Weekly Horoscope: May 29 to June 4, 2023

By Mary Bergner

On May 28, 2023

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Weekly Horoscope: May 29 to June 4, 2023

The wild ride’s over, and it’s time to finally get off the crazy roller coaster we’ve all been on these past few weeks. Honestly, there really isn’t a whole lot going on in the stars early in the week, which matches up perfectly with the Monday’s Memorial Day celebrations. Even if you have to work, there’s a chill vibe that promotes a feeling of rest and relaxation no matter where you go or what your plans are.

Friday is the first time we get a nudge from the universe, and it’s a gentle one. When warm-hearted Venus (our love diva) in Cancer trines dreamy Neptune (the “let’s work things out” planet) in Pisces, the resulting watery energy is amazingly supportive of you, especially if you’re trying to get over something traumatic. Healing heartache isn’t an overnight process, but this warm, emotional cosmic partnership is here to help you take the first step.

A full moon (the cosmic body in charge of giving emotional boosts) in bold Sagittarius energizes your Saturday with some healthy restlessness and wanderlust. You don’t have to travel far, either. We’ve betting that there are tons of places you’ve never been to or things you’ve never seen in your very own city. What are you waiting for?

The week ends on an inspirational note as quick-thinking Mercury (the planet of thought) and innovative Uranus (the planet of insight) meet up in security-seeking Taurus. You’re open to new experiences that can lead to eye-opening revelations, but you’re optimistically cautious. Which is perfectly fine. There’s nothing wrong with hoping for the best but having a plan in place just in case things go sideways.

Your Zodiac Sign’s Weekly Horoscope


Resting and relaxing aren’t really your thang, fiery Aries, but early this week you’re pretty good at embracing your inner slacker. Besides, you know you have lots to look forward to as the week goes on, so get plenty of rest while you can. You’re gonna need it!

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Tap into the healing energy that’s being offered to you this week, Taurus. You aren’t an outwardly emotional sign, so people don’t often see or know about your pain — until it’s too late. Giving someone a heads-up about how you’re feeling is a win-win.

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No matter how much rest you give your body early in the week, your mind just keeps going. You can make yourself sit still — if you absolutely must — but it’s much harder to stop yourself from overthinking and overanalyzing. Luckily, Gemini, you’ll probably be spending so much energy over the weekend that your mind will shut down as soon as your  head hits the pillow.

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You have plenty of moments to get all up in your feels this week, Cancer, but you don’t have to let your emotions rule you. There is a difference, and gaining control of how you feel is life changing. Forgiving and forgetting go together like peanut butter and jelly when you’re sincere.

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The fiery energy the full moon is giving later in the week is iconic, Leo! You thrive on drama, and this lunation will not let you down. If you can just make it through to the weekend without dying of boredom, you’ll have it made.

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As one of the hardest workers of the zodiac, taking breaks isn’t really your thing. However, even you can see the value of taking a load off and just relaxing early in the week. If you do have to work, though, don’t take on more than your fair share. You can still feel productive without going overboard, Virgo

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You love the gentle energy of this week’s water trine. Much like the signs involved in this planetary entanglement, you, too, avoid conflict at all costs. Use its healing vibe to talk things out with a former bestie or estranged family member. Then celebrate your reunion over the weekend, Libra!

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You’re a cautious sign, Scorpio, and this week has its share of suspicious energy. That’s why when everyone is kicking back and relaxing, you still have your guard up. Way up. Of course, there are reasons to be optimistic, but you’d rather not get your hopes up if you’re just going to end up disappointed. Being jaded sucks but it is what it is. 

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There’s one thing driving you this week, and that’s the full moon that’s about to arrive in your expansive sign over the weekend. That’s the main event. The reason for your existence. The whole mood. Everything else that happens up until then is just kind of meh, Sag.  

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There’s a mix of energy that’s hard for you to get a read on this week, Capricorn, but that’s okay. You don’t necessarily have to understand something in order to deal with it. Or, in your case, to kick it’s ass. How are you rocking it so hard right now?! Part of your secret is making sure no one really understands what motivates you. Let them wonder.

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Indulge your pensive mood early this week, Aquarius. A couple of low energy days to start things off fit in perfectly with your plans to do absolutely nothing. The weekend is when your social life comes alive, and you shine like a star. Events that happen spontaneously are much more fun than ones you plan.

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This week is giving understanding and compassion for you, Pisces. It’s nearly impossible to stay mad at someone who says they’re sorry with love and sincerity in their eyes. Yes, you’re a sucker for a sad story but it’s not naïve to want to mend things with someone you truly care about. Forgiveness is the gift that keeps on giving.

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