Libra 2023 Horoscope

You’re happiest when you’re surrounded by beauty and peace, so will 2023 bring you the harmonious energy you desire? It looks likely.

Early in the new year, your home planet Venus, ruler of love and money, starts spending time with unique Aquarius and your house of creativity and spontaneity, sending you on a quest to find out what makes you truly special. What excites you and makes you feel most like yourself when you’re doing it, Libra? Finding out more about yourself contributes to your personal equilibrium.

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Serious, hardworking Saturn is also in Aquarius and your creativity zone at the start of the year, which helps you come up with new and imaginative ideas to further both your career and personal life. It’s time to bring something new to the table and see how your individual talents can contribute not only to your own success but also to the greater good. As you think about both your own personal happiness and making the planet a better place to live, it’s time to move into the future, leaving behind old, outdated customs, traditions, routines and procedures.

Starting in late September, the sun travels through your graceful, charming sign for a month, so it’s time to start planning your stylish birthday celebration! Most Libras have a timeless physical beauty that other people envy, and your fair-minded, impartial and charismatic personality draws people to you naturally, so you won’t be hurting for company on your big day if that’s what you desire. Your ideal birthday (whether alone or with friends and family) is spent in a peaceful, beautiful setting with a breathtaking view, perhaps somewhere high in the mountains!

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