Leo 2019 Horoscope

"All About You" is a fitting title, because that's the way you like to have things: all about you! But 2019 encompasses more than that.

How about starting off your year with a full moon (and supermoon) in your sign at the end of January? And to top that off, it's a total lunar eclipse! It will be hard for you to hide anything – especially your true feelings – and the drama will be intense. You will experience big changes at this time, and in true Leo form you'll want to broadcast them (if they're good). You aren't as eager to share bad news (you do have your precious Leo ego to protect)!

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July is an important month with Mars, the sun, and Venus all entering your sign at some point. Mars plus Leo in early July equals a very strong urge to get the party started, where the "party" can be anything from an actual get-together to a work project to studying for a test. Whatever's on your agenda, you're determined to make it the best (fill in the blank) it can be.

Attractive Venus in your sign at the end of July brings the focus to your entire personal life, not just your romantic relationships. You want to be adored by everyone, including friends, family members, and co-workers. You know how great you are, now why can't everyone else acknowledge it?! The more compliments and attention you get for the next six or so weeks the better. You're much easier to live with when you feel like you're the center of everyone's universe.

Communications expert Mercury enters your sign in mid-August, making your conversations and interactions even more dramatic than usual (if that's possible). You love to jump on social media and post about your successes, but you're the least likely sign to tell other people about your failures.

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