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Capricorn Parent & Child

The Best Toys for a Capricorn Child

A toy kitchen, a toy car, a toy mop and broom set (or a real one!) Capricorns love pretending to be grown ups, and can engage in imaginative play for hours with a play kitchen or play grocery store. Encourage their imagination, and focus on games that are open ended, where there is no winner.

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The Best Activities for a Capricorn Child

Capricorn kids are wise beyond their years and tend to enjoy the company of adults. They love helping their mom and dads, and are happy doing chores. That said, it’s important to help Capricorn kids become friends with other kids their own age. They may hang back on the playground, so a parent of a Capricorn may have to help their kid out of their shell. Playing imaginative, open-ended games is a great idea; Cap kids can get overly competitive, and a game of tag can lead them to tears. Learning how to play cooperatively will make for a happy, friendly Capricorn.

Books Every Capricorn Child Must Read

Smart, bookish, and in love with the written word, it’s not hard to introduce Capricorn to the joys of reading. Here, some of the books that will especially resonate with Capricorns. Below, the best books for Capricorn:

Horton Hatches the Egg, Dr. Seuss. The story of an elephant who sits on an egg until it hatches will resonate with determined Capricorn kids—especially the repeated line in the story: I said what I said, and I meant what I meant, an elephant’s faithful, 100%. Just like Capricorn!

Llama, Llama, Mad at Mama, Anna Dewdney. The story of a little llama who gets angry at the supermarket will speak to the tendency of Capricorn kids to have temper tantrums. They can learn that it’s okay to get mad, and it’s okay to apologize, too.

Divergent, Veronica Roth. Determined and feisty Capricorn tweens and teens will inhale this sci-fi series, which will touch on the sense of duty Capricorns feel from the earliest age.

The Best Names for a Capricorn Child

Capricorn Personality: Determined, ambitious, and practical, a Capricorn can do anything they set their mind to—even as a kid. Intelligent and often wise beyond their years, the Cap baby merits a name with some gravitas.

The Best Names for Capricorn Boys: Capricorns wear last names as first names particularly well. If there aren't any that stand out in your own family, consider a strong last name from your heritage or a country you admire: Adler (German, meaning eagle), Cohen (meaning priest), and West can be great places to start. And don't cross off Biblical stalwarts like Peter, Paul, Saul, and Mark, which have withstood the test of time and are worthy of baby Goats.

The Best Names for Capricorn Girls: Names from the Old Testament, Bible, or Koran fit Capricorn babies very well. Think Eve, Laila, Maida, or Hannah. As with Capricorn boys, gender-neutral names that could be last names also work well: Think Quinn, Madison, or Kennedy.

How to Parent the Capricorn Child

Intense, intelligent, and serious, parents frequently hear that their Capricorn child is wise beyond their years. Capricorn children may be a serious from an early age, asking deep questions as a toddler, and they may also be quite sensitive to loud noises, routine deviation, and being watched by people other than their parents. Capricorn kids can become pretty obsessive about their interests—it’s not uncommon for a Capricorn kid to know the name of every single dinosaur or type of train. Help enable and ignite these interests by showing your enthusiasm and learning alongside your little goat!

Capricorn may be obsessed by what’s fair and what isn’t, especially if they have siblings. Older Capricorns may almost act like third parents, and it’s important not to give them too much responsibility. If a parent isn’t paying attention, they may treat a Capricorn kid as a mini adult, which doesn’t do any good for anyone.

Capricorn has a strong sense of fairness and social justice, and they may be quite critical of their parents when they become teens. Try not to take it too personally. It can be helpful to have some common interest or activity to help you both through the teen years. For example, reading together, even as a teen, can be helpful. You may not be reading books out loud, but sharing the same paperback and talking about themes and events in the book can be an easier way to connect than talking about actual feelings, which Capricorn shies away from.

Capricorn kids do have a silly, funny streak, and it’s helpful to draw it out. Encourage your Capricorn kid to play, and focus on collaborative activities, rather than competitive ones, at home. You can grow your Capricorn kid’s confidence by letting them follow their interests—a Capricorn kid may become the unofficial chef of your family. If it’s something they enjoy and it’s not interfering with their schoolwork, why not? Encourage their interests, give them plenty of room to grow, and a lot of love, and you’ll raise a confident, courageous, caring Capricorn.

Help them find their tribe. Capricorn children often have the temperament of little adults from an early age. These kids are more likely to be caught with their nose in a book than goofing off with other children, so placing your Capricorn child in group activities will ensure they have an outlet to express their sillier side.

Encourage their ambition. Baby Caps are go-getters and love to be the best. Encourage this ambitious trait, but also be prepared to do a lot of explaining and consoling when things don’t go so well.

Explain why. These children are far from rebels, but they can get pretty headstrong when they don’t understand the reasoning behind a rule you’ve set. Instead of relying on "because I said so," try and take the time to give your little Capricorn the "why" behind your decision.

All About the Capricorn Teenager

A Capricorn teenager won’t cause trouble—at least not at school or with the police. But even though outsiders might see them as "good," that doesn’t mean they’re not challenging. While a Capricorn works hard at school and gets a lot out of accolades and straight A’s, they may be especially critical, veering on mean, about their parents at home, and they may also close off to parents.

