Pisces 2023 Horoscope

As the ultimate optimist of the zodiac, you get permission from the Universe to stay in your own little dream world because your home planet Neptune continues to be influenced by your idealistic sign all year. And as usual, Pisces, you can continue to rely on your keen psychic and intuitive skills to observe and reflect on the world around you. Interpreting messages from your subconscious via daydreams and visions gives you surprisingly accurate information about your life path in 2023.

The sun drifts through your creative, compassionate sign between the end of February and the end of March, so have fun celebrating your birthday month! As an introvert, you thrive in peacefulness and solitude, so your ideal birthday celebration might be kayaking solo around a placid lake or reading your favorite book by the pool, followed by a delicious dinner with your BFF or closest family members.

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Larger doses of reality will begin to surface during the Neptune retrograde cycle between the end of June and the end of the year, which can cause a lot more pessimism and subsequent disappointment. Looking at things as they are rather than how you wish they were isn’t always easy, but you’re a lot more capable of dealing with unpleasantness than you seem!

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