A 'Confidence Boost' Color Magic Ritual for the Aries Full Moon

By Laura Bolt

On October 9, 2019

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A 'Confidence Boost' Color Magic Ritual for the Aries Full Moon

Watch out: A hot Aries full moon, on October 13, 2019 at 2:08 pm PT, is rushing in to add a little fire energy to this otherwise balanced season!

While Libra season helps us to find a sense of equilibrium, the energy Aries brings is more about forward motion and quick-thinking. So while Libra season can lull us into a passive, indecisive state—spending time and energy on weighing all our options—the Aries energy in this moon will bring the opposite.

The last few months may have been oriented around restructuring our routines and reconsidering our path forward.

It’s been necessary to invite in and consider new possibilities to do this important work, but now you might be feeling a little weighed down. But this Aries full moon is a great time to connect with yourself and make quick decisions about what you need and what’s already working for you.

If you’re a little worried, don’t be. During this moon, the sun is sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius, imbuing the night with an extra dose of energy and optimism.

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What Energy Comes With This Aries Full Moon?

As the first sign in the zodiac, Aries represents enthusiasm and childlike wonder. When was the last time you felt something unite your curiosity? It’s easy to dismiss things that seem childish or impractical as we get older, but this moon suggests we put aside our judgements and learn to explore again. If there is an activity that doesn’t necessarily line up with your ambitions, but brings you joy, feel free to indulge in it. Life is a rich tapestry, after all!

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Right now, Venus is in Scorpio, coloring relationships with an intense brush. We might feel frustrated or unsatisfied if we don’t feel a deep connection with partners or loved ones, and try and push them to explore their boundaries or connect on a more intense level.

Adding to the rebellious vibes, Venus is also opposite to Uranus in Taurus at this time, so prepare for some surprises! This alignment can be unpredictable and unconventional, and open the door to some surprising relationship developments. This can be a good time to connect, but be careful you’re not asking more of people than what they’re comfortable giving.

The overall influence of Aries can make us feel more impulsive than usual, and if we don’t feel satisfied it’s easy to lash out or act up. Try and remain focused on listening and respecting those around you. Physical activities, like sports or dancing, are a good way of working off some of that extra energy an Aries moon can bring.

A Color Magic Ritual for the Full Moon in Aries

full moon

Courtesy of @brandi.van.nevel

A full moon in Aries is a great time to do a ritual that connects you to yourself: your bravery, sense of individualism, and independence. It’s important to take time tonight to bring in this energy and honor the fight you have to push forward and get things done. Because of that, red—the color associated with the planet Mars, which rules over war and aggression—is the color most likely to boost you up during this moon.

There are three things you can work with to activate and intensify the “I’ve got this” energy: the color red, the element of fire, and an obsidian stone. And there is, of course, some meditation. We use the quiet time of meditation and reflection to consider how to be a humble warrior, and fight for the right things, in the right way.

This color magic ritual is ideal for tapping into that inner fire.




Start, as always, by cleansing your space with sage or palo santo.

Light a red candle (or several), representing bravery, passion, and protection.

As you meditate, hold an obsidian stone in your hand. Obsidian is formed from rapidly cooled lava—consider the power and strength that represents! Meditating with obsidian can have an uplifting and spiritually refreshing effect.

After you’ve meditated with your stone in front of the flame, your mind should be clear and steady. Write down two lists. Your first list should be “I am” phrases (“I am strong,” “I am powerful,” etc). Your second list will say the opposite (“I am weak,” “I am timid,” etc). Burn the second list by lighting the corner of it with your candle and letting it burn in a bowl (remember to practice good fire safety!).

Place the first list on your altar with your obsidian and read it over three times before you go to bed.

Affirmation for the full moon in Aries:

I am a conductor of heat and energy. I have the power to change my destiny. I strike quickly and directly. I am a humble warrior with an open mind and a steady hand.

Lead photo courtesy of @ivybeckervisuals

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