Weekly Horoscope: June 24–30, 2024

Weekly Horoscope: June 24–30, 2024

The good vibes continue this week with a few magical planetary moments that kick off summer on a positive note. First up is Wednesday’s happy sextile between chatty Mercury (the quick-thinking planet) and Saturn (our cosmic teacher) with both planets in sensitive water signs, bringing positive, healing energy to a close personal relationship that could use some love. Spending time with older, wiser humans is comforting and uplifting now. 

On Friday, another sextile, this time between Venus (the planetary love diva) in nurturing Cancer and Mars (our universal motivator) in earthy Taurus, puts you in your feels and brings out your warm, compassionate side. If your heart has been patiently waiting for peace to arrive, this aspect has you covered.

Disciplinarian Saturn goes retrograde while traveling with ethereal Pisces on Saturday, giving you an excuse not to work too hard this summer. With ambitious Saturn taking some me time, we all have an excuse to let go of whatever’s been holding you back. Let your imagination run free as you dream about the possibilities!

Your Zodiac Sign’s Weekly Horoscope


Delving deep into your psyche has you exploring your inner world and confronting a lot of unresolved issues or past traumas, Aries. When you face those fears and anxieties head on, you find healing. Accept this gift of spiritual growth whether you believe in a higher power or not.

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You’ve got some time to re-evaluate your friendships this week, Taurus, and you may find yourself reflecting on the quality and authenticity of your relationship with your BFF and other close members of your social circle. While some connections may naturally fade away this summer, others get stronger. Either way it’s nice to get more clarity.

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Gemini, did you hear us? You can relax a little. So why do you find yourself thinking about your job and questioning your long-term aspirations? There’s undeniable energy in your tenth house now, so it’s hard to forget about your responsibilities just like that.  If you must put in some hours, figure out a way to work smarter, not harder.

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You’re ready to kick it in an exotic location, but travel plans can face unexpected hurdles or require adjustments during this Saturn Rx cycle. If you’re stuck at home, you can at least take a more introspective approach to travel, focusing on personal growth and inner exploration. Lame compared to laying on a beach somewhere but hey, Cancer, it’s something.

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You’ll be doing a bit of a deep dive into the unconscious this week, Leo, looking for unresolved traumas and fears surrounding intimacy and transformation. It’s good to get this kind of stuff out of the way now so you can have some fun later! Karma can be a b*tch.

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You’re gonna have lots of time to think things over this week, Virgo, so don’t avoid spending time in your head. You can learn a lot from past relationships now, but that doesn’t mean you have to give someone a second chance. Forgive, forget and move on (maybe with someone new this summer!).

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It’s time to prioritize yourself for a change, Libra. With lots of energy in your house of wellbeing, self-care activities like exercise, healthy eating, and stress management are great ways to kick off the summer. Oh, and it’s probably time to change up the color to something more summer-y at your next mani-pedi appointment!

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You’ve got some time on your hands this week, Scorpio, and you can use it to reflect on the things that truly bring you joy and fulfillment. Let your creativity blossom into new areas. By applying just a little bit of discipline to your hobbies and leisure activities (especially sports), you could become a pro by the end of the summer!

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Start addressing those unresolved family issues this week so you can build stronger, more authentic relationships with family members, especially if you’re going to be spending a lot of time together soon. By confronting past traumas or insecurities, Sag, you can build resilience and create a more stable emotional foundation to build better memories on top of.

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Forget about whatever obstacles have been getting in your way lately when it comes to expressing how you really feel, Capricorn. Connecting with people is getting easier now, can you feel it? And all it took was a little attitude adjustment on your part. Stop feeling shy, hesitant or overly critical about your social skills and just say hi.

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Before you plunk any money down for a beach rental or a flight to Paris, Aquarius, think about your priorities and what really matters to you. A slight shift in your spending habits means focusing on more meaningful pursuits this summer. Indulge in something you really want, but don’t feel obligated to follow through with plans that make you feel meh.

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How are you feeling about yourself, Pisces? Your self-image, identity and how you present yourself to the world is on blast this week. When you start to feel self-doubt or insecurity creep up, though, wake up and remember who TF you are. You’re amazing, and you deserve a summer filled with love and happiness. #Slay

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