Taurus 2023 Horoscope

Your greatest success this year comes from opening your mind and trying new things, Taurus.

Your beautiful ruler Venus spends the first day of the year in your house of expansion, which is an immediate sign that it’s time to start your next great adventure. You might not know where your spontaneous steps will lead, but you can’t wait to start the next leg of your great journey.

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Unpredictable Uranus will be traveling with your steady sign again this entire year, adding hints of electricity to your persona that can lead to some very interesting twists and turns. When this perky planet is in your first house of personal power, there is a lot of originality surrounding you and encouraging you to be more innovative and inventive across all aspects of your life.

Lucky Jupiter also takes a spin through your first house this year from the middle of May through the end of the year, loosening you up and getting you to look at the lighter, more humorous side of life. You’re much more optimistic during this empowering transit, and you are more concerned with the greater good than your own individual needs. If you can manage to stay in this jovial, generous mood, you will attract some very positive things.

It won’t be easy for you to conceal your emotions during the intense full moon and lunar eclipse in your sign in late October, so why not release them and let the cards fall where they may? Keeping your feelings to yourself can lead to a lot of stress, and since people can probably already guess your thoughts by your body language, why not just let them out? You won’t believe how free you can feel when you express what’s in your heart.

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