Weekly Horoscope: November 14–20, 2022

By Mary Bergner

On November 13, 2022

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Weekly Horoscope: November 14–20, 2022

It would be nice to feel like you have some power over your own destiny, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately, this week’s cosmic forces put obstacles in your way that make it pretty hard to stay on the path you’ve chosen, starting with Monday’s opposition between two moody divas — the moon (the ruler of emotions) and Pluto (the planet of transformation) — that loves to stir up some nasty self-doubt and relationship drama. Resentment and jealousy often trigger intense anger, which isn’t a good look for you.

On Tuesday pleasant Venus (the planetary queen of sympathy) and Jupiter (the planet that shows us “the way”) form an understanding, compassionate trine that gives you a soft spot for underdogs and sob stories, but it can also leave you naïve and vulnerable while increasing your odds of being taken advantage of. It’s great that you’re generous enough to keep opening doors, but you don’t always have to walk through them if you don’t like what you see on the other side. 

Your hard work can get undermined by Friday’s trines between the moon and both insightful Uranus (the planet of breakthroughs) and structured Saturn (the cosmic booster of our abilities), leaving you to wonder if your recent efforts have been worth it. Be on the lookout for people trying to take credit for your work and steal your thunder. Despite all of the things that are trying to drag you down this week, don’t forget that you’re the real MVP!

Your Zodiac Sign’s Weekly Horoscope


As a feisty fire sign you want to do what you want to do when you want to do it, so you don’t appreciate it when anything or anyone tries to stand in your way. And while your strong will and determination are admirable, you can’t go around just raging 24/7, right Aries? There’s a time and place for everything and this week it’s best if you choose your battles carefully. Losing your temper at inappropriate times can have some pretty disastrous effects.

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As a steady earth sign you like to stick to a plan, so when unavoidable upsets come in and veer you off course this week, there will definitely be some Bulls out there behaving badly. And once you make up your mind to be in a foul mood there isn’t a lot anyone can do to cheer you up. Don’t take it too far, though, Taurus, because the people in your life will probably only put up with so much moping from you before they start throwing words around like “petty” and “get over it already.”

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You usually have a lot going on in that fast-paced brain of yours, so you don’t need any more distractions. However, this week’s planetary moves have you feeling some type of way, and you have a tough time expressing yourself. While you prefer to be in your head rather than pouring out your heart, there are some confusing and/or disappointing situations that are going to call for a little more emotional finesse. Being vulnerable isn’t one of your favorite things, Gemini, but when you need some help navigating the week’s difficulties, don’t be afraid to lead with your feelings.

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As your emotional ruler the moon is constantly on the move this week, Cancer, you’re literally up one minute and down the next. Yes, you’re a sensitive (and self-admittedly moody) water sign who’s used to feeling all the feels, but if you had your way you probably wouldn’t buy a ticket to go on this week’s ridiculously unpredictable roller coaster ride. When you know there are this many twists and turns ahead, sometimes all you can do is hang on tight, close your eyes, and wait for it to be over. Screaming is optional but totally understandable.

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There’s lots of drama to keep you going this week, Leo, but it might not be the kind of drama you want. When the spotlight is on you, you tend to forget about everything else, but what’s going on behind the scenes is just as important as the performance on the main stage. The close relationships in your life really need your full attention now, and it’s important to stop little arguments and disagreements before they get blown out of proportion. Be the bigger person and admit when you’re wrong.

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It looks likely that the neat and tidy everyday routine you work so hard to stick to is about to get destroyed, Virgo. There’s absolutely nothing you can do about it, which gives you huge anxiety, making the situation even worse. It’s not all bad news though, because there’s someone in your life willing to come to your rescue. The worst thing you can do is let pride get in the way and pretend like you don’t need help. We’ve all been there, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

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This week offers you some pretty tough tests, Libra, but we predict you’ll pass with flying colors. You’re one of the few signs able to shrug off most of the negative energy you run into by staying positive and shifting to a different perspective. Instead of sitting around asking, “why me?” when bad things happen, you’re determined to learn as much as you can from those experiences so that they never happen again. We’re jealous of those impeccable problem-solving skills!

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You’re rarely in a situation you don’t want to have full control over, Scorpio, so this week is kinda gonna be a nightmare for you. With your own emotions (and everyone else’s) all over the place, it’s hard to get a grip on exactly where you stand. You can deal with not knowing what comes next as long as you have a plan, but the cosmic energy that’s swirling around you like an emotional tornado can be very disorienting. If you have a choice, don’t make any big decisions until this uneasy storm passes.

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If you’re like other Sagittarians, you have a lot of charitable causes you’re proud to support. So, it’s disappointing when your efforts to help others get taken advantage of or are misunderstood this week. But as a fire sign, you also don’t take things lying down, so you’re going to still stand up and fight for what you believe in. Are your bright ideas about how to change the world a little tarnished? Yes. But does that deter you from continuing to fight for what you believe in? Not a bit.

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If you tend to gauge your success on how other people feel about your accomplishment, this could be a devastating week for you, Capricorn. Your ego gets crushed when people don’t ooh and ahh over your latest work projects — or even worse, they might (gasp) criticize them. Add to that some personal relationship hiccups and you’ll probably be feeling pretty low. But luckily, you never stay down for long. Pick yourself up, brush yourself off and prepare for your epic return. You’ll be back soon enough, better than ever.  

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As an open-minded air sign, you like to breeze through tricky situations by keeping a logical perspective and staying emotionally removed from the details. However, staying detached might not always be possible this week. If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed by heavy feelings, Aquarius, try not to let self-doubt sabotage your agenda. You can still move forward as planned; just continue to be receptive to new strategies for dealing with inner drama if you get confused. Being intellectually flexible is your greatest asset when things get real. 

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Bless your sweet heart, Pisces — you’re one of the most kind-hearted souls of the zodiac but also one of the most gullible ones, which can really lead to some low points this week. There’s nothing worse than doing something nice for someone to have it thrown back in your face or come back to haunt you in some way, which seems to happen every time you turn around. The answer isn’t to do less nice things, though. It’s just to be more selective. The minute you become jaded about helping the world, we’re all in trouble. 

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