This can be frustrating, but trust that it’s in a Capricorn teen’s nature—they need to figure things out on their own, and may not yet have the words to describe what they’re feeling or experiencing. Capricorn teens, in particular, have trouble expressing their feelings. Giving them plenty of outlets is key. A Capricorn kid loves sports, and may really excel and be able to get their emotions out on the playing field. A Capricorn teen can become very myopic about their definition of success, and it’s up to a parent to help them shift their perspective. For example, a Capricorn kid may be caught up in getting all A’s in school. Having a parent who reminds them that grades aren’t the most important thing can be very helpful for Capricorn kids.

The adolescent years can be a challenge for Capricorn teens and their parents, and it’s very important as a parent to remind your Capricorn kid that you have their back no matter what. A Capricorn kid appreciates a parent who is honest and direct with them and who doesn’t hide "the real world" from them. A Capricorn teen and their parents can also connect over the news and real world events, which a Capricorn enjoys debating.

A Capricorn Teen Likes

Family: A Capricorn teen isn’t embarrassed by their parents, and finds reassurance in doing the same traditions they did as a kid. Keeping traditions the same year to year, and frequently looking at old family photos, can help anchor a Capricorn teenager.

Excellence: A Capricorn teen wants to be the best, and may stay up all night studying. It’s important for a parent to help a Capricorn teen learn some perspective.

Rules: A Capricorn teen doesn’t do well without structure, and likes rules and expectations. If you give them a curfew, they won’t miss it. If you tell them to come home whenever, they will feel insecure and unsure—for a Capricorn, a rule is love.

A Capricorn Teen’s Dislikes

Being stereotyped as a teen: Nothing drives a Capricorn kid more nuts than being seen as a "teenager." They think of themselves as adults and would like others to recognize that.

School spirit days. While Caps love school and are also good at team sports, they hate the rituals with both, and may bristle at wearing school colors or uniforms on a certain day.

Surprises. Capricorn teens hate surprises, even good ones. The best way to make a Capricorn kid happy is to give them plenty of advance notice, and, if necessary, input as well. While any teenager would love a car for their birthday, Capricorn would appreciate picking it out—and is likely to choose the most budget-friendly choice, too!

Capricorn as Parents

How does a Capricorn personality mesh (or clash) with their offspring’s? Here’s how any Capricorn be an amazing parent to any kid in the zodiac:

Capricorn Parent, Aries Child

Capricorn parents love the intelligence and spirit of their Aries offspring, but occasionally wish they could settle down and follow the rules a little more. Aries kids learn discipline from their Capricorn parents.

Capricorn Parent, Taurus Child

Both earth signs, this is a great match. Both signs understand their need to be anchored, and appreciate that a life well lived doesn’t need to be crazy or unscripted. Tiny Taurus needs a lot of hugs and physical reassurance, which can be a learning curve for taciturn Capricorn.

Capricorn Parent, Gemini Child

Both intelligent and imaginative, these two signs can bond well over their love of life. Capricorn may want to reign Gemini in; Gemini can get frustrated by the same-old routine their Capricorn parent constructs.

Capricorn Parent, Cancer Child

These signs seem very different, but the beauty of this match is both signs draw the other out. Cancer children can help Capricorn parents become more in touch with their emotions; Capricorn can help Cancer learn to harness their potential and really focus it on a goal.

Capricorn Parent, Leo Child

These signs lock horns—a lot—but there’s a lot of love and respect on both sides. Once a Capricorn parent learns they can’t tame a Leo, a Leo will settle down and learn a lot from their Capricorn parent.

Capricorn Parent, Virgo Child

These two earth signs have a lot in common, but may have trouble connecting. Both taciturn and sometimes shy about talking through emotions, these signs can be oddly formal with each other. Learning some sort of common language—maybe by talking about books, music, or movies—can lead to a closer connection.

Capricorn Parent, Libra Child

Curious and intelligent, Capricorn parents see a lot of raw potential in their Libra kids, but just wish they could stop flitting around and really settle and home in on skills. Libra kids like that the rules are firmly laid out by their Capricorn parents, but sometimes will rail against them.

Capricorn Parent, Scorpio Child

This pair can be intense, but can also be pretty powerful for both parent and child. Capricorn parents may feel like their Scorpio kids are deliberately trying to torture them by breaking every single rule, but the more Capricorn can relax and see their Scorpio kids as unique individuals, the better. Meanwhile, Scorpio can help Capricorn think outside the box.

Capricorn Parent, Sagittarius Child

This can be a tricky dynamic, as Capricorn parents may feel their Sagittarius kids are a little too all over the map and wish they would settle down a bit. But Sagittarius is such a happy, optimistic sign that Capricorn can’t resist a Sagittarius smile, and Capricorn also learns it’s okay to ignore the to-do list and go with the flow.

Capricorn Parent, Capricorn Child

Capricorn parents expect a lot from their Capricorn kids—and vice versa. These signs can frequently disappoint each other, and the silent treatment is a regular punishment both dole out. But it’s not all gloom and doom. These signs work well working toward a project together, and are a pretty unstoppable team once they have a joint focus they can work toward.

Capricorn Parent, Aquarius Child

Capricorns are in awe of their little Aquarians, but may need some extra tools in order to connect with them. Aquarians, like their Capricorn parents, aren’t always forthcoming in their affection, so having a mutual project or interest can tighten this parent-child pair bond.

Capricorn Parent, Pisces Child

Capricorns are mystified by their Pisces kids, but also inspired to go deeper than they may have otherwise into their psyches. Pisces kids are intuitive and emotionally intelligent, and can get their Capricorn parents talking about their feelings like few others can, helping "soften" their Capricorn parent.