Weekly Horoscope: December 5–11, 2022

By Mary Bergner

On December 4, 2022

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Weekly Horoscope: December 5–11, 2022

Don’t worry. There are plenty of things to look forward to, but unfortunately, we have to get through some grim planetary interactions before we can see some light. Right off the bat on Monday, there’s a downbeat square between the moody moon (our cosmic emotional support system) and never-satisfied Saturn (the planetary authoritarian) that casts a long shadow and can make you anxious, sad, and even a little angry.

And we’re not gonna lie — Tuesday doesn’t look a whole lot better. With a deceptive and confusing square between normally upbeat Jupiter (the planet driven by success) and easily confused Neptune (our interstellar solution seeker) interrupting the positive energy flow, you aren’t sure who to trust. Not having the people you normally depend on to help keep you sane is a pretty big deal, especially right now.

Wednesday’s the peak of the cosmic unease, so try not to let the two-faced full Gemini moon mess with you too much. Its conjunction with intense Mars (the Universal warrior) stirs up some pretty serious resentment from the past, but sometimes you just gotta let it go and move on. Use Gemini’s logical essence to cut through the BS and see things for what they are.

Because once you get over that midweek hump, mellow energy thankfully arrives over the weekend in the form of a sweet Cancer moon that happily connects at various times with Uranus (the galactic innovator), Neptune, and Jupiter. Clear your calendar to make time for yourself and the people who matter most. You deserve this well-deserved cosmic breather! 

Your Zodiac Sign’s Weekly Horoscope


Your usual reaction to things not going your way is to fight back, but you’re going against a pretty worthy adversary in the universe this week, Aries! We’re not saying give in, but going HAM and flailing away will tire you out long before you’re able to win this fight. If you’re offered any kind of compromise amid all the chaos, we suggest that you take it. 

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Your first instinct against adversity is to dig your heels in harder and just keep keeping on, but that stubborn approach might not work with what you’re up against this week, Taurus. Keeping an open mind and being willing to adapt to new ideas will help you get through these tough times relatively unscathed. Standing your ground when it’s caving in around you is foolish.

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You’ve got a powerful full moon in your first house, supporting you from midweek on, but what about until then? The struggle for you will be to remain your open-minded airy self when things start to go sideways. Sometimes you feel like other people think you’re selfish for keeping your distance, but you just see it as survival. So, keep doing you, Gemini. No one will think less of you for keeping it real.

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When things go sideways early in the week, just keep repeating to yourself, “I only have to make it until the weekend. Everything will be better later in the week.” And don’t only think and say this mantra, Cancer — actually believe it. Because there’s power in positive thinking now, and you really do have something to look forward to when the moon moves into your nurturing, comforting sign. If you can just trudge through the muck that is life from Monday until Saturday, you’ll get a sweet reward that’s worth whatever you have to do to get there. 

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Your mood swings aren’t pretty this week, Leo, and they can actually cost you some close relationships if you aren’t careful. Although most of your friends and family know to keep their distance when you’re feeling some type of way, your spontaneous and unprovoked outbursts will catch them totally off guard. Even though your charm has allowed you to accumulate quite a large following of admirers, it’s really not in your best interest to alienate any of them right now.

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You can’t stand chaos, so when it erupts all around you this week, Virgo, you’re not a happy camper. Luckily, however, you’re also not one of those signs that crumbles at the first sign of disaster, so your resiliency is one of your biggest assets now. If you have to set some of your own stuff to the side in order to help someone who really needs it, so be it. Use your tenacity and inner strength wherever it can do the most good.

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As long as you know there’s blue sky ahead, you can weather just about any storm. And as the clouds start to gather overhead early this week, you can tell you’re in for a doozy. But guess what, Libra? Lucky for you, the best way for you to pull through this cosmic squall is to maintain that famous Libran equilibrium. Steadying the ship takes a lot of strength, but as long as you know this darkness won’t last forever, you’re down for doing whatever you need to do to make it to the other side.

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You’re a fixed sign, Scorpio, so you aren’t too cool with unpredictability. This means this week’s planetary surprises are not at all welcomed by you, and that can put you in a pretty cranky mood. Add that together with a growing negative outlook on life, and you’ve got a significant problem: a cranky Scorpio. And a cranky Scorpio is a very unhappy Scorpio. Ugh. And if one more person tells you to smile, you might lose it.

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Your fiery personality gets stoked by this week’s annoying astronomical events, which can have some long-lasting negative effects if you aren’t careful, Sagittarius. Making bad impulsive decisions and losing your temper are both very real possibilities now, which won’t go over too well at work or with a loved one. Getting ahead of your anger and harnessing it before it gets out of control is your goal for the week.  

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Your busy schedule is easily thrown off by what’s happening in the heavens this week, Capricorn, and getting put off your game is about the last thing you need. You’ll do your best to stay focused, but there might be too many things conspiring against you for you to stay totally on track. As much as you hate to disrupt your perfect record, you might have to exchange that first-place trophy for runner-up. Just this once. You’ll be back at the front of the pack before you know it.

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You sometimes get accused of being rather cold and distant but trust us when we tell you that the further removed from the chaos you can get this week, the better, Aquarius! If you have to take a step back and view things from a different perspective, then that’s what you have to do. Times like these can be truly overwhelming, and honestly, your only obligation is to yourself and your well-being. If you can’t live up to other people’s expectations, so be it. You’ll take full responsibility for your actions.

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The way you usually deal with scary, chaotic situations is to retreat within yourself, so get ready to shut your eyes tight and get lost in a fantasy world for most of the week! Okay, maybe it’s not that bad, Pisces. However, the planets do have some rather nasty interactions early on that you’d just as soon ignore. If you can make it to the weekend without getting hit in the face with what the universe is spewing, you’ve got it made.

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