Aquarius 2019 Horoscope

A new year, more changes!

Uranus, your home planet, makes a big change this year. It's relatively slow moving (spending six to seven years in each sign), so it's a major event when it moves from fiery Aries into slower-moving Taurus in early March (which is it's fall position, meaning these two energies are pretty much opposite). Where Uranus likes to experiment, Taurus takes the traditional route. Uranus likes to be an innovator and Taurus says, "I'm good with tradition." Note its retrograde period beginning in mid-August and finishing out the year. Too many attempted outer changes result in the need for inner change. Take time out from your busy schedule to reflect on the lessons you may have missed recently.

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Saturn is in Capricorn for the year, indicating a strong work ethic and the need to get serious about some things. Its retrograde period from late April to mid-September is a reminder to not get too lost in your head. Beating yourself up over past mistakes is likely, but not everything is your fault, Aquarius. Give yourself a break and think positively!

Mars is always on a power trip but gets mellowed out somewhat when it moves into Libra's chill presence in October. This is a detrimental position, meaning they don't always play nicely, but you can take advantage of Libra's slightly more laid-back vibe. This isn't the time to try to talk circles around anyone or pull any of your passive-aggressive stuff, though, Aquarius. The direct approach works best.

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