Weekly Horoscope: November 27 to December 3, 2023

By Mary Bergner

On November 26, 2023

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Weekly Horoscope: November 27 to December 3, 2023

On Monday, an airy full Gemini moon (the center of our comic support system) supplies the first part of the week with curious, open-minded energy, which is great for exploring exotic places and learning interesting things. You’re also pretty distracted now, leading to some chaotic moments. When you start to feel overwhelmed, take a deep breath and count to ten. It’s not that serious!

On Saturday, a subtle sextile between ambitious Mercury (our cosmic guide to common sense) in consistent Capricorn and visionary Saturn (the planet cosmically linked to challenges) in creative Pisces has you dreaming big, setting future goals and fantasizing about long-term plans. All of them won’t work out exactly the way you want them to, but that’s okay. Having a goal and taking the first step toward reaching it are pretty amazing accomplishment on its own.

Sunday brings a tense square between Venus (the planet of response) in perfectionist Libra and Pluto (the transformative planet) demanding Capricorn, which can put a dark cloud of jealousy and possessiveness over a close personal relationship. Feelings of sadness and betrayal you thought you buried deep rise to the surface and surprise you with their intensity. Don’t let yourself be manipulated. You’re not that person anymore. 

Your Zodiac Sign’s Weekly Horoscope


You’re one of the most vocal signs of the Zodiac, and there’s no reason to change that now, Aries! The more you express your feelings and ideas this week, the more doors open. Social media is a great outlet for you, as exchanging ideas with a wide range of people can help you absorb positive energy and come up with interesting new ideas. Just remember that debates are different than arguments.

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With this week’s full moon energy in your money zone, it’s time to build (or rebuild) your wealth. This lunation is great for putting a stop to the things that aren’t working any longer and manifesting new, more profitable ideas and concepts that will catapult you to success in the future, Taurus. Following your curiosity now leads to a more positive financial outcome than doing things the same old way you’ve always done them.

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With the full moon’s focus squarely on you this week, Gemini, worrying about other people takes a back seat to taking care of your own wants and needs. It seems too good to be true, but manifesting your goals and future aspirations can be as simple as writing them down and believing they will happen. If anyone deserves to get what they want, it’s you!

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Make healing – either emotionally, mentally, or physically – a priority this week. The full moon’s energy targets your subconscious twelfth house and helps you finally face a fear holding you back from getting what you need and deserve. Being able to express what’s on your mind and in your heart is freeing in so many ways, Cancer.  

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Your friendships and other social networks are targeted by the full moon that appears early in the week, so it’s time to get out there and make new connections! First, however, it’s necessary to examine your current relationships to see which ones need minor work or a major overhaul. Don’t be afraid to cut ties with people who don’t fit into your life anymore, Leo. Eliminating the toxicity makes room for fresh new bonds with more positive people.  

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Your career house gets a lot of attention this week thanks to the airy full moon visiting your tenth house, Virgo, which means it’s time to stop worrying so much about what people think and just perform to the best of your ability. You’re not going to hit a home run every time you get up to the plate. Still, you get an A for effort. At least you’re trying, which is more than most people can say.

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With a full moon in your adventure zone this week, you have universal permission to branch out and do some wild, new stuff. Traveling is one of your favorite things to do now, and experiencing different cultures is extremely eye-opening in the best way possible. You’re the sign least likely to have FOMO during this exciting lunation!

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Change is what your week is all about, Scorpio, which might cause some anxiety for a fixed sign like you. However, if you’re in a rut or want a fresh start, you should be willing to get a little uncomfortable as long as there’s a significant payoff to look forward to. Detaching from the past isn’t always easy, but it’s necessary if you want to move on and live your best life. 

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Your relationships get the full cosmic focus this week, Sag. Some of them might not make it through to the weekend. Letting go is never easy. However, trying to make something work when it’s clearly past its expiration date isn’t good for anyone involved. We know you’re dreading saying goodbye, but making a new connection makes it easier to let go of an old one.

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You can have a lot of fun this week, Capricorn, but be sure your responsibilities are taken care of first. That shouldn’t be too hard for someone who loves rule and order as much as you do, but just to be on the safe side, get them out of the way ASAP. You’re that person who can’t have a good time if you leave the house to go on a trip, and there’s even a chance that you left the oven on or forgot to lock the don’t door!

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Other people might not be sure what it takes to make them happy, but you’ve got it down to a science. You’re all about having a good time and following your bliss this week, which can be frustrating for people around you who are struggling with those very concepts. Luckily, Aquarius, you’re able to detach yourself from the philosophical meaning of life and just focus on what makes you feel good. 

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The people closest to you, mainly family, are on your mind this week, Pisces. Their security is important to you, and you’re willing to give up your time, energy, and even financial resources to make sure they feel safe. It’s time to put aside whatever differences you’ve had in the past and come together as one cohesive unit. If you have people you care about and who care about you, you’re incredibly lucky.

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