New Moon in Scorpio 2020 Horoscopes

By Brittany Binowski

On November 16, 2020

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New Moon in Scorpio 2020 Horoscopes

Our hard work over the past few years is starting to pay off and manifest in a more tangible way—especially after feeling stuck for many months prior to this point.

As a result, we are now trying to figure out how to meet the demands of the experiences that have started to reveal themselves. That means that, at this new moon in Scorpio on Saturday, November 14, 2020 at 9:07 p.m. PT, we are creating a new identity and sense of self and more fully stepping into it.

With the new moon making a sextile to Saturn (planet of foundation), Pluto (planet of change), and Jupiter (planet of abundance) in Capricorn (now direct), this should be a positive thing. It’s helping us overcome any challenges that may have occurred earlier this year.

Despite these positive transformations, however, some confusion about the past and how everything will come together still lingers.

That is especially true of our relationships right now. And why is that? Because we are changing during this moon; our relationships could have a difficult time adjusting (or growing together).

As a result, we could engage in some important conversations around what we need to form healthier and more balanced partnerships. These thoughts and conversations, which could come on suddenly or unexpectedly, are meant to help us get more information.

Even though some of those things we need to adjust could be a tad frustrating, with Mercury (planet of communication) and Mars (planet of action) now direct, we have the support to do so.

How the New Moon in Scorpio Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign


Your relationships and finances are changing, Aries. They are doing so to do more things that you truly want to do. However, some more details may need to be worked out regarding both of those things in order for this transformation to feel complete. Conversations about money, as well as what would make you feel more stable and secure, can help.


At this new moon, Taurus, your relationships are shifting in a big way. They are trying to be something new and different that resonates more with your soul. However, some things about your daily routines, habits, and/or job may need to be worked out first in order for that to officially happen. Conversations about yourself and how you work with others, as well as some compromises, can help bring it all together.


At this new moon, your job, health, and daily routines are transforming to be something that you more deeply connect with. However, you may not feel entirely happy with these different daily experiences and how you work with people on the day-to-day. Conversations about what you need to feel at peace can help, Gemini.


At this new moon, you are starting to feel like you can be happy again after much recent struggle. However, Cancer, some emotional changes with home and family still need to be complete before you can feel happier. That could include some signing of contracts or re-adjusting of relationships. Conversations about what you need can also bring things together.


Leo, you are starting to adjust your home and family in a big way so that you can feel more safe, comfortable, and secure. However, some more changes may still need to be made with your job, daily routines, and immediate environment in order to feel that way. Conversations about your career and where you want your life to go can help.


Virgo, you are learning to communicate and think in different ways. However, you could still have some concerns about your finances and the skills you use to obtain money, making you doubt the new you and what you have to offer. Conversations with other people about something new you are doing, your beliefs, or what excites you may help.


At this new moon, you are beginning to feel more confident about what you have to offer. Your finances are also shifting as well, Libra­—all for the better! But before that can more fully happen, some things may still need to be worked out and re-arranged, so that you can approach them in a stronger way. Conversations about what you deeply want and desire can help.


At this new moon, you are stepping into a new you. You’re becoming the person you have always wanted to be. However, there could still be some old things from the past (especially with relationships) that could be holding you back. Conversations with people about who you hope to be and what you want or need can help you to break these old bonds and move on.


You’re currently releasing old habits and attachments that keep you stuck from feeling more at peace. However, you could still be uncertain of what your future with relationships looks like once these old things have been released. Conversations about your job, daily routines, or daily habits may help you narrow your focus, Sagittarius.


At this new moon, you could be feeling opportunities open up for your future—which will bring many new goals, dreams, and expectations. However, some important stuff still needs to be worked out in life—especially regarding your career. Conversations about how you can be happy as you move forward may help you bring all these things together.


At this new moon, Aquarius, your career and life are both transforming in a way that makes you feel more deeply connected to yourself. However, some new things with relationships may still need to be worked out before this new career and life direction is set. Some traveling or studying may also still need to occur too. Conversations about what you are feeling and what you want from home and family may help you bring everything together.


Dear Pisces, you may be moving, traveling, or starting a new course of study that will help you see a better future for yourself. However, some more changes may need to be made first in order for that to happen. Some situations regarding relationships and money may also need to be worked out too. Conversations about yourself, your needs, and what will make you feel the most stable can bring all these things together.

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