This “Fall-in-Love” Technique Sounds Crazy … But It Works

By Alexandra Roxo

On May 5, 2017

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This “Fall-in-Love” Technique Sounds Crazy … But It Works

 A few months ago, I attended my first “Yoga of Intimacy” workshop in L.A. The workshop is billed as an evening of “polarity, depth, and devotional love through safe, non-sexual partner practices.” Vague? Yes. But enticing enough to pique my interest. And I’m glad it did—I walked out a changed woman!  

I’d heard from people who had tried it that this practice was perfect for shifting your seeking vibe if you’re single, and deepening your connection to your partner if you’re coupled. Since I love to try new things and love anything pertaining to finding deep love, I was like, Sign me up! Walking into the studio space with my mat, I expected some partner yoga, but this was not the yoga class I expected. No savasana. No downward dog.

Instead I was asked to stare into a stranger’s eyes for three hours and breathe.  Sounds simple, right?  It was not. Beyond the whole staring and breathing thing, I also had to scream at this person.  Yes, you read that right: I had to unleash my full spectrum of rage onto this random man! I felt horrible doing it, but it was oddly cathartic in the end. Also, the guy across from me—plus all the other men who attended the workshop—agreed that it was more exciting to receive a woman’s full spectrum of emotions than just the “cute” and “pleasant” vibes we normally project.

After screaming, my partner and I (we swapped partners several times through the workshop, but all were strangers to me) had to discuss how trustable he was on a spectrum from one to ten. Because when you don’t trust your partner, there’s no way you’re going to give them your full heart and soul, right? All of a sudden, so many of my IRL relationships made sense!

By the end of the evening, I felt like a soft pretzel in an oven of love vibes. Seriously. Being able to be totally, completely, 100 percent present broke down years of walls I had built around my heart.

Since Yoga of Intimacy was so mind-blowing, I decided to sign up for a corresponding online course, “Attracting Your Beloved” which promised to “attract and sustain deep intimacy in sacred partnership.” This, too, has made waves in my life.  I can still feel it working its magic on me. After taking the course, I’ve had some riveting conversations with very attractive men, I’ve been asked out at stoplights, and I’ve felt something quite new, different, and enchanting unfolding within me….

The creators of this rad work, Londin Angel Winters (yes, that’s her birth given name!) and Justin Patrick Pierce (yep, three names too!) are amazing. They walk into a room, and you just wanna be quiet. Winters is strong and badass, but also soft and gentle—the perfect Venus/Athena combination! Pierce reminds me of Thor in that ripped-muscle, I’ve got this under control way, but with a killer sense of humor. Best of all, they’re both humble, authentic, and always seeking. After my amazing experience in Attracting Your Beloved, we sat down together to talk about the magical love tools they’ve created together.

Londin Angel Winters and Justin Patrick Pierce

I still can’t describe it: What is Yoga of Intimacy?  

Londin Angel Winters: How you connect—to others and yourself—in your body and mind has a profound impact on your capacity to give and receive love. We try to teach different tools that will help you unlock your heart and surrender into deeper love. And that goes for people who are partnered as well as people who are looking. It’s about connecting body-to-body, and heart-to-heart!

I can truly attest to that.  After my workshop with you guys I literally felt high!  It was incredible.  Let’s take it back a bit—you’re a couple—how did you meet and what does the Yoga of Intimacy do for your relationship? 

Justin Patrick Pierce: We met in a work setting, but it wasn’t love at first sight. We spent a long time kicking the tires on our feelings for each other—we had a significant age gap and I think we both wondered if we were “right” for each other. But now, we’re business partners, best friends, and passionate lovers.

Londin Angel Winters: It’s a lot to juggle, but we’re able to do so because we show up fully and aren’t afraid to infuse all our moments, even the not-so-pretty ones, with passion and connection.

You guys seem like you have something really special but not common! Do you think relationships in the modern age are f*cked? Like the 80s power moms made it now so women have to do everything and men are emasculated and now everyone is confused? 

Londin Angel Winters: Yes and no. The dynamics of gender are shifting, opening, and expanding, but the good news is that love is expanding with it. Love always wins. But you need the tools that can teach you how to show up, connect, and make room for Boss Bitches, Matriarchs, Sensitive Men . . . the list goes on and on. You can work with those archetypes intentionally once you understand the dynamics at play—which starts by approaching the dynamics with love.

So for people who aren’t in L.A. and can’t hop to all your workshops, what are some ways to practice the Yoga of Intimacy at home? 

Justin Patrick Pierce: We get asked this question a lot! We love how eager people are to dive into the work. But to us, it’s the equivalent of being asked to tango if you’ve never seen it or tried it before. If someone tried to tell you how to dance, chances are, you would be led in the wrong direction. It’s the same with Yoga of Intimacy.

Just like dancing, painting, or playing music, Yoga of Intimacy is an art form, and people have to learn foundational skills. Reading books on the subject, listening to talks, or taking an online course is a great first step. Some places to start: The books Intimate Communion and The Way Of The Superior Man, both by David Deida.

How has your practice grown over the years? 

Londin Angel Winters: When we met, I played the feminine role and Justin played the masculine role all the time. We did this for three years, until we realized our bond was fraying. That’s when we explored something we call Energetic Agility, which is now the foundation of our work.

Justin Patrick Pierce: Energetic Agility recognizes that we are all whole beings with equal parts Alpha (i.e., masculine) and Omega (i.e., feminine). You bring both to your relationship as a gift. Instead of clinging to a strict polarity, you can find the polarity from moment to moment, and allow the energy to shift. For us, it was a game-changer in helping keep the passion alive and thriving.  

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