Your Virgo Season Horoscope for August 29-September 3


On August 28, 2017

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Your Virgo Season Horoscope for August 29-September 3

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Last week felt crazy for all signs. As the chaotic energies of the eclipse swirled across the Zodiac, you may have felt out of sorts, confused, and out of step with your day to day life and goals. Thankfully, this all changes this week, as dyanamic Mercury moves into charismatic Leo. Creativity and romance will be amplified, and all signs may find themselves drawing inspiration from their past, either by taking up a new hobby, reconnecting with an old friend, or otherwise tuning into who they used to be. You may find that the best way to go forward in becoming an improved version of who you already are is to draw inspiration from the past. A tie between Jupiter and practical Saturn paves the way for you to accomplish goals, move forward, and generally improve, evolve, and expand into all aspects of your life.

Aries Weekly Horoscope
Relax, Rams! The stars say nothing substantial will get done in the next week, so now’s the time to relax, enjoy friends, and find the good life. Energetic Rams are always going a million miles a minute, and you may find that putting a focus on leisure may help you solve a problem or issue in another section of your life. Feeling too restless? Working with a life coach, or setting aside time to talk to a mentor, could help you move in the right direction and stop spinning your wheels. And while you’ll get serious and settle come September, know that this week, the bits, pieces, and conversations you’re collecting will serve you well going forward.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope
You’ve hunkered down this summer, Bulls, and friends and family have missed you! Luckily, Mercury, the planet of talk and thought, is moving into your home zone. Expect your priorities to shift as more personal plans come up. And don’t be afraid to focus a bit more on your personal life—talking through issues and problems can help you move ahead faster than you would if you were working alone. You may find that mixing different friend groups, or introducing your friends and family to each other, will have positive, rippling effects into the next week. Consider it!

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Gemini Weekly Horoscope
Gemini, you’re all systems go this week, but the planets urge you to slow down. While talkative Mercury, your personal planet, moves back into Leo and your sector of communication, you’re socializing and networking like never before. Awesome! But some plans discussed over drinks or dinner may not pan out successfully, or may work better with a different direction. Consider possibilities, but stay away from commitment until you’ve explored all sides. Don’t make any promises, especially not over email, and practice the phrase, “That’s interesting. I’ll consider it.”

Cancer Weekly Horoscope
As Virgo season begins, cautious Crabs would do well to double-check their bank accounts and sources of income. While this is already something you do on the regular, right now, you’re feeling the urge to splurge and splash out in the last weeks of summer. Go for it, but make sure you can afford the indulgence. And it also pays to keep your ear to the ground. While you’re having fun and off the clock, a random opportunity may come up that’s perfect for you, now and for the future. You don’t need to commit right now, but do express interest and start the conversation.

Leo June Weekly Horoscope
As Mercury, the planet of mind and communication, moves backward into Leo, Lions are thinking hard about the past. This isn’t a bad thing! Connecting to an important figure from the past, exploring an old hobby, or just thinking about a time when life seemed to be moving in the right direction can help you get on track in the present. But avoid rumination! If you find yourself feeling sad or nostalgic, get out of the rut by enjoying your life right now. Booking a trip, or even just trying something new out of your routine, can help make you feel confident, in control, and sure of next steps.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope
Mercury is making you feel all the feels, and you may find yourself grappling with anger—even over an issue that happened in the past. While you may feel like you should swallow the feelings, talking about how you feel actually may be the ticket you need to move forward. If you can’t talk to the person who may have ignited the anger, or the anger is more freeform, then channel those feelings into working out, a new project, activism work, or anything positive where you can turn anger into action. And your home is a haven, so make it more so—a DIY project, adding some plants, or even just hosting some trusted friends can help you feel a little more balanced.

Libra Weekly Horoscope
Hello? It’s your past calling. You may find yourself navigating a ton of invites from past work, social, or even romantic connections. Explore them—the stars say that even if a person is from your past, they may be key in introducing you to someone from your future. Meanwhile, it’s full-speed ahead on a personal or professional goal: A realistic goal, broken down into actionable steps that still leave time for fun, is key to success. You’ve got this!

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope
Feeling bang your head against the desk frustrated? Blame quicksilver Mercury, presently retrograde in your sector of goals. Don’t stress, refocus. If you can, put aside a project for a bit; as soon as Mercury goes direct, things will move forward much more quickly than things would right now. Not possible? Have as much as possible in writing, assume any closed door meeting will be overheard, and read everything at least three times before you agree. Meanwhile, your intuition is guiding you, especially on the personal front. You may find yourself acting out of character—and you may like who that person is. Go with the flow right now!

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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope
Adventurous Archers may be planning trips or heading on vacation, but with Mercury still in retrograde, it’s wise to triple-check plans and have back-up ideas if possible. While the upcoming days may present annoying delays, mix-ups, and lost gear—even if you’re staying local—you may find that there’s a silver lining to these snafus, and may end up in conversation with someone who could prove to be an important person in your future.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope
Always one to follow logic and practicality, this week, your emotions are in the driver’s seat. And this isn’t a bad thing, Caps! The key, as always, is to listen to your intuition. Now is a great week to take stock of who’s in your life, and more importantly, how they make you feel. You should reconsider anyone who makes you feel stressed, anxious, or uncomfortable—you’re in control here. There may also be some family drama bubbling under the surface. No matter who they are, trust your gut, but absolutely make sure to use your head and get all the facts before you proceed into confrontation or pulling others into the issue.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope
Feeling like you’re walking on eggshells? You’re not alone, Aquarians. The present astrological backdrop has heightened misunderstandings and miscommunications for all signs, but especially you. Write things down before you talk, especially on sensitive issues, so your points are clear to you. Second, table the heavy conversations for next week, and right now, focus on fun and enjoying every last second of summer. And get out there! The stars say that someone outside your current social circle will prove to be important in the upcoming weeks.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope
Argh. Feel frustrated? Trust that it’s not you—it’s the planets. Mercury retrograde is in full force for fish, and you may find yourself having to re-do a project due to a tech crash. The good news: The new and improved project will likely be more impressive than what you’ve done before, and capture attention of people who matter. Still, it’s annoying. To balance out the frustration, focus on your leisure sector. You will see improvements and results in that area, especially if you set concrete goals. Bonus: The planets suggest you may meet someone there, especially if you’re single, so get ready to get your flirt on—it’s much more fun than worrying about a Powerpoint presentation.

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