Weekly Horoscope: August 22–28, 2022

By Mary Bergner

On August 21, 2022

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Weekly Horoscope: August 22–28, 2022

How’s this is for a fun Monday morning wakeup call: the sun (the cosmic representation of self-awareness) is moving into serious, focused Virgo, so from the minute you get out of bed, it’s time to hit the ground running and really get some sh*t done! It might be unfair of the universe to expect you to make such an abrupt transition from the weekend’s party mode to this, but it is what it is. Luckily, a smart trine between Mercury (the great planetary thinker) and Pluto (the tiny planet of revitalization) also shows up today, giving you some great “work smarter, not harder” vibes.

On Wednesday, funky Uranus (the planetary rebel) goes retrograde while paired with undeniably un-funky Taurus. But this oddball duo actually adds some enlightenment to your life while it’s tripping backward. If there’s something that’s not working, you’ll have identified it by the time this perspective-altering retrograde cycle is over. For the next five months, look for opportunities to face your fears and expand your horizons. 

On Friday, chatty Mercury moves into gracious Libra, so using diplomacy and charm works to your advantage. While you might struggle under the stress of having too many options to choose from, at least your negotiation skills are top-notch.

The new Virgo moon emphasizes the serious solar vibes on Saturday, which helps you become even more laser-focused on the details. Identifying the most important tasks is easy now, and the ability to make improvements comes naturally during this organized lunation. Use this neat freak energy to tidy up your life before another busy week starts!

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This week’s can-do vibe matches pretty well with your fiery nature, Aries. There might be moments when you’re at work or competing tasks/chores at home when you wish you were doing something else—but for the most part, you can get down with the universe’s plan of having you focus on the things at the top of your to-do list. And if you need to spontaneously go off script, no one’s going to stop you. As long as you get everything done, your fear of being micromanaged probably won’t come to fruition.    

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You’re involved in one of the major planetary moves this week—when Uranus goes retrograde while in your steady sign—so you might feel extra pressure to step outside your comfort zone. If you want to mix things up, it would be extremely beneficial to you in some way. But it’s also OK to be patient; this retrograde lasts five months, so pacing yourself is perfectly acceptable. Aside from that, just keep your head down and work toward your goals. With fellow earth sign Virgo’s efficient help, you’ll be ahead of schedule on most professional/personal tasks this week. 

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It’s no secret that you can be a little bit (OK, majorly!) scattered from time to time, Gemini, so you can really use the Virgo sun’s focused energy to get your mind right this week. The good news is that time should fly once you get going, so the things you’ve been putting off or just flat-out avoiding altogether will be done before you know it! And when your ruler Mercury moves into charming Libra in your fifth house of fun, you get a nice infusion of entertainment to offset all your hard work.

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There’s an overwhelming amount of earthy Virgo energy around you this week, Cancer, helping you get things done that you really haven’t been looking forward to. Detaching emotionally and going about tasks and chores with a commonsense approach helps. And when vocal Mercury joins fair-minded Libra in your house of home and family, you’re there to defend a loved one—no questions asked. If someone attacks your spouse, child, etc., on social media, this protective planetary combo won’t let you stay silent. Retaliation is a given.  

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You can stop beating yourself up about all the stuff you’ve been putting off, Leo, because with the sensible Virgo sun partnered with your house of self-worth all week, you’re in the right frame of mind to do what you have to do – and then stand back and be proud of all you were able to accomplish, of course. This week is all about staying focused and not worrying so much about the things you can’t change. When you know better, you do better – and you must have learned some important lessons lately because right now you’re kicking as*! 

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You’re an understated yet unstoppable force when you put your mind to it this week, Virgo. The way you go about things is very matter-of-fact and doesn’t really call out your talents—but once people see what you’ve accomplished in a very short amount of time, they can’t help but be in awe. Just keep doing what you do because while you’re surrounded by so much energy in your personal empowerment zone, you have the ability to make a serious dent in that mountain of work/personal projects that have been stacking up.

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You’ve got a lot of drive to get things done this week, but with the Virgo sun illuminating your subconscious zone, you’re also very good at prioritizing. Tapping into your psychic self helps you identify your true needs and encourages you to prioritize them above everything else that might be going on around you. Chatty Mercury also moves into your sign this week, bestowing you with some pretty amazing negotiating skills. Using your charm to get your way is one of your superpowers!

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The sun is moving through your eleventh house of networking and socialization while partnered with task-oriented Virgo this week, Scorpio, which means you won’t have a lot of downtime. Even when you have a couple of unscheduled minutes here or there, you’ll be anxious to use them to make new contacts. Although you’re on the introverted side, you effortlessly chat (and make friends) with the person in front of you at the grocery store, on the elevator in your building or waiting for a bus, thanks to Mercury in charming Libra in your house of karmic connections. 

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With the focused Virgo sun in your tenth house of career and accomplishments this week, your primary attention is on work tasks and professional projects. Taking a few minutes to get organized before an important meeting or straightening up the office before showing a VIP client around can make the difference between stunning success and epic failure. Always make the extra effort to make a good impression because with Virgo’s meticulous energy surrounding you, Sag—it really pays off.

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The analytical Virgo sun is in your ninth house of the higher mind this week, Capricorn, so you have a strong desire to learn from others and teach them what you know. You focus on acquiring knowledge as you travel through life and are eager to soak up every available opportunity. Resist the urge to come across as a know-it-all, though, or to give lectures; the value of the energy hanging around this week is in the exchange of information and the connections you make, not taking on the role of world educator.

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It’s tempting to be uber critical of other people while the picky Virgo sun sails through your eighth house of bringing things to the light this week, Aquarius. But unless you’re completely perfect yourself, that’s really not a great idea. Revealing other people’s faults and weaknesses encourages them to dig into yours, and that’s probably not going to end well for you. Building people up instead of tearing them down helps you sleep better at night, so even if you uncover a few dirty little secrets, just keep them to yourself.   

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You’re selfless by nature, Pisces, but with the sun in helpful Virgo in your house of partnerships this week, you’ll need to be of service even more than usual. The go-getter energy of this solar transit combines with your innate sense of humanitarianism to create an incredibly “people pleasing” persona. So when you meet individuals who are lacking something, you’re virtually helpless against trying to get it for them. Just don’t let yourself get totally lost in the quest to complete others; you also have wants and needs that should be fulfilled.

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