May 2020 New Moon in Taurus Horoscopes

By Brittany Binowski

On April 22, 2020

In Astrology, Horoscope

May 2020 New Moon in Taurus Horoscopes

Take off your shoes, kick back, and do something that puts you at ease. After years of struggle and hardship, it is now time to stabilize and enjoy the finer things.

The new moon in Taurus on April 22, 2020 at 7:26 p.m. PT (which is also Earth Day), is all about finding more confidence and security in life, now that you’re in a new space where you feel at peace. And what’s more peaceful than Earth Day?

The key to finding some of that stability may be in simply holding true to you. Do things that bring you pleasure. (Taurus is the sign of beauty and pleasure, after all!)

With the new moon conjunct Uranus (planet of change), you could feel free from things of the past that used to bother you, or suddenly be doing new things to break free from the “old.” You could also be getting some good insights propelling you forward to feel much differently about your life—in a good way!

This sense of liberation is helping you to become grounded and more confident in making changes. But with both Venus (planet of love) and Mercury (planet of communication) about to go retrograde, there’s no need to do everything all at once. Figure out how to work toward a better future without overdoing it—especially since the new moon is also squaring Saturn (planet of rules), which is now in Aquarius for the first time since 1991.

How the 2020 Taurus New Moon Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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A new financial future is unfolding before you, Aries—one which makes you feel better about your money-making possibilities. You may also be feeling better about your skills as well, and more confident about what you have to offer as a result. A few more details may have to be worked out (which may require a few more conversations), but everything will come together soon.

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Happy birthday! You’re in a personal transition right now—one which has you becoming a different person. It’s opening doors, especially around your career. Enjoy it! You may still be unsure how all the money will fall into place and how your unique talents will crystalize to help you reach these new possibilities, but more stability and confidence is coming soon!

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You’ve overcome and healed from so much from your past, Gemini. Now, you’re in the process of starting anew. As a result, you could be receiving many new perspectives on life, and feeling quite differently about who you are. You could also be taking the past into very different chapters. Your new identity may still need time to be worked out in this different space, but doors are beginning to open. You can be anyone you want to be.

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Your future is becoming clearer, Cancer—and not only is it becoming clearer, but it is also becoming something you truly want. You could also be stepping into new friend groups (or ways of working with friends) that you connect with deeply, as well as different goals and dreams. Some things from the past and some internal roadblocks may still need to be overcome, but they are more manageable and easier to kick.

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A new career, reputation, or major life direction is finally hereLeo, helping you work towards a better future with relationships. Either your new career or life direction helps you to eventually connect better with people, or your relationships are a major contributing factor. They help you succeed and pushing you into major new chapters. What this looks like down the line may still need time to become clear, but the pieces are falling into place.

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If life has been dull, boring, or hard lately, you’re getting a major boost to find more passion and excitement in the day-to-day of work. You could be adjusting your job or traveling (in the only ways we can). You could also be learning or discovering something new. Health too should start to improve. You may be uncertain of how all this will get you the career you’d like, but that’s not the point, Virgo. Trust that it will become clear soon.

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Sudden changes with relationships and money are on the horizon, Libra. They will help you do more of what you love, pursue a creative project or business, or find more romance in your life. You could also be deepening some of your personal and professional relationships as well. Where these changes lead may still be unknown, but they do look good! These changes will help you to travel more, move, pursue something new and exciting, and renew your optimism for life.

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Relationships with other people are starting to get much stronger, Scorpio. This is helping you see a future with people who help you express your emotions in much healthier ways. These relationships are also becoming more solid and beginning to take firm root. Some time may still be needed for them to deepen, and to merge your time or resources (and perhaps even move in with a partner), but it will come together soon.

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Welcome a new and better job, daily routine, or health regimen into your life, Sagittarius. They may trigger conversations about your future—and a bunch of new opportunities that are now opening for you. You may be partnering with or meeting a bunch of new people as a result. Which one of these new people will play a leading role in your life (and how) may still need time to be figured out, but the people that are now coming into your life will be key to your future growth.

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A sense of happiness is starting to return to your life, Capricorn. It may get easier from here on out for you to express your true heart’s desire, do what you love, have fun, date, connect with a romantic partner, build a personal business, or take care of your kids. It will also get easier for you to feel stable and secure doing the things that you love. Some details may still need to be worked out with your job and on the day-to-day so you can do them, but it’s coming together.

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You may feel like a new person deep inside at this time, with a totally new way of approaching the world (even if no one else sees it on the outside). Your home, including your family and where you live, may also be changing and re-adjusting to be something that is more meaningful to you and more supportive of a better future. You may be unsure of how to be happy in this different space and truly enjoy it and let loose, but in the next few months, trust that you will figure it out.

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You may find a new way of communicating helps you express your innermost thoughts and feelings with more clarity. You may also be working with people in your community differently, Pisces. Feeling deeply grounded and comfortable expressing yourself in this different way, working with your community, and learning this new trade may still need time, but it is coming. There may also be some details as well to work out with home and family.

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