Scorpio Couples Horoscope

Love is rich and stunning for couples in 2017. The Mars-Neptune conjunction in January keeps romance alive no matter what. Sensitivity to your partner is at an all-time high. There may even be times when you seem to be wearing rose-colored glasses. Fault-finding may be hard to do on occasion. Your desire for ideal, intense love won't fade.

Jupiter in Libra prefers to keep partners together. You may feel a bit out of synch at times with one another, but ultimately you'll always come back together.

Venus is retrograde in March, starting in Aries and by the time it goes direct in mid-April it is in Pisces. By the end of the retrograde you may feel swamped in your emotions but you'll be closer than before as a couple.

When Jupiter enters Scorpio in October, relationships get stronger and you two can build an even tougher backbone. Sex appeal increases, too. No matter what the world tosses your way, you'll be secure in one another's arms.

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