Weekly Horoscope: July 18–24, 2022

By Mary Bergner

On July 17, 2022

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Weekly Horoscope: July 18–24, 2022

Some big-time exciting Leo energy is bringing pleasure to your life this week! But, first, you have to get past Monday’s relatively nasty opposition between Mercury (the planet of communication) in sensitive Cancer and revenge-minded Pluto in earthy Capricorn. With personal betrayals resulting in hurt feelings and power plays throwing you off your professional game, the emotional struggle of this cosmic resistance is very real.

Quick-moving Mercury will have already left emotional Cancer for friendly, outgoing Leo by Tuesday, however, so you can expect communication issues to become slightly more dramatic and much more entertaining. Telling a joke on a date or before a meeting can really help break the ice now! Even if it flops, your amazing charm will have everyone laughing with you instead of at you.

By Friday, the confidence-building sun also partners with the playful, spotlight-seeking cat of the zodiac, and nurturing asteroid Ceres joins the Leo party on Saturday. Life can’t possibly be boring with all this fiery energy surrounding you, and if it is, you’re doing something wrong!

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Leo is a fellow fire sign, so being affected by so much of its outgoing energy is really beneficial for you this week, Aries. By the time you have Mercury, the sun and Ceres all highlighting your house of playfulness, you might literally seem like you’re glowing. Your inner light shines so brightly while these planetary bodies travel through this pleasure-seeking sector of your chart that you can barely contain your excitement. Be the life of the party! Be yourself. And, most of all, make yourself proud.

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We’re not going to lie, Taurus—Monday might be kind of rough. It cuts to the core when someone betrays you or reveals themselves to be less than the person you thought they were. Maybe more with your sign than any other (with Scorpio being the exception). Luckily, the bright Leo sun is joined by both Mercury and Ceres in your home and private life zone, which allows you to be surrounded by the love and support you need at a time like this. Express yourself loudly. Your partner, mom/dad or BFF won’t know what you need from them if you don’t ask for it.

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There’s no way (or reason, really) to shut you up this week, Gemini, because with this many influences in outgoing Leo lighting up your house of communications, you just can’t stop talking. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Yes, you get distracted and lose your train of thought quite easily. However, your storytelling abilities are so extraordinary that you still manage to keep everyone hanging on your every word. Do you exaggerate? Yes. Embellish? Absolutely. Maybe even tell a few harmless lies? OK, fine, you admit it. But you do so with the best intentions, which makes your flair for the dramatic fine with most people you meet.

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With Mercury hanging out in your emotional sign during its unfortunate opposition to mopey Pluto early this week, you can’t help but take things very, very personally. And if you happen to be in the wrong mood when this universal sh*t goes down, you will have a tough time pulling yourself out of this deep nosedive. However, once confident Leo starts influencing you, first with Mercury’s brain power, then with the sun’s rays and Ceres’ warm embrace, things start looking up immediately. There’s enough excitement and entertainment in your life the rest of the week to make you completely forget about whatever was bothering you earlier. And that’s some pretty powerful cosmic stuff!

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Shine this week, Leo! You’re used to getting more than your share of attention, but with so much cosmic energy pinpointing your house of personal power, you’re literally the center of a lot of people’s universes now. Being put on a pedestal means you’ll have worshipers looking up to you (for love advice, style pointers, etc.). Luckily, a confident fire sign like you can deal with this kind of pressure. And for someone who craves the spotlight, it’s not bad pressure to have, no?! You’re the ultimate influencer now, so go out and do some serious influencing!

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You’re used to keeping your head down and staying in your lane, but as you’re surrounded by BLE (big Leo energy) this week, you’ll be taking up way more space and making more waves than you usually do. And with all this fiery hotness breathing some new life into your typically boring daily routine, you’ll need to rely on your gut instincts to keep you straight. Luckily, your twelfth house of psychic abilities is getting a lot of attention now, so you should instinctively know when you’re about to go too far, Virgo. And you’re one of the few signs that have the control to stop yourself before that happens.

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Are you ready to have fun this week, Libra? Because with so much outgoing Leo energy in your party zone, you’ll have very few dull moments. You’re always up for getting together with friends, but the excitement doesn’t stop there—there’s always more room on the party bus, and you’re more than happy to invite vague acquaintances and strangers along for the ride. Your “the more the merrier” attitude can lead to some very interesting encounters, so keep that smile on your face and use your amazing networking skills every chance you get.

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Let’s get real, Scorpio. Other signs will use the abundance of Leo’s playful energy this week to throw big parties and forget about their responsibilities, but not you. As outgoing Leo lights up your career and achievement zone, you’re ready to use the other side of this flashy influence to make your mark on the world. When you step out of the shadows and into your new leadership role, you’ll take a lot of people by surprise, especially the ones who have been underestimating you. But our guess is that by the time you’re done using this plentitude of fiery energy to your advantage, nobody will make the mistake of questioning your intentions or your abilities anytime soon.

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This week’s full-on, in-your-face, fiery Leo energy hits you square in the exploration zone! You’re ready to go where no one has gone before—or, at the very least, travel to and learn about a totally new place. With this outgoing spirit backing you up, your wanderlust kicks into high gear and bestows you the title and honor of being a full-time student of the universe. Soak up knowledge wherever you go, Sagittarius. There’s so much out there for you to learn! 

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Could you soon be uncovering some shadowy mysteries? Or revealing a deep dark secret? As a ton of boisterous Leo enthusiasm hits your house of the hidden and unknown this week, you will have a hard time keeping things to yourself. Especially if what you discover via your intense investigations is life-changing for you, someone you know or the world in general. Usually you’d keep your discoveries to yourself until the time was right, but Leo’s spotlight-seeking spirit is all around you, urging you to spill the tea. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to blurt out what you know, just this once …

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You really love hearing your voice’s sound this week, Aquarius. Still, as several impatient Leo influences stimulate your house of cooperation and compromise, it will be just as important to listen. Really listen. This partnership-centered energy encourages you to play well with others, so do what you have to do to keep the peace. If that means setting your own needs aside then—gulp—just do it. This is one time when you really can only be as happy as the least happy person around you. But knowing you have the power to turn that joy dial all the way up or all the way down is reassuring.

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This week’s “extra” Leo energy takes you completely out of your introverted comfort zone, Pisces. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You’re super jazzed about your sixth house now, like health and organization. Applying Leo’s enthusiastic energy to them can help you combat your typical procrastination and send you on your way to a better you! Right? Are you excited yet?! OK, maybe this all sounds a little too informercial-ish for you to buy, but it is true. If you take advantage of the strong and outgoing Lion influences surrounding you this week, you can make major improvements to your life. And that’s a much better option than any random self-help gimmick out there can provide.

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