Herbs for Love Spells: Attracting, Magic, and More

By Ellen Ricks

On February 26, 2022

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Herbs for Love Spells: Attracting, Magic, and More

Love magic has always been a source of fascination. Can a love spell bring my soulmate? Can a few words and herbs attract my perfect partner? 

While magical practices don’t force people to fall in love, you can use love spells featuring special herbs to help you bring love into your life. Maybe you’re hoping to find true love, attract it or bring someone back. Attraction herbs like rose petals can boost your love spells so they work immediately.  

True Love Herbs 

True love can be a magical thing. If your looking for your soulmate or wondering if your partner really is the one, love magic can be a great way of figuring that out—especially with the right herbs. Here are the herbs to attract love into your life. 

Rose Petals

Rose petals are the most common ingredient in love magic. Rose brings love, beauty, and divination to help you know if your lover is your true love. Brew rose petals in a tea or place roses at your altar to bring love. 


This common kitchen staple is great at bringing true love. Basil brings love, luck, and prosperity, making a love spell extra lucky. Add a little basil to your date night meal for a love boost. 


Lavender’s sweet smell is ideal for love magic, attracting lovers to your door. Lavender brings love, happiness, and relaxation, bringing love that is easygoing without all the drama. 

Attraction Herbs 

Attraction herbs can help you attract potential partners, have better dates, and improve your self-esteem. Use these attraction herbs in your magical practices. 

Lemon Balm 

Lemon balm—or Melissa—is Greek for “honeybee”. Lemon balm was often planted near beehives to encourage them to come home. This herb also attracts lovers, even the ones you thought got away. Brew some lemon balm tea to attract love. 


Ginger has a kick to it, both in taste and in magical potency. Ginger brings passion, sensuality, and confidence to attract love ease. Use ginger in your love spells to create some hot love affairs. 


Cinnamon can attract some sweet love into your life. Cinnamon brings attraction, love, and luck. Sprinkling cinnamon when doing a love spell can help attract new love or bring an ex back. 

Sex Herbs 

Love and lust is a very fine line that often blurs together, especially with magic. Here are some herbs to spice up your sex life. 


Roses are for love, but hibiscuses are for lust, bringing lust, passion, and love to your life. Use hibiscus petals in your love spells, use some hibiscus perfume, or sprinkle some petals on the bed before doing the deed. 


Both sweet and savory, cardamon is a great addition to a lust spell because of its smoky, sensual taste and brings love, lust, and direction, helping you get straight to business with someone you love. 


Used for years to boost sex drive, ginseng can also use its libido-boosting powers for love magic. Ginseng brings lust, love, vitality to help you go all night long. Put some ginseng in your shake to boost your sex drive or light some ginseng incense to set the mood. 


Do spells work? 

Yes, spells of all kinds of the ability to manifest and come to life. However, a spell isn’t just saying a bunch of words. If you don’t put any effort into your spells, you won’t see any results. 

How do love spells work? 

It’s a misconception that love spells are unethical because people use magic to force a certain person to fall in love with another person. This is untrue because humans have free will. If it’s not meant to be, no spell will make it happen. Love spells work by focusing on the love, not an exact person. 

How do you do a love spell? 

There are many ways to perform a love spell,  but, to make them work, you’ll need to set your intentions. What love are you looking to manifest? Setting your intention and guiding you into choking the right spell and method of casting. Remember, you need to give love to get love, so make sure you put extra love, care, and attention to your spell. 

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