Sagittarius 2023 Horoscope

You look at life as one big adventure, Sagittarius, and your success in 2023 is only limited by your own hesitation. Expanding your mind is high on your list this year, followed by traveling the world. When you have some downtime, you excel at philosophizing about your life and how to improve it.

And you get an excellent chance to do just that when your amazing ruling planet Jupiter spends the second part of the year in patient, earth sign Taurus. You’re in less of a hurry and more eager to find out where your strengths lie now, and your main challenge during this transit is to shut out distractions long enough to listen to your inner voice. Jupiter’s retrograde cycle starts in early September and lasts through the end of December, asking you to reevaluate what it takes to keep you fulfilled. Is happiness just an abstract concept you like to believe in or something you can actually attain this year? Stay tuned to the Universe for answers.

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From the end of November to the end of December the sun will shine bright in your expansive sign, encouraging you to learn as much as you can. What’s on your bucket list? The season of the Archer is the perfect time to plan a birthday trip to a place you’ve always wanted to go—and invite as many people to accompany as you can! (The more the merrier, right?!) If you can’t take off to exotic places, that’s okay. Make the end of the year special by celebrating your b-day and New Year’s Eve at the same time with a huge blowout. The bigger the better.

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