Weekly Horoscope: January 8–14, 2024

By Mary Bergner

On January 7, 2024

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Weekly Horoscope: January 8–14, 2024

The week starts with a pretty grounded vibe with the bright sun (our cosmic confidence booster) and Mars (the universal power player) already in dependable, hardworking Capricorn. For the most part, it stays that way (thanks to two more steady Sea Goat planetary pairings), so you can probably rule out a total and complete mental or emotional unraveling.

Some very strong stellar evidence to back this theory up is Thursday’s new Capricorn moon (our emotional guide), which is the first new lunar phase of the year and a productive one at that. If you haven’t already taken the first steps toward making your dreams come true, what are you waiting for?

On Friday, commitment-related asteroid Juno goes retrograde in Virgo, which could result in the one day this week that you might start to panic and backpedal as you feel some aspects of a current or developing relationship going in the wrong direction and slipping off the rails. Fight the strong urge to be critical and end things now rather than work through them. Expecting others to be perfect when you also have so much self-improvement to do is so unfair.

Over the weekend, we can count on Mercury (our mental manager) pairing up with reliable Capricorn, too, and thinking is more ambitious and grounded. Trade spontaneity for real plans. Goals and reputation matter.

Your Zodiac Sign’s Weekly Horoscope


No matter how much success you’ve had lately, it isn’t enough. This week is about more, more, MORE! As your ambition surges, you follow up your goals with realistic plans for reaching the top. Your career is in the spotlight, Aries, but your determination can be applied to anything that you care about.

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What area of your life could use a makeover, Taurus? You’re driven to expand your world in some way this week, and you’ve got something special (and probably quite specific) in mind. This is the time to really go for it. If you’ve been dreaming of visiting exotic lands or meeting diverse new people, what’s stopping you? This restlessness shouldn’t be ignored.

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Recycling is a big thing for you right now, Gemini, and we’re not just talking about bottles and cans. A total life transformation is on the horizon, but we’re not advising that you just throw things away. Objects, as well as relationships, need to be sorted through carefully before you decide which ones stay and which ones go. Just because you’re not using something any longer doesn’t mean someone else won’t love it.

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Committing to change this week means you’ll probably have to compromise. It’s hard to get things done without other people’s assistance and contributions, but that also means you can’t just do things totally your own way. Butting heads with the people in your life sometimes is inevitable, Cancer, but at least you know that they’ll be there for you when you really need them.

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Take advantage of your increased drive and focus this week, Leo. You’re putting your usual pure pleasure-seeking persona on hold while you dive head-first into taking care of your responsibilities, which has the people around you slightly perplexed. They’re not complaining exactly, but it might take a minute for them to wrap their heads around you playing the role of the dependable one.

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You swap energies with your zodiac neighbor Leo this week as they become more responsible, and you become a little more lax. Of course, we’re not suggesting that you totally ditch your to-do list, but letting off the gas occasionally won’t cause you to come to a complete standstill. 

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You’re longing for familiarity and comfort this week, so stick to what you know. Being a little less social and more introverted is also a part of the toned-down energy surrounding you now, Libra, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t still a strong support system for friends and family. You’re still there for them but in a nonobtrusive, unsolicited way. All they have to do is ask, though, and you’ll be there.

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Good luck to anyone who tries to stop you from expressing what’s on your mind this week, Scorpio. You’ve got a lot to say, and you don’t want to be interrupted or hushed. Communication issues are your top priority, and you do your best to state your ideas clearly and concisely. This is not the time to get sidetracked. Stay focused on one thing at a time. 

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Money is on your mind this week, Sagittarius, specifically making more of it. You have enough energy to work a full-time job plus take on a side hustle, so if you’re not putting in a bunch of hours and making that extra cash, what are you doing?! There aren’t many things more important to you right now than racking up those Benjamins.

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This is a big energy week for you, Capricorn, so don’t hesitate to take on a little more than you think you can handle. You move quickly and easily from one task to the next, although it will be important for you to pay attention to details. Overlooking something at this early stage could have major implications later on.

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Although you’re one of the social butterflies of the Zodiac, you really just feel like being alone this week, Aquarius. It’s okay to take some time to retreat and reflect on what’s going on in your life, and being around other people can drain you of your special insight and sharp intuition. Your subconscious is highly active now, too, so pay close attention to your dreams and visions. Your unique imagination and unconventional creativity are amazing gifts.

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Sometimes hope is all you have — and lucky for you, this week, it’s one of the only things you need. Things just seem to fall into place around you now, and thinking positive thoughts is what’s guiding your success. Working with others with common goals allows you to accomplish more than you would on your own. Come out of your cocoon long enough to engage and connect with the people closest to you, Pisces.

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