Gemini 2023 Horoscope

Your curious mind gets distracted easily but will be tuning in to the details lead to more success this year?

Your witty, cerebral ruler is Mercury, the planet of communication, socialization, technology and short trips, so its yearly retrograde cycles can be particularly difficult for you, Gemini. And there are four of them for you to deal with in 2023 (mid-January, late April, late August and mid-December). The good news is it that they all pass through logical, steady earth signs, so staying calm and focused on the details that you can control instead of the ones you can’t help you prepare to navigate these retro slowdowns.

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Serious Saturn will be traveling with kindred air sign Aquarius from January to early March, which further brings out your natural curiosity and encourages you to pursue a philosophical train of thought. Your goals are based on your values and morals, and you aren’t into doing anything unethical even if it puts you ahead of your competitors or gets you the fame, success and power that you desire. In this deeply contemplative time, you can get to the heart of what you really want in life and formulate a solid plan to attain it.

You’re always at your best during your birthday month, and you’re ready to celebrate in style as the sun makes its way through your social sign between the end of May and the end of June. No matter what you went through last year, you’ll be ready for a fresh start now, so happy birthday to you, curious, adaptable and expressive Gemini!

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