Weekly Horoscope: February 12–18, 2024

By Mary Bergner

On February 11, 2024

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Weekly Horoscope: February 12–18, 2024

Are you ready to do your own thing? Because the universe is casting off some seriously independent vibes for most of this week, starting with powerful Mars’ (the planet that encourages self-reliance) move into eccentric air sign Aquarius on Monday. This cosmic connection urges you to be your authentic self and challenge authority at every turn. What other people think of your behavior is irrelevant.

On Friday, Venus (our planetary pleasure-seeker) also enters rebellious Aquarius, giving you a free love vibe just a couple days after Valentine’s Day. No matter how you celebrated Cupid’s favorite holiday, this aloof transit encourages you to view romance in a way that says, “Let’s just see what happens.” You’re not opposed to being in love, per se, but you’re keeping your options open.

When Sunday comes and the sun (repping our sense of self) moves from freedom-loving Aquarius to sensitive Pisces, however, you might be willing to trade a little of that “I am an island” outlook for deeper personal connections. Winter is fading, and as the weather starts to warm up, so does your heart. As more compassion and empathy ooze from this emotional planetary pairing, you start to see the value in making room for others in your life.

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You’re a natural leader, Aries, and you’re ready to take charge of absolutely everything this week. Working alone is preferable, but if that’s not possible, you look at the people around you as followers and minions. Your willingness to take control of every situation is intimidating yet inspiring.

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You’re known for your reliability and stability, but this week you’re ready to take on more assertive and innovative leadership roles, especially at work. Your forward-thinking, unique approach to problem-solving hurtles you toward success at a rapid speed. Get ready for the experience of a lifetime, Taurus!

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You’re ready to forge new paths that you can claim entirely as your own, Gemini. You’re in a rush to learn new information quickly so you can stay ahead of the pack. Who needs proper training or experience when you have the sheer bravery to head out totally on your own? 

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Are you running toward something positive or away from something you don’t want to face? The independent spirit of the week can be cathartic—but only if it’s your choice to spend time alone, Cancer. As an emotional sign, you deal better with feelings than logic. The weekend is more your vibe, but you still have to face reality Monday through Friday.

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Yes, everyone knows you love to be in the spotlight, so it might be somewhat shocking when you shy away from it this week. You’re just kind of over the drama and are looking for more intellectual and meaningful ways to spend your time. Meeting someone over the weekend who shares your current outlook is life changing. Let the anticipation grow until you can’t take it anymore, Leo

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You have a personal to-do list that’s so long you could start tackling chores now and not have to come up for air or see another living human for days. And if you had your way, that’s exactly how you’d spend your week. That probably isn’t possible, but it’s still fun to dream—isn’t it, Virgo?!

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Are you ready to explore your artistic inclinations and creative talents, Libra? This week’s energy encourages finding yourself via the way you choose to express your inventive imagination. You can expect to feel bolder and more passionate under the cosmic influences that are encouraging you to branch out and be the person you were meant to be!

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Everyone knows you love your privacy, so it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for you to retreat into yourself and not get in touch with anyone for days. Home has a special meaning to you this week, Scorpio, and you take refuge in its familiarity and comfort. Invites to go out are appreciated but almost routinely declined.

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This week unlocks a thirst for knowledge via unconventional or alternative learning methods. Taking online classes and looking into other advanced technology-aided educational opportunities resonate with your independent spirit and curiosity. This is a great time to look for facts and data that support the causes you believe in, Sag.

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Your entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well this week, inspiring you to explore unconventional ways to make money. This is the perfect time to invest in advanced technology, explore alternative income streams, or take advantage of a unique skill or talent. The more innovative you are with your finances, Capricorn, the better.

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You value progress and social justice this week, and your independent spirit fuels your passion to make a difference when it comes to the causes you believe in. It’s time to become a stronger advocate for your principles by initiating innovative projects that benefit your community and inspire others to join your cause.

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Give yourself freedom to break away from your limitations, Pisces. This week is about encouraging individuality and expressing creativity in unconventional ways. You have so many hidden talents that you haven’t tapped into or have yet to show the world. Spend your downtime exploring artistic mediums that resonate with your unique inner landscape.

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