Weekly Horoscope: June 22 – June 28, 2020

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On June 21, 2020

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Weekly Horoscope: June 22 – June 28, 2020

The run of retrograde planets continues this week, as Neptune (planet of illusion) turns retrograde on Monday. It will remain here until November 28. When this aquatic planet regresses, it can open our eyes to ways we may have been deceived or had been deceiving ourselves.

On Wednesday, Venus (planet of love) finally turns direct after approximately six weeks in reverse. Any insights experienced during this time might provide the confidence to make decisions that impact relationships.

Mars (planet of aggression) has been in Pisces for the past weeks, where it isn’t at its best. But things change this week as it moves into dynamic Aries—where it’s very much at home. This could see energy levels ramping up and everyone feeling more motivated and confident.

On Sunday, dynamic Mars angles toward Saturn (planet of rules and structure), enhancing focus and enabling everyone to be more productive. If you have a string of tasks to finish, this aspect can help you get them done.

How the Planets Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign This Week


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The sun continues to move through your house of family, asking you to pay attention to certain feelings cropping up regarding those you live with. Neptune turning retrograde may shed light on things you might have missed, and potentially someone who may not have been truthful. Midweek, Venus moves into your communication sector, making it a great time to work out those family issues.

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Neptune turns retrograde in your house of friendships, asking you to take a closer look at the friends who may not be as they seem. Venus turns direct in your money zone, so thankfully those money issues will be rectified. Lastly, Mars in Aries moves into your spiritual zone,Taurus. It’s time to focus on what holds you back.

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Neptune moves through your goals and career zone now, Gemini. Locking down your goals is the best way to make sure this planet’s haze doesn’t get to you. Venus turns direct in your sign this week; some uncovered truths may be revealed. Finally, Mars moves into your social zone, asking you to network, network, network!

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Neptune retrograde is turning in your spiritual sector, Cancer. And as Venus turns direct in your spiritual zone as well, this part of your chart is getting hit from various directions. Trust your instincts when it comes to what’s best for you and allow yourself to heal from old wounds.

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Neptune retrograde moves through an emotional zone in your chart. So while you may be more trusting right now, Leo, remember that things are all a little hazy. Venus is turning direct in your friendship zone on Wednesday, seeing all sorts of gatherings and social events for you (even if they’re online).

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You might find that someone is taking advantage of you, Virgo. Neptune retrograde is bringing this all up in a very clear picture. Thankfully, Venus turns direct in your goals zone, so you’ll be able to focus on what you can do to push yourself forward.

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Neptune retrograde is shifting through your lifestyle zone. You may feel as though all the things you’re doing are only pushing you back. Once Venus moves forward later in the week, the tension will be lifted. You may receive some new opportunities to reinvigorate your sense of self. Embrace it, Libra.

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Neptune is turning retrograde in your sector of leisure and romance. You love love, Scorpio. But unfortunately, this transit is making you a little less inclined to set those boundaries. Mars, your ruler, is moving through your lifestyle zone. This asks you to get your health back on track.

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Neptune moves through your home zone now, making you feel uneasy at home with family. There may be some tension. The best way to clear the air, Sagittarius, is to start talking about the discomfort. With Mars in Aries moving into your leisure zone, a little adventure wouldn’t hurt either.

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Neptune is turning retrograde in your communication zone, Capricorn. Get ready for words to be scrambled. The best way to utilize this energy is to channel your thoughts silently via journaling or writing. Venus moves into your lifestyle zone—a time where you’ll find that you more easily get along with peers and friends.

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Neptune turning retrograde in your money zone makes you realize just how attached you’re getting to material wealth. It may also make it harder to keep track of your money. Also this week, Venus turns in your romance sector. Get ready to see switch ups in romance, Aquarius… For example, things may end for you and a partner.

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Neptune turns retrograde in your sign all the way until November 28. It’s a great time to reconnect with your intuition. This transit helps you tap into your spiritual connection so that you’re able to touch on things that could go wrong before they actually do. Venus turns direct midweek, making home issues more visible. It’s time to put things on the table or follow through with some changes you want to make.

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