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The Best Toys for an Aries Child

Blocks, bikes, and balls. On the go and independent, Aries kids love activities they can do themselves and physical toys that let them work up a sweat.

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The Best Activities for an Aries Child

Known for their physical prowess, Aries kids also love the challenge of an intellectual activity. If they've already spent hours on the playground (an Aries favorite) pull out the puzzles. They'll enjoy the intellectual challenge of getting them done.

Books Every Aries Child Must Read

Aries kids love books about perseverance and strength. Always analytical, an Aries child will bypass intense fantasy for books with a lesson they can use in their everyday life. Some examples:

The Little Blue Truck by Alice Shertle. The story of one small truck's domination over a large truck will appeal to the Aries kid's scrappy side.

Oh, The Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss. Every Aries child will enjoy the reminder that you can be anything you want to be.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Ambitious, intense, loyal: Katniss Everdeen must be an Aries, and Aries children will love this story of bravery against all odds.

The Best Names for an Aries Child

Energetic, in control, and leaders before they even learn to crawl, Aries need names that connote strength, ambition, and drive. Another way to think about it: What name do you want to be calling out on the playground? Because you'll be doing it a lot as fearless Aries tests all boundaries.

Names for Aries boys: Think short, one-and-two syllable names that have withstood the test of time, like Michael, Max, or John. Other options, if you like a more out-of-the-box approach: names that can be traced to great warriors or leaders of the past, like Alexander, Jax (Jason), Moses, or Mohammed.

Names for Aries girls: Gender-neutral names like Alex, Taylor, Harley, or Maddox beautifully suit Aries girls. Another way to pick your baby Aries name: Imagine her occupying a C suite 30 years down the road. She'll grow into the name Katherine, even if it seems "big" now. Or consider names that literally mean leader, like the Hawaiian Ailani, the Hebrew Alufa, or the Greek Athena.

How to Parent the Aries Child

Sociable, curious, and smart, an Aries child is a natural leader on the playground and has plenty of ambition and motivation to become whoever they want to be. As a cardinal sign, Aries children are natural decision-makers who thrive on responsibility, so let them choose which sweatshirt to wear or which book to read at bedtime. Always on the go and energetic, Aries are fearless—you'll be holding your breath as they try one daredevil trick after another on the playground. Channeling that energy into plenty of activities is key for keeping an Aries child happy.

As an Aries grows up, they may try to solve everything themselves instead of heading to you for the answers. Let them know you're there for them, but respect their space. Frequent "How are you doing?" check-ins are likely to be met with annoyance. However, Aries kids thrive on action. If they're working on a project, sitting down to help them finish it can be tremendously motivating, as one key lesson for the adolescent Aries is starting what they finish.

Here are more tips for parenting an Aries child:

Keep your energy high. Move over, Mom and Dad—this little fire sign will keep you on your toes! Although you'll probably never be able to match their energy level, try to meet them halfway with enthusiasm and encouragement.

Challenge them. Although characterized by the Ram, Aries are not all brawn. These children are also intellectuals, and their physical gusto will translate just as easily to cerebral pursuits and interests.

Feed their need to compete. Make sure your Aries child has the opportunity to win and take center stage—they love it. Involve them in sports and other competitive activities where they will be encouraged to keep striving.

All About the Aries Teenager

As Aries hit their teens, they establish themselves as the leaders they were born to be. It's tumultuous for everyone, but the key is to let an Aries teen lead, even if they're young. Giving them tasks, like laundry, food prep, or taking care of younger kids, gives them a sense of purpose. So do summer jobs or internships, where they can flex their skills and meet people who see their positive traits. Boundaries are key for an Aries—they're going to push them anyway, so it's necessary to have some firm ones in place. Aries may seem independent and aloof, but they still want to know just how important they are to your family. While not the cuddliest sign, telling them "You're great," "I'm proud of you," and "I love you just the way you are" will go a long way. An Aries teen may not introduce you to their friends, but it's not because they don't love you. They just need to establish their own identity beyond the family. Avoid digging for information. An Aries will naturally share important info, but asking too much may seem nosy to them. Keep the focus on your teen and their accomplishments, and they'll slowly share details about their daily life.

An Aries Teen's Likes

Ownership: Put them in charge or give them a lot of responsibility.

Trial and error: They might fail, but they need to try.

Being respected: Treat them like an adult without holding them to all the same standards. If they accidentally scrape the car, give them a pass, and know that it will never happen again.

An Aries Teen's Dislikes

Ridicule: They hate being teased or having others make light of something serious.

Lack of honesty: They resent being punished for telling the truth or being "too blunt."

Restrictions: They're irritated by long waits, strict rules, and being forced to finish everything they start.

Aries as Parents

How does an Aries' personality mesh (or clash) with their offspring's? Here's how any Aries be an amazing parent to any kid in the zodiac:

Aries Parent, Aries Child

Spontaneous and adventurous, you and your child are both headstrong, in charge, and always want to do your best. As your kid gets older, they may test boundaries. Remember that "winning" this kind of fight doesn't matter as much as growing because of it.

Aries Parent, Taurus Child

A little bull will test the patience of any Aries. Taurus kids take their time and like routine while Aries like to go with the flow. A give and take relationship is key. Remember, Aries: It's not slowing down, it's taking your time.

Aries Parent, Gemini Child

Both up for anything, Aries parents and Gemini children are two adventurous soulmates. But sometimes, all that go-go-go means missing out on lazy couch cuddling. Regularly factoring in emotional check-ins is key for a strong connection.

Aries Parent, Cancer Child

Sensitive and soulful, a Cancer kid's natural connection to their emotions can help an Aries parent tune in more deeply to their needs. Meanwhile, Aries can always lift Cancer's spirits and teach them to not take life so seriously. But an Aries parent needs to let a Cancer child express their emotions. An Aries parent doesn't need to fix everything. They just need to listen.

Aries Parent, Leo Child

Confident, proud, and brave, a little Lion has a lot in common with an Aries parent—at first glance. The pair will enjoy plenty of adventures, as long as Aries parents recognize their Leo child's sensitive streak. Leos don't love teasing, and an Aries' gentle ribbing might be taken seriously, so tread lightly with the humor.

Aries Parent, Virgo Child

Patient, rational, and logical, a little Virgo is excited and inspired by Arian energy and learns best by watching their parents do their thing. Whether it's going down the slide or jumping into the pool, a Virgo will happily follow. Aries parents need to let Virgo kids do things at their own pace, because they don't like being told what to do, especially when it seems like an arbitrary decision. Which PJs to wear to bed? Honestly, why should that matter?

Aries Parent, Libra Child

A little Libra is in awe of the way their Aries parent says exactly what they think, and you know they'll learn a lot from it. While the Aries parent must be honest with their young Libra (they can sense dishonesty), enveloping criticism in plenty of praise is key. Libra kids are up for anything, but they may do things because they want to please an Aries parent. Rams should let them know that it's OK to follow their own path.

Aries Parent, Scorpio Child

Both intense and passionate, Aries parents and Scorpio children will have the closest bonds and the biggest fights. Luckily, both signs are anchored in honesty. A little Scorpio is incredibly in touch with their emotions, and it may take some slowing down, tuning in, and listening for an Aries parent to understand what a Scorpio child is going through.

Aries Parent, Sagittarius Child

These two constantly seeking signs are a great parent-child match. While both Aries and Sagittarius crave stimulation, Ram parents should remember their little Archers love flexing their mind and their muscles. Reading books together, heading to a museum, or painting can be great ways to connect.

Aries Parent, Capricorn Child

Both driven and both leaders, an Aries parent may see much of themselves in their Capricorn children. However, while Aries are often driven by instinct and intuition, Capricorns love to observe and plan before making a move, which may frustrate an Aries parent. They will make that move eventually, so let Capricorn kids do it on their own timetable.

Aries Parent, Aquarius Child

Both signs are social, so Aries parents are never at a loss finding playdates for their Aquarius kids. While Aquarians are naturally confident, they may not see their gifts as readily as an Aries parent does—noticing them and helping an Aquarius kid make the most of them (by enrolling them in dance classes, for example) is key, as Aquarians may not have the drive to do it themselves.

Aries Parent, Pisces Child

An Aries parent pushes a Pisces kid out of their comfort zone, which is a great thing because it exposes little Fish to things that they may not have tried on their own. On the flip side, Pisces kids can seem overly sensitive to Aries parents. Being aware that a Pisces isn't faking and that any tears or fears are real will go a long way toward understanding.