Weekly Horoscope: December 11–17, 2023

By Mary Bergner

On December 10, 2023

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Weekly Horoscope: December 11–17, 2023

It’s time to break out of your comfort zone and do one last daring thing before the year is over! As a new moon (representing our emotional needs) in adventurous Sagittarius arrives on Tuesday, the universe is begging you to make exciting discoveries about yourself and the world, go to exotic places, meet interesting people who share different views, and just generally get out of a rut and do some kick-ass things!

Tuesday also sees Mercury (the cosmic communicator) in solid Capricorn go retrograde for the second time this year. This is a sign to look back to the first time this earthy partnership happened in early 2023 to see if any patterns are repeating. There are, of course, the same types of Mercury retrograde headaches — like delays and miscommunications — to deal with, but being able to tap into some lessons you should have learned earlier in the year can help things go a little more smoothly now.

Saturday brings a square between the sun (the celestial body repping self-awareness) in fiery Sagittarius and Neptune (the universal dreamer) in sensitive Pisces, which can result in confusion or in worse cases, a tad of paranoia. When you hear a nasty rumor or read some vicious gossip about yourself or someone you care about, just remember that you don’t have the full story. You’ll probably feel much better after you get all the details.

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There’s a lot of exciting energy in your expansion zone this week, Aries, which means it’s time to take even more risks than usual. Opening up your mental and physical presence to new thoughts, feelings, and sensations leads to some very memorable learning experiences!

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You usually have a lot to deal with financially, but this week’s new moon puts extra emphasis on your money zone. New, significant financial obligations might crop up soon, so this isn’t a good time to make big purchases. Focus on your own bank account instead of giving other people advice about theirs, Taurus.

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Your solar seventh house of partnerships gets extra attention this week, Gemini, which gives you time and motivation to focus on issues you’ve been having with a coworker, business partner/client, or close friend. This is a friendly reminder from the universe that your connections with others should definitely be one of your top priorities! 

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How have you been feeling, Cancer? No matter what else you’ve got going on this week, it’s important to focus on your own health and well-being. It’s so like you to put other people first, but what good are you going to be to them if you’re sick in bed? Putting your own needs first right now isn’t selfish; it’s necessary.

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Oooh, Leo, are you ready to have some fun? You’re one of the few signs who gets a pass on your responsibilities this week as your natural fifth house of entertainment and enjoyment is targeted with extra energy! What are some of your favorite hobbies and leisure activities that have fallen by the wayside lately? It’s time to pick them up again. 

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If one of your favorite personal spaces (bedroom, kitchen, living room) could use a makeover, this is the week to pull off an amazing transformation. Lots of fresh beginnings are shaping up with the new moon in your fourth house, which means there’s so much to look forward to. Real estate transactions are also favored now, too. Make that offer, Virgo!

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There is a lot of energy swirling around how you interact with others this week, Libra. Your communication zone lights up with activity, so you can expect texts and calls from people you haven’t heard from in forever. Don’t worry about those initial awkward silences; you’ll be chatting it up like old friends in no time! 

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Do you have ideas about potential new side hustles, Scorpio? Because with new moon energy in your money zone this week, your earning potential is way up. Also, make sure that your bank account is balanced and your credit card statements are accurate. And if someone owes you any moolah, it’s time for them to pay up.

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Things are looking up, Sag. You can’t help but smile extra big when you think about the possibilities that are in store for you this week. Maybe you can’t take credit for every little good thing that happens, but karma is sending a lot of amazing things your way. You don’t have any time for haters.

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Leave the excitement for everyone else, Capricorn. For you, this week is about quiet time, rest, relaxation, meditation, and privacy. If you can afford to take a couple of days off work, that would be extremely beneficial. There’s no shame in admitting that you’ve almost reached your breaking point. It’s time for a reset.

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You love to solve problems yourself, but this week, it’s time to leave the tough stuff to the experts! There are zero reasons not to reach out to and/or hire professionals to do a job that you’re having a hard time completing on your own, Aquarius. With your advanced networking skills, you probably already have the perfect person on speed dial. 

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Your career or other major responsibility needs your attention this week, Pisces. Hence, it’s important to find a way to block out all other distractions, including your tendency to escape real life by daydreaming and fantasizing. Your vivid imagination can be useful at times, but this isn’t one of those times! The good thing is that whatever effort you put in now will be heavily rewarded in the future, but for now, patience is required.

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