existing relationship. So, if you and your partner are having issues—whether they are trust-based, communication-based, or something different entirely—this “honey jar spell” will help you see each other’s sides. 

What you need: 

How to cast: 

Write the name of your person down on the paper—three times. The numerological significance behind the number 3 is where this spell gets its power. “Three” is all about self-expression and exhibiting “wholeness.”

Next, write down your intention. This has to be clear as day or else the power of the spell will be left wanting. 

Fold the paper three times (another “three” here), so that it fits perfectly in the honey jar.

Before you close the jar, take some of the honey out and use it in a cup of tea. As you sip your honey tea, repeat this mantra, either out loud or in your head: “As I take this tea, you’ll be this sweet to me.” 

Once you finish your tea, the spell has been set. The next thing to do is close the spell with finishing touches. Put the lid on your honey jar and bury it somewhere safe. It’s best if it’s a place nearby blooming flowers or herbs. Wherever there are things blooming or growing is the best thing to do. 

Full Moon Love Spell

What it does: Attract “the one”

A full moon signifies the completion of or the end of a journey. In this case, we’re talking about your journey of being single. This spell is perfect for helping to attract “the one” if you’re tired of looking. 

Full moons are notorious for creating emotional chaos because they prompt such intense emotions! This spell helps you use that to your advantage. Ever heard of the Law of Attraction? Using the intensity of your energy, whatever you put out, you get back in spades.

For this love spell, you’ll want to focus on your desire to have a partner—how much it would mean to you, how in love you would be, what support you’d feel—as opposed to your sadness of being single. That extra energy oomph is what will kick this spell in high gear!

What you need: 

How to cast: 

Write down a list of qualities you want your person to have. It can be as long and as detailed as you’d like! 

Wait for an earth moon: CapricornTaurus, or Virgo. Full moons always take on the energy of the sign they are in. Since we are using an earthly agent (rose petals) and hoping to find a stable connection, earth moons will bring about the most firepower for this spell.

After you’ve written down your qualities, fold up the paper and place it near your breast—close to your heart. 

Go outside your house with the rose petals. Circle your house three times whilst dropping the petals bit by bit. Chant to yourself or in your head, over and over as you do this, “Come to me. I’m ready for you.” 

Candle Spell

What it does: Anything you want—depending on the candle color

This candle spell is a bit of a versatile one. You can use it in the same exact way for pretty much any intention. The only difference—and likely the most important one—is which color candle you use.

Here’s a list of candle colors and their meanings, according to color symbolism:

What you need: 

How to cast: 

Light your candle. 

Repeat the mantra, “Love is abundant.”

Allow the candle to burn all the way through. Once it has burned away, the spell is complete.

Saffron Herb Spell

What it does: Heighten sex life

If your sex life could use a boost, this hot little spell is perfect for you. It uses an herb that works as an aphrodisiac and is commonly used in magic spells to tantalize the senses. 

Whether you’re hoping to attract a new bedroom playmate or spice up your current relationship, this spell works on everyone. As always, the key is good visualization techniques and passion. 

What you need: 

How to cast: 

This one is simple! First thing’s first: Make sure to do this spell at night. 

Turn off all the lights and light your red candle. As you meditate in the candlelight, think about all your favorite sexual encounters (real or fantasy). If you have a current partner, think about the best times with them and what you wish they would do under the sheets.  Allow the dreams to come over your mind and body—really feel this. The only way the spell works is if you embrace it fully: mind, body, and soul. 

After this, place your saffron in your sachet. 

Place the sachet in your lingerie or underwear drawer or inside the pillowcase of a pillow on your bed.

Get-an-Ex-Back Spell

What it does: Put you back in an ex’s head

Breakups are tough. They can be even worse if you don’t know why the breakup happened the way it did. Maybe they’ve moved on or perhaps you’re in a “no contact” situation. Whatever the case may be, this spell will put you right back in their head.  

What you need: 

How to cast: 

In the morning, dress your candle in the rose oil.

Place your picture and your ex’s picture together. Put both pictures beneath the candle holder. 

Visualize your memories together—all the good times. If you’d like, you can attempt to send a specific message to your ex. 

Once you’ve set the intention, light the candle and let it burn all day long. 

At the end of the day, tilt the candle over so small droplets of wax fall on your ex’s picture. Place your picture on theirs so that the wax seals them together. Put the pictures in an envelope and keep in a sacred place until they contact you. 

FAQs About Casting Love Spells

Do love spells work?

Absolutely! Part of the success rate counts on the energy you put into it though. If you believe it won’t happen, then it probably won’t!

Do love spells backfire?

Yes, definitely. Always remember that magic is a fragile art. When you use it consciously and are grateful, it will bring you what you desire. Misuse it, and trust us, you’ll wish you hadn’t.

How do you break a love spell?

Once you let a spell loose, there is no recovering it. This is very important. You must be absolutely sure of what you’re asking. 

What’s the difference between white magic and black magic?

Black magic is done with manipulative or selfish intentions. White magic is done for the greater good of the universe and the world around you. 

Are love spells bad?

Not if you use them responsibly and respect the free will of others!

Photo courtesy of David Bartus on Pexels.

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