Leo Sun Scorpio Moon: Personality, Natal, Transit

By Katie Robinson

On January 24, 2023

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Leo Sun Scorpio Moon: Personality, Natal, Transit

Perhaps you know someone who has a Leo sun and a Scorpio moon. Perhaps this is the current transit happening in the sky as you’re reading this. Whatever it may be, we’ve gathered all the details you need to understand what this means for your birth chart and your day-to-day. We chatted with astrologer Lauren Ash to help us lock down all the details.


Well, to start, both the Leo sun placement and the Scorpio moon placement are incredibly intense. “If there were such a thing as winning the astrology lottery––having your sun in Leo would be a jackpot,” says Ash. She notes that people with their sun in Leo naturally draws the attention. However, matching this with a Scorpio moon sign can bring down Leo’s energy a few notches. In fact, while most people consider Leo to be the attention-seeking, spotlight-stealing sign, if they have a Scorpio moon, this will likely make them quite different than a normal Leo.

The Leo sun becomes a magnet while the Scorpio moon tends to hide.  Ash says this can make an “interesting polarity.”

“If someone has a Leo sun/Scorpio moon combination, it means that their ego, heart center, and life force (The sun) are shining vibrantly with the energy of regal and commanding Leo,” she explains. “However, their intuitions, emotions, and the inner world will feel much moodier, more emotional, and possibly even more secretive than your average Leo—and you can thank the energy of Scorpio in the moon for that one.”

What’s more is that these two placements are not as in sync with one another. While the sun in Leo is in its domicile, the moon in Scorpio is in her fall. “This polarity causes a stark contrast between the presentation of these very important placements; creating a powerful, focused, and determined energy that can skew competitive, intense, and obsessive if you’re not careful.” 


Well, first of all, the Leo-sun-Scorpio-moon positioning is often found in the charts of highly successful and influential people. For example, we see this placement in the birth chart of Jennifer Lopez

The kind of magnitude and magnetism that the Leo sun gives off will make this person infectious to others. And that that’s even more so with the Scorpio moon placement—giving them a mysterious, seductive edge. “They’ll still have that dramatic flair and devilish charm, they tend to be more reserved in social interactions,” according to Ash. But while that works together in some ways, in other ways, it leads to disharmony. 

“These folks tend to be more prideful than most, thanks to both Leo and Scorpio bringing stubborn fixed-sign energy to the party,” says Ash. Because of this, it can be difficult to get these people to change their opinion or even listen to a different point of view—especially once they’ve fully made up their own minds.


“The power to create and destroy is great with this transit,” says Ash. 

Leo rules the 5th House of creativity, fun, art, and children. It’s a sign of play and abundance, as it stirs up the inner artist or muse. That’s the part which can create. On the flipside, we have Scorpio, ruler of the 8th House and ruled by Pluto, the planet of destruction. Now, mix those two together and you get the perfect recipe for self-destruction.

However, this transit can also unlock opportunities for healing. “This moody and darker energy of Scorpio in the moon opens the door for doing personal healing work, deepening connections with others, or even closing doors and ending cycles of things that make us feel powerless.” 

In any case, this transit brings both drama and meaningful change to life. 



What is Kylie Jenner’s moon sign?

Kylie Jenner’s moon sign is in Scorpio. Her sun sign is Leo. She’s a perfect example of the force that is a Leo-sun-Scorpio-moon person.

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