Here's Why Your Heart Will Win During July's New Moon

By Brittany Binowski

On July 2, 2019

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Here's Why Your Heart Will Win During July's New Moon

When it comes to the head and the heart, there’s really no debating which side you’ll choose this month. With the new moon solar eclipse happening in emotional Cancer, on July 2, 2019 at 12:16 pm PT, you’ll be encouraged to follow your heart more than ever in an effort to re-conceptualize your identity from the bottom up. But Lady Gaga isn’t the only one who can effortlessly remake her image over and over—you can too, especially with the help of this moon!

As you embark on this inner revolution, your priorities will shift in a major way. Instead of focusing on your responsibilities, it will nudge you to pay more attention to your heart’s desires.

Get Ready, Get Set… What Do You Want in Life?

What do you need to feel personally and emotionally fulfilled? The answer to this question could be the opposite from your natural instincts at this time—ones that may have you acting impulsively, keeping busy, or doing what’s expected of you. However, it’s important to temper those desires and spend time with yourself. Doing this will help you heal your inner child and let your emotions have their say, which will be a necessary step to your future development.

With Saturn (planet of foundation) now conjunct Pluto (planet of transformation) in Capricorn, the past few years may have felt tough. But this new moon solar eclipse is trying to gently teach you to release those old habits, patterns, and experiences which may have forced you to harden yourself.

There could be some difficult conversations on the horizon about what you truly need to be happy with Mercury (planet of communication) conjunct Mars (planet of passion) Mars in Leo, especially when nothing feels like it is happening in the way or timeframe you might want it to. You could also receive some unexpected news, or say something out of character.

Overall: Realize that your situation isn’t as bad or as stale as you may think it is, even if it feels like you are stagnant. There’s a lot going on inside you spiritually, emotionally and personally that is paving the way for a better future ahead. The inner work you do now will be key to help you build a strong foundation from which to build on in the future.

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How the New Moon Solar Eclipse 2019 Will Affect Your Sign


Career matters may have taken center stage for a long time, but your home and family is calling you now, Aries. What resonates with you on a more personal or spiritual level? While you could still be uncertain how to organize your finances or use your talents in a way that makes you happy, you can still put your life in the right direction—if you can think outside the box.

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You’ve been busy for the past few years, studying or traveling quite a bit. Now, it’s time to chill (a Taurean specialty), and get familiar with some of the things you have been pushing towards for so long. Even though it may be hard for you to talk about your emotions after such a wild ride, doing so will help you to overcome the past and build your life eventually on a foundation, or in a new place, that is more solid.

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This month is about finances, Gemini. Once they’re on better footing, you can begin to hone in on some of your natural gifts and talents. Life may have been a little tumultuous lately and money may have been hard to come by, but it is time to give yourself a break. You may still be uncertain of what your future looks like, but trust that by living in the moment, you are already creating the life you always dreamed of.

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It is time to nurture, focus on, and take care of yourself! After all, you have been taking care of other people for long enough. It is okay to be selfish every once in a while. You could still be feeling a little uncertain about who you are or want to be in the future, especially when it comes to your talents and finances, but don’t stress. You are getting there! You could receive some sudden insights about your next big move, even if it throws you for a bit of a loop.

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Life is nowhere but within! Stop looking for things to change outwardly, when it is you perhaps that needs to be the one to adjust. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of every day to focus on what your spirit and soul is saying. Your life will turn in the right direction, and your reputation in your career will improve if you just get the right perspective on it first.

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If it’s been hard to enjoy life lately or have fun, maybe you should stop trying so hard and just relax! Disengaging from life is not your usual Virgo style, but spending more time with friends or dreaming about the future in different ways may be just what you need to get your life back on track. You could receive some unexpected insights or news from the past that could initiate a big personal transformation.

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You have spent too much time in the shadows Libra, dealing with personal or private issues. Now is your time to shine. It is your moment to create a career, or a life, you really love. You may have to change some of your relationships and where you see those going, which could feel difficult—but it will be worth it. Have the conversations to figure out who is going to support your ultimate success and who isn’t.

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Have you been stuck in a rut, just staying within the bounds of the familiar, Scorpio? Now, it is time to slowly branch out beyond your regular environment, and to travel more frequently or learn new things. That could bring up lots of intense conversations about your career, where your life is going, and how you get there on a daily basis. You may need to break free from a contract or do things differently with your relationships.

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What’s the point of having a lot of things in your possession if you don’t actually like what you have? It is time to loosen the grip on your life, and let other people, things, and new experiences in (like a true Sagittarius), even if you have to let the old things go. Take the leap to make a big change, and explore the mysteries of life. You may be delighted to find new opportunities await. Perhaps a better job or set of daily routines too.

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It looks like some of your relationships are in bad need of some tender loving care. Have you been neglecting those recently while you were trying so hard to take care of your own needs and get yourself in order? It is time to tip the scales, and give the other people in your life some much-needed attention. It might require an emotional adjustment from you, or a change at home, so you can let your guard down, but it will be worth it.

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Being an Aquarius, you always have big ideas, but what is the point in having them all if you don’t put them to some good use? Now, it is time to create a job or set of daily routines you really enjoy and feel emotionally connected to, even if it takes time. Make sure to communicate clearly with the people you are close to, especially family members, so you can have the space you need to make some big things happen.

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The future is now, Pisces. It is time to create the life you have always wanted, instead of just dream or think about it. Happiness can be yours! That could, however, bring up some difficult conversations about how you make money from your job, or even about your health. Allow yourself to consider other alternatives for your daily routines so that you can express yourself more freely.

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