Do Taurus Men Lie? Signs and How to Tell

By Ellen Ricks

On April 22, 2022

In Astrology

Do Taurus Men Lie? Signs and How to Tell

Of all the zodiac signs, is Taurus most likely to lie or cheat? Here, we’ll go over signs to tell whether he loves you or whether he’s lying.

All zodiac signs can lie, cheat, or manipulate—they’re all human. But we’ll be going over certain reasons why a Taurus man might lie, as well as signs to help you decipher what’s going on. But please, don’t assume that all Taurus natives are liars. Remember: We’ve all been gifted with free will and everyone is different. 

Why He Lies 

All humans can lie, and they all have different reasons for doing it. However, the main reason a Taurus would lie is if it would benefit them personally. Taurus natives don’t find lies very practical—they’re complicated and messy. 

However, if Taurus really wants something—or someone—and if lying will help them, they’ll do it. This can range from telling a white lie to get out of an argument (Taurus, ruled by harmonious Venus, hates conflict) to telling bigger lies to gain something valuable—like your money. This is not to say that all Taurus men are hustlers or con-artists. Just be mindful in all relationships!

Taurus likes to keep up appearances. It’s not uncommon for a Taurus man to stay in a toxic or dead-end relationship because it “looks good” on the outside or they’re afraid of being alone. Ultimately, Taurus will lie to others (and themselves) until they’ve reached a big enough reality check to make a change. 

How to Tell When a Taurus Is Lying

They Won’t Try To Prove Anything

Taurus is a very stubborn sign, so if they are truly in the right, they will do anything to prove it! For example, if you accuse Taurus of cheating, they will gladly offer—in a demanding tone—that you check their phone. They will have proof of their innocence. If a Taurus is lying, they won’t be as willing to offer such proof. 

Radio Silence

Taurus may often choose to lie by omission rather than tell an outright lie. (It’s less messy that way.) If a Taurus starts avoiding your questions, changing the subject quickly, refusing to correct you, or outright ghosting you, then something is up. 

Turning Tables

A lying Taurus may believe that the best defense is a good offense. As such, they may try to flip the script by accusing you of lying. 

Signs He Is In Love With You

He Includes You in Decisions

Taurus natives are very stubborn and operate with a “my way or the highway” kind of attitude. So, if the Bull asks for your advice on a decision (especially regarding finances or purchases), consider that a huge compliment. He respects your opinion. 

One easy way to tell whether your partner is truly invested in you is to get a love Tarot reading or see a professional psychic.

He’s Trying to Impress You

Ruled by the Second House, the House of wealth and value, Taurus natives are all about the things that make them look good (or seem “valuable”). If a Taurus likes you, they may try to impress you with what they have to offer. 

For a shallow Taurus man, they may do this by flashing cash, showing you their expressive car, or buying you things. Other Taurus men may try impressing you by talking about their personal values. 

He’s Protective

Taurus is of the most protective signs. So, when a Taurus loves something, they will protect it at all costs. If a Taurus really loves you, they will go into “protector mode:” texting you to make sure you got home okay or keeping an arm around you when going out. 


Are Taurus players? 

All zodiac signs can be players, Taurus included. However, Taurus men often have a “player image”—especially if they’re wealthy (or trying to look wealthy). However, despite the image, a Taurus is simply waiting for the right person to settle down with. 

Do Taurus men cheat? 

Cheating occurs for various reasons—a person’s zodiac sign is not one of those reasons. 

Are Taurus men shy? 

Being an earth sign, Taurus can be very shy. In fact, if a Taurus is shy, nervous, and quiet while they’re around you, it could mean that they like you! 

Are Taurus men clingy? 

Because of their protective and possessive nature, Taurus men can be very clingy in love. You may find that they text too often or need to be around you constantly. If this happens, balance is key. 

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