Capricorn Career, Money & Success Traits

Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Capricorn Career, Money & Success

Capricorn Career Mantra: "I can achieve anything I set my mind to?"

Capricorn greatest career strength: Determination. A Capricorn will push themselves beyond their limits to get a job done on time. A Capricorn will not take "no" for an answer, either from themselves or from an underling, and knows that there is always a way to do the impossible.

Capricorn greatest career challenge: Rigidity. Capricorn can follow the rules of a job to a T, but may be passed over for promotions because they may not think outside the box. Capricorns are staid rule followers, and may need to work on thinking beyond the boundaries of a job or task to truly prove their leadership and innovation potential.

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Capricorn Work Style

Slow, steady, and methodical, a Capricorn is dependable in the office, and is often first in and last out. A Capricorn never waits until the last minute, and it’s not unusual for a Capricorn to begin a project the day it’s assigned.

A Capricorn seems to be able to take it all on, and gravitates toward careers, like law or finance, where the pressure is on. Capricorn thrives under pressure, and loves the challenge of seeing just how much they can fit in a 24 hour day. Capricorns are very good at setting boundaries, and don’t let emotion get in the way of their work life. A Capricorn is a fair, exacting boss, who expects their reports to be just as hardworking as they are. Personal excuses don’t go far with Capricorns, and they truly just want to see the work done, and done well.

Capricorn can get frustrated when peers don’t seem to work as hard, yet sail ahead, and sometimes get stuck on work projects that require imagination or out of the box thinking. Art classes, or other creative pursuits outside the office can help them achieve these soft skills, which can help their supervisors see them as the rockstars they are.

Capricorns are adept at office politics, and never have a problem finding or keeping a job. They get a lot out of their employment, and see work as one avenue to find meaning and purpose in their lives and world.

Capricorn Dream Careers

CEO: Capricorn is a natural leader and great at facing a board and making strategic moves to make a company successful.

Lawyer: Bring on the long hours and intense focus on document review. Capricorn use their keen attention to detail to find spots other people may have missed, and usually are great in the field of law.

Hedge fund manager: Caps naturally love money, and don’t get stressed managing large amounts. They love the science and craft behind financial management, and like working under the intense pressure of a hedge fund.

Research scientist: Intelligent Capricorns are incredibly brainy, and love getting caught up in research; the more obscure the field, the better.

Architect: With an eye for detail and natural mathematical abilities, Caps are great architects, who can come up with unique concepts for both home and commercial properties.

Capricorn and Money

Capricorn is good at making money and excellent at saving money. They have a keen mind for investments, and genuinely love putting aside money for a rainy day. A Capricorn knows the value of a dollar, and loves couponing and saving money, even if they don’t "need" to do so. A Capricorn may comparison shop for ages until they finally bite the bullet and buy a product, and a Capricorn doesn’t like spending unnecessary money, and may need to be coaxed into spending money on luxuries—and for a Capricorn, even a coffee bought out is a luxury.

A Capricorn is good at investments, and may see it as a hobby. That said, Capricorns may need to be coaxed into contributing financially to charity; something that they genuinely enjoy once they actually open their wallet.

A Capricorn is good at negotiating, but while they are great making money in a corporate setting, they may not be as entrepreneurial as other signs, because they don’t want to take a risk, and they don’t want to put their own money into their ideas. This may limit their financial possibility. Learning to take smart financial risks can be a very good lesson for cautious Capricorn.

If You Work for a Capricorn Boss

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Capricorn bosses demand excellence, and want their reports to work just as hard as they do. They expect people to come early, stay late, and never, ever give an excuse for why a project won’t be done in time. A Capricorn boss doesn’t care about personal excuses, and doesn’t necessarily want you to bring your personal life into the office. Capricorn bosses can be aloof, and will only warm up once you prove yourself to them.

Capricorn bosses may not give praise easily. The best way to know you’re doing good work for a Capricorn boss is to pay attention to how they treat you. If a Capricorn boss piles work on your desk, it’s actually a compliment, as it means they trust you. A Capricorn boss may also pick apart details, but not to shame you—they are obsessed with details and imagine everyone else is too. Here, other Capricorn boss traits:

Hard working: Even if they’re the CEO, a Capricorn boss is usually found at their desk, doing work. They won’t take advantage of their position to come late or leave early.

Aloof: A Capricorn boss believes in clear demarcations between work and social life, and is unlikely to regularly socialize with people outside work hours, especially if they are a manger. A Capricorn will be friendly, but prefers to have their private life be private.

Neat: Don’t expect to find much personal ephemera on the desk of a Capricorn. A Capricorn prefers to leave their desk as personality-free as possible; a small black and white photo in a frame may be all you see of their "real" life.

Intelligent: A Capricorn boss may quiz you on headlines or obscure knowledge. It’s not as if they are trying to throw you under a bus or prove their knowledge, it’s just that intelligent Caps assume everyone else has as wide a range of interests and knowledge as they do.

Success oriented: A Capricorn wants to succeed, and they want you to do so, too. Partnering with a Capricorn and asking them for help on how to get to the next level benefits you both: Capricorns love sharing their experience and knowledge, and you’ll learn a lot from this hardworking sign.

What Success Means to a Capricorn

A Capricorn sees their success by their job title and the amount of money in their bank account, and it may take another sign to help them shift their perspective and see that success can take other forms, too. A Capricorn will be personally hurt by a job loss, even if it was part of a general restructuring, and doesn’t feel useful unless they have some sort of job. A Capricorn may make work a priority over family and friends, and again, it may be up to other signs to help them shift perspective. Capricorn prides themselves on how hard they work, and will give their all, even to a volunteer opportunity or internship. Capricorn will never half-ass a job, and truly believes that a job well done is its own reward.

Awakening the Inner Capricorn Goat

Smart, fleet-footed, and available to survive pretty much anywhere, the goat is a noble symbol for Capricorn. Here, how to tap into the inner Capricorn goat.

Do something solo: Independent Caps thrive on solo time, but they also love spending time with a partner. If a Capricorn ever feels on edge or unsure of where they stand, a date with themselves can help them feel better.

Go mountain climbing. A bit literal? Sure! But a Capricorn, like it’s goat spirit animal, thrives on outdoor activities and adventure, and rock climbing can help a Cap focus and shift their thoughts like nothing else.

Make dinner: You know how goats eat tin cans and can make anything dinner? Just watch a Cap with a refrigerator of leftovers! Caps have a huge reserve of resourcefulness, and cobbling together a meal from nothing can help a Cap remember just how much they can do.

Play: You know how goats have playful fights to reach the top of a mountain or hill? Caps can sometimes get way too caught up in the seriousness of life. Learning how to play—throwing one-liners back and forth or blowing off steam through a game of pickup basketball—can help a Cap blow off steam and can help them truly appreciate their whole lives.

All of the above are especially powerful in a month that manifests a full moon in Capricorn!