Aquarius Sun and Leo Moon: Personality, Traits, Compatibility

By Stephanie N. Campos

On June 26, 2022

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Aquarius Sun and Leo Moon: Personality, Traits, Compatibility

When you are born with an Aquarius sun and Leo moon, you were born under a full moon! Full moon babies are relationship-oriented and pulled between two extremes. Here’s a bit more about how having an Aquarius sun opposite a Leo moon affects your personality and life path.


Leo and Aquarius are opposite one another on the zodiac wheel. You can think of this as having a tug-of-war effect between their head and their heart. The sun in Aquarius will represent their more logical thoughts and desires, while the moon will signify their inner yearnings and heart-based desires.

In its most simplistic terms, Leo represents the individual who wants to self-express and seek recognition and Aquarius focuses on the collective and what’s best for the group as a whole. This makes for an incredibly dynamic individual who is creative and inventive. 

Being born under a full moon puts an extra emphasis on relationships—and not just in the romantic sense, although love can be a major focus. Having the sun and moon, the two most important planets sitting across one another in the sky creates this “me vs. you” dynamic and relating with others becomes a focal point in one’s life.

When the sun and moon are opposite one another, it can sometimes relate to our childhood experience. The sun and moon are often representative of our primary caregivers, and whey they are opposite one another, they can have drastically different approaches or personalities. Sometimes, it can even represent a split between our primary caregivers. There could have been unspoken or noticeable tension within the family unit. 


Being born under the full moon, an Aquarius sun and Leo moon person oftentimes learns about themselves through the process of relating to others and recognizing how others perceive them. The pull between two opposite extremes in the birth chart can also lead to indecision, fickleness and projection. There is a disconnect between what they want and what they need, which can lead to internal frustration and confusion. The back and forth between the sun and moon can also make this person a little more impulsive than normal. 

The good news: Being born under a full moon is a spotlight moment. It brings matters to completion. There is natural power, magnetism, and charm. When you layer in the fact that this person was born during a full moon in Leo, that charm reaches new heights. This is someone whose originