Your Love Language, According to Your Venus Sign

By Nina Kahn

On February 12, 2021

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Your Love Language, According to Your Venus Sign

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s putting hearts, flowers, and cosmic compatibility at the forefront of our minds (even if Mercury will be retrograde come February 14).

While you may have a hunch regarding which of the five love languages you resonate with, have you ever thought to look at your birth chart to find out more? While your sun sign can give you a solid peek into your general personality, it’s your Venus sign that sheds light on what you value and how you show love.

Everyone shows their affections in a unique way depending on the zodiac sign that their love planet, Venus, resides in. Familiarizing yourself with what makes you feel loved and appreciated in relationships can help make your Valentine’s Day even more satisfying this year.

Whether you show affection via acts of service, words of affirmation, or one of the other three, read on to find out which love language you relate to. (P.S. If you want more cosmic information about your love life, consider getting a love reading from a psychic.)

Venus Sign: What Is My Love Language?

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Venus in Aries: Physical Touch

When it comes to romance, Venus in Aries loves the thrill of the chase—and all the physical passion that comes along with it. While lighthearted love games and playful debates with their boo keep things exciting, lots of steamy carnal action is the way they show their affection.

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Venus in Taurus: Physical Touch

Physical touch is super important when it comes to showing love as a Taurus Venus. They appreciate cuddles, caresses, and lots of sensual pleasure. So, being physically close and connected is a must. Getting spoiled with a romantic candle-lit massage every once in a while won’t hurt either!

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Venus in Gemini: Words of Affirmation

Small talk comes easily to Venus in Gemini people, but they save the really deep, authentic, and heartfelt conversations for the people that mean the most to them. Talking for hours, sharing hopes and dreams, and putting their most vulnerable feelings into words is how they show they care.

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Venus in Cancer: Acts of Service

Venus in Cancer people show their love by nurturing their partners and being supportive of their deepest feelings through actions. For example, cooking a healthy homemade meal for a lover or giving them a shoulder to cry on after a bad day are important ways this Venus placement shows their affection.

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Venus in Leo: Gift-Giving

People with Venus in Leo take pride in their romantic relationships and love to express their sentiments in flashy ways, so giving glamorous gifts is a big part of how they show they care—and they love receiving them, too! They also show affection with lots of couple selfies and public appearances with their boo.

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Venus in Virgo: Acts of Service

Venus in Virgo people may not be the most lovey-dovey, but they show their affection by being helpful and providing thoughtful acts of service for the ones they love. If they’re doing someone’s dishes or running errands for them on a busy day, it means they really care.

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Venus in Libra: Gift-Giving

Romantic Libra Venus people love to shower their significant others with flattering compliments and kindness. However, giving an aesthetically pleasing gift that shows off their good taste (and highlights their partner’s high taste level, too) is perhaps the most significant gesture of their love.

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Venus in Scorpio: Quality Time

Scorpio Venus people require deep trust and transparency in relationships, and that usually has to be built over time. Their sharp-edged honesty might feel brutal to some, but this radical authenticity shows they really care—and that they’ve spent enough quality time with you to feel safe bearing their soul.

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Venus in Sagittarius: Quality Time

Adventures in love are important to Venus in Sagittarius people, so they show their affection by seeking out exciting experiences that they can share with their partner. They want to expand their horizons, learn new things, and be spontaneous while spending quality time with the ones they love.

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Venus in Capricorn: Quality Time

Venus in Capricorn people want to build a romance with longevity—so when they love someone, they consider the amount of time they put toward the relationship an investment. They generally won’t waste their valuable minutes on someone unless they really care.

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Venus in Aquarius: Words of Affirmation

Venus in Aquarius people show their romantic love with lots of open communication, as they want to build up all the same trust, comfort, and camaraderie that you’d find in a friendship. This Venus placement is also very unconventional, so don’t expect them to follow the status quo in love!

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Venus in Pisces: Words of Affirmation

Love feels like a daydream with Venus in Pisces, and these water babies show their feelings through symbolic words—such as writing a love poem or sharing a song with meaningful lyrics. Hearing lots of romantic sentiments and “I love yous” from their partner is a must too.

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