Weekly Horoscope: April 29 to May 5, 2024

By Mary Bergner

On April 28, 2024

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Weekly Horoscope: April 29 to May 5, 2024

This week has a lot of romantic vibes, so hopefully you’re in the mood for love and everything that comes along with it! 

On Monday, love-linked Venus (the cosmic enchantress) enters steady, sensual Taurus, so while you’ll be craving devotion and security, the desire for hot, erotic encounters is also stirred up, reminding you that this earthy transit isn’t as wholesome as it seems. Underneath this stable, patient energy is an indulgent one that encourages you to spoil your crush or partner (especially with expensive gifts and extreme generosity in the bedroom). And if there’s no one special on the horizon, you do you, boo! 

The unstoppable duo of Mars (the aggressive AF planet) and take-no-prisoners Aries arrives on Tuesday, delivering the ultimate IDGAF attitude. Whatever’s in the way of what (or who) you want now, better watch out because you aren’t messing around. You’re ready to take what’s yours and roll over your competition without looking back. #SorryNotSorry

On Saturday, Pluto (the mysterious planet) goes retrograde while in offbeat Aquarius, encouraging you to shed the superficial and embrace the unusual. If you’re part of a couple, have fun exploring hidden desires and embracing taboo topics. If you’re single, look for people to hang with who aren’t your usual type. The definition of normal morphs now, encouraging everyone to get a little weird! 

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Are you ready to start something hot, Aries? Because you’ve got the power this week, so anything goes. Whether you’re looking for a new beginning or want to finally finish something that’s run its course, you’ve got the drive, energy and confidence to conquer it all. You’re such a baddie.

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Your imagination is running wild this week, Taurus, and you have the power to make a lot of your romantic dreams come true. You might not feel like being around big crowds, especially if you’ve got someone special to spend your time with. If you wear yourself out, take some time to rest, replenish and recover – then do it all again the next day!

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You’ve always been the curious type, Gemini, but this week has you delving into controversial and taboo topics like never before. You can’t help that your quick-thinking brain is super thirsty for knowledge right now, so why even try to stop it? Checking out alternative sources of educating yourself (especially regarding sex and love) is where you excel.

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You’ve been putting in the work, so where are your rewards, right? You aren’t usually someone who looks for a ton of thank you’s or congratulationswhen you do good work, but it’s hard to understand why a current or potential lover isn’t acknowledging what you’ve done for them recently. Anyone is lucky to have you in their life, though, Cancer, so don’t start doubting yourself. With or without reassurance, you know you’re one sweet catch.

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You can’t wait to get on the prowl and have a new adventure this week, Leo! You’ve got rizz off the charts, and you’re ready to experience something wild. Forget about your usual routines and expand your mind (and body?!) by doing something new and unusual. This week you’re a big cat in the jungle, getting ready to pounce. #Meow

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Are you ready for something truly revolutionary, Virgo? There’s a lot of power surrounding your transformation zone this week, which can lead to life-altering moments you won’t soon forget. Maybe you’re about to start an intense love affair, rekindle something with an ex, or just deepen your commitment to a current love. Any way you look at it, everything is about change. Embrace it. 

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When you commit to something (or someone) this week, do it fully. There is no halfway, no gray areas. You’re either in or you’re out, Libra—and the universe is urging you to go all in! Making something official might be terrifying, but the potential rewards are amazing. What’s stopping you from just accepting your fate and shouting? 

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You love to get wild sometimes, Scorpio, but what if we told you that this week is your time to hold back a little? Yes, there is some powerful, intense energy swirling around now but with your tendency to get addicted to some things (and people) who are bad for you, you might want to sit this one out. With a lot of focus on your sixth house, your health and well-being should come first.

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Out of all the signs, you might be the one having the most fun this week, Sagittarius. Your creativity level is high, and your love life is vibing. Single Archers are some of the best flirts, which you can use to your advantage this week. Dating and taken Sagittarians, your confidence is high, and your sex life sizzles. Everyone wants to either be you or be with you. 

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With a lot of energy in your home zone now, Capricorn, you’re one of the few signs that you aren’t really feeling the urge to go out and do something crazy. Is it boring to want to stay in where you’re comfortable and spend time with friends, family, or pets? Or just curl up alone and read a good book/binge your favorite series? Maybe. But who cares? #YouDoYou

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Your values/morals might clash with something you want to do this week, so you have some big decisions to make. Are the potential payoffs worth the risk of compromising your beliefs, breaking the law, or worse? You’re definitely a rebel, Aquarius, but this week has you thinking hard about just how far you want to push the boundaries. Once you cross that line, there’s no going back. 

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How are love and money connected for you this week, Pisces? Your money zone is getting a lot of attention now, urging you to think more about how it’s all intertwined. Are you enabling a lover/partner by giving them money for a bad habit? Are you thinking about getting into a spicy side hustle because it offers hard-to-pass-up easy cash? The vibes around finances are hazy right now. Don’t make any important decisions until you have more info. 

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