Weekly Horoscope: March 11–17, 2024

By Mary Bergner

On March 10, 2024

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Weekly Horoscope: March 11–17, 2024

After some busy, stressful cosmic traffic last week, this week looks pretty chill in comparison!

The first major move we see is from affectionate Venus (our beautiful cosmic queen) as she moves into gentle, idealistic Pisces on Monday, setting a laid-back vibe re: love and other important relationships. There’s no rush now to get anything accomplished or to make any heavy decisions. This dreamy partnership encourages fantasizing about having the perfect life without putting a lot of pressure on yourself about how to get it.

You’ll still be daydreaming your days away when the next big planetary move hits on Sunday. And as the universe matches the hopeful sun (the celestial body of self-expression) and ethereal Neptune (repping our subconscious) up in a dreamy Pisces conjunction, it’s a great time to express your emotions in a creative way. Activities like journaling, painting, writing poetry, making playlists, etc., or proclaiming your love for a long-term love or secret crush are encouraged all weekend. After all, what good are feelings if you can’t articulate them?  

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This week’s whimsical energy plugs you in to your subconscious mind and reveals hidden desires. With your intuition also at its highest level, you’re able to pick up on subtle clues from the people closest to you. Try to avoid having unrealistic expectations though, Aries, because you aren’t always able to transform your fantasies into real-life scenarios. 

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Your close social circles benefit from you being immersed in this week’s compassionate planetary placements, Taurus. You attract other creative, receptive individuals who share your same emotional depth and artistic sensibilities now. This is the perfect time to find a church family or artist community that supports your spiritual, emotional and creative needs.

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Your career benefits from added creativity and compassion this week, Gemini. If you’re looking for work, focus on the arts, entertainment, social services or counseling fields. If you already have a job in one of these areas, you should excel at it and maybe even be promoted. But no matter what you do this week, you find success from using your imagination and being more empathetic.

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You have a desire to find deeper meaning in life and form more personal connections with people this week that’s impossible to ignore, Cancer. You’re able to intuit and understand things on an extremely intense, psychic level, allowing you to form bonds that often feel incredibly karmic in nature. This transformative energy gives off extreme meanttobe vibes that you can’t really describe. If you know, you know.  

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You’re iconic when it comes to unrealistic expectations this week, Leo. You want things to happen so badly that you create certain scenarios in your head that are impossible to recreate IRL. If you’re having difficulties setting boundaries, your own needs are going to suffer. Try not to sacrifice your own well-being to please other people. You mean well, but in the end, you aren’t doing yourself or anyone else any favors by playing a martyr.

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You have a lot going on this week as usual, but it’s important for you to prioritize creating and maintaining more meaningful connections with the people in your life. More interaction with your friends, relatives, coworkers, and community members enriches your life and theirs, too, Virgo. Having diverse discussions and looking at things from new perspectives are life changing.

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Things are looking up this week, so it’s natural for you to be happy and optimistic. Still, because you’re all about balance, Libra, it’s also important for you to manage your expectations. Be open and honest with people about your hopes and dreams, but also listen closely to their responses, paying close attention to body language. It’s possible someone is trying to find a way to let you down gently, without hurting your feelings.

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It’s important for you to communicate compassionately this week, Scorpio, which means setting aside your direct, sometimes blunt style and finding a way to express how you feel in a softer, gentler way. This is a chance for you to get closer to your tight circle of friends/family as well as a way to make new connections with people you have a lot in common with. Shared experiences bond you for life.

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Your week is all about creating harmonious connections to home, Sag. If you’ve been out of sync with the people you live with or are staying in an unsatisfying (i.e., messy, loud or unappealing in some other way) environment, you’ll really be feeling it now. It’s important to be surrounded by supportive people and things that make you feel good, especially if you’re spending the majority of your time at home.
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You pride yourself on being an emotional island, so make it your goal this week to open up to someone. You might never feel like you can just freely express your emotions like some signs can, Capricorn. But taking a step out of your comfort zone and confiding in a sympathetic, compassionate human feels really good right now. If you’ve been under pressure or have been experiencing emotional pain/grief, relieving yourself of some of that emotional stress is extremely intense.

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This week, you approach your finances from a compassionate, generous perspective, which lines up perfectly with your innate humanitarian nature. This is a classic case of putting your money where your mouth is, or, in other words, you’re ready to give up the cash to support the causes you say you believe in. Aquarius, if you’re truly interested in helping others and not just in it for the clout, you won’t post about your good deeds on social media!

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This week is all about indulging your fantasies and trusting your intuition, Pisces. Of course, deciding to celebrate your blissful ignorance opens you up to potential manipulation and being taken advantage of, but here’s a little secret: you aren’t as naïve as you seem. Do you like to close your eyes, go LaLaLa and pretend that everything is fine when it isn’t? Yeah, sometimes. But deep down, you’re a lot more in touch with reality than people think you are. You’re just choosing to ignore the negatives, for now.

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