Your August Love Horoscope: Are You Ready to Get Real?


On August 2, 2017

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Your August Love Horoscope: Are You Ready to Get Real?

This month, a lunar and solar eclipse shake up everything you thought you knew about love. This can be a good thing. Stale relationships will get an infusion of energy, and you will get clarity on what you want (and what you don’t) from a partner. All zodiac signs will find themselves listening to their hearts and finding a more honest and true version of themselves to bring to their relationship—no matter what stage it’s at. Remember: The road to love is sometimes rocky, but so, so worth it.

Aries August Love Horoscope
On August 4, a Jupiter/Pluto square throws your finances into the spotlight. Single? While “investing” in dating is smart, think time and energy, not an outfit and a pricy bar tab. Attached? Time to chat about shared finances, because issues won’t go away if you ignore them. On August 13, a Sun/Saturn trine makes romance fun—plan a date, enjoy, and don’t get too caught up in heavy conversation. On August 22, a Mars/Saturn trine amplifies any relationship goals—now’s the time to set an intention to make things happen.

Taurus August Love Horoscope
The lunar eclipse on August 7 suggests social activism will take center stage in your romantic life. Committing to a cause together can enhance your relationship, as can getting out of your comfort zone and volunteering for a political candidate or chatting up someone who shares your idealogy. Conflicts arise around the Venus/Pluto opposition on August 15—don’t get caught up in the drama; lying low could be your best course of action. When the sun shifts into earthy Virgo on August 22, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and do some work on your relationship (or work on finding a relationship). Things will go your way, but you have to show the Universe that you’re willing to pull your weight.

Gemini August Love Horoscope
A Venus/Neptune trine on August 12 cranks up your confidence in your romance sector. It’s the perfect time to take a risk. Whether it’s heading out of town for a date, trying something new in bed, or even being the one to make a first move, the stars say that your partner will respond favorably. If you’ve been frustrated by the state of your relationship (or lack thereof), be patient. The end of Saturn in retrograde on August 25 means things will finally move forward. But you have to do some self-reflection: A Sun/Mercury conjunction on August 26 asks you to look at the past and seek closure, especially in the form of self-forgiveness.

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Cancer August Love Horoscope
When Mercury goes retrograde on August 12, you may get bogged down by details, and misunderstandings may occur. Just think big picture, and forge ahead. On August 17, you send out a seductive vibe, thanks to a Venus/Jupiter square. You’re in a prime position to manifest a fantasy mid-month, so make sure you know what you want—otherwise, things will get complicated. When Venus leaves your sign on August 25, drama increases (if that’s even possible!). Do what you can to stay above it all—your partner or crush will be duly impressed.

Leo August Love Horoscope
A Venus/Neptune trine on August 12 adds romance into your relationship sector—candles, late-night confessions, and whispered seductions are all going to happen, so enjoy. Later in the month, a Mars/Saturn trine on August 22 gives you renewed confidence and focus in your relationship. If you’ve been busy focusing on everything else but love this summer, now’s the time to, well, get busy. On August 31, retrograde Mercury reverses into your sign for a second time. What this means? It’s re-do time. Whether it’s rekindling a romance from the past, bringing up a stubborn issue to try to get your partner to see your POV, or taking a chance to propel your relationship forward, now’s your time. Don’t waste it, Lions!

Virgo August Love Horoscope
The August 7 lunar eclipse casts a caring shadow over your romantic sector. Instead of focusing solely on your bond, the Universe asks you to expand outward—the more you care for the world, the more an intimate bond will grow. A Venus/Jupiter square on August 17 may cause some tension; just stay honest and true to yourself. The more you try to mold yourself into what the other person wants, the unhappier you’ll be. When the Sun enters your sign on August 22, you want physical, sweaty, delicious love. Go out there and get it. Single? Stay connected to your desires by spending quality time alone with yourself, fantasizing about exactly what you want.

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Libra August Love Horoscope
When Mercury turns retrograde on August 12, tensions rise. Stay cool, breathe, and don’t try to “fix” anything. Things will settle and become clear in the ensuing days. On August 20, a sizzling Sun/Uranus trine asks you to venture outside your comfort zone. Before you act, make sure your partner and you are both on the same page. A talk about exactly what you want in bed will take things over the top for you, lucky one! On August 25, Venus floats into confident Leo. Ask for what you want and you will get it.

Scorpio August Love Horoscope
A Venus/Neptune trine on August 12 injects some interesting possibilities into your romantic life. Before you commit, think through the pros and cons; looking before you leap will pay off in the long run. A Sun/Saturn fire trine on August 13 cranks up your passion even more (if that’s even possible!) Indulging in PDA, getting loud and sweaty between the sheets, or even outside, is exactly what you need. On August 26, a Sun/Mercury conjunction advises you to pay attention to the moment. A phone-free evening with your partner is what you both crave toward the end of the month.

Sagittarius August Love Horoscope
When Uranus turns retrograde on August 3, you have a fresh and different perspective on your relationship, or relationship prospects. Follow your intuition—your gut knows what to do, and it may have a different idea than your brain. Mid month, a Venus/Pluto opposition makes conversations confusing. Resist the urge to manipulate, lie, or play mind games, which will lead you down a rocky path. Stay honest and direct, even if it’s not easy. As retrograde Mercury reverses into headstrong Leo on August 31, your temper rises. Before you start a fight, ask yourself: Is it worth it?

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Capricorn August Love Horoscope
At the beginning of the month, a Jupiter/Pluto square creates conflict in your relationship, mostly related to money. Spreadsheets, conversation, and maybe even outside counsel from an expert, like an accountant, can help. Single? Feeling in control of your finances can help you feel in control of your love life. Toward the end of the month, a Sun/Uranus fire trine urges you to get out of  your comfort zone. Try something new with your partner, or, if you’re single, try a new way to meet someone. As the Sun enters Virgo on August 22, you’re feeling hypercritical—don’t voice your complaints before you’ve slept on them.

Aquarius August Love Horoscope 
On August 7, the full moon in Aquarius is rocking your world—and not necessarily in a good way. Avoid any major decisions or actions; it’s a good time to lay low and spend time with friends as a buffer. On August 13, a Sun/Saturn trine urges you to be spontaneous with your partner or date—plan an overnight, go to a new spot, or just share a fantasy. On August 21, the solar eclipse leads to some intense feelings. Resist the urge to act on them for now. Next steps will be much clearer by the beginning of September.

Pisces August Love Horoscope
The Venus/Neptune trine on August 12 infuses your romantic sector with positive energy. All the planets ask is that you be honest and vulnerable. You can keep your emotions close to the chest, but the more you share with your significant other, the better it will get. A Mars/Saturn trine toward the end of the month helps you get over a stumbling block in your relationship (or your pursuit of a relationship). As the month closes, the Sun/Mercury conjunction 26 asks you to look at the past to help find current answers to a current relationship dilemma.

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