Will Smith Zodiac Sign & Birth Chart

By Jessica Estrada

On June 5, 2022

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Will Smith Zodiac Sign & Birth Chart

If you’re the type that immediately wants to know someone’s astrological sun sign upon meeting them, chances are you wonder about the zodiac signs of celebrities, too. First of all, same. Knowing a celeb’s zodiac sign—in this case, Will Smith‘s zodiac sign—allows us to get to know them a little better beyond the characters they play on the stage or screen. Below, learn more about Will Smith’s zodiac sign and birth chart. 

Will Smith Is a Libra

Smith is a September baby. His birthday is on September 25, 1968, to be exact, just days after the autumnal equinox. This makes him a Libra, the seventh sign in the zodiac that runs from September 23 to October 22. Libra’s symbol is the scale representing balance and justice. And, in case you’re curious, Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, is a Virgo sun sign

Libra Meaning

One of Libra’s main characteristics is having a deep desire for balance and harmony in all areas of life, including relationships (Libra’s love love). Still, they may often go to extremes to find said balance. They do, though, have a knack for mediating conflict. They’re known as the peacemakers of the zodiac. Although they are great at resolving other people’s conflicts, they can be indecisive when it comes to their own affairs as they weigh all possible options and viewpoints. 

And, because the planet Venus rules Libra—aka the planet of beauty, love, and all things luxury—Libra people have a great sense of style, taste, and favor aesthetically pleasing things. When meeting a Libra, it’s hard not to get swept up in their social butterfly magic. They’re thoughtful, kind, intelligent, charming, and at times flirtatious.

Will Smith Birth Chart

As astrology buffs know, a person’s zodiac sun sign is just one piece of their cosmic makeup. To really understand someone requires diving into the specific details of their individual birth chart, also known as a natal chart, that denotes the planetary placements at the exact time, date, and location they were born. 

In particular, looking at someone’s moon sign (which represents a person’s emotional and internal world—the side most people don’t see) and rising sign (describing how you show up in the world) can shed more light on who they are. 

For instance, Smith has a Scorpio moon, which points to being super passionate, highly intuitive, incredibly determined, and also kind of intense. Smith also has a Gemini rising in his birth chart. This signifies that he is creative, has a thirst for knowledge, and is a great public speaker. 

The north node in a natal chart also illuminates a person’s astrological destiny. Smith’s north node is in Aries, showing that part of his true calling is to be a leader, embody self-love and independence, and learn how to express anger healthily.  


What’s your ‘big 6’ in astrology?

Your big 3 in astrology refers to your natal chart’s three most important elements: your sun, moon, and rising or ascendant sign. Your big 6 in astrology includes those three and three other important planets in your chart, which are Mercury, Venus, and Mars

What is Will Smith’s personality type?

Because Smith is a Libra, his personality type can be described as diplomatic, compassionate, detail-oriented, perfectionist, indecisive, and hopelessly romantic. 

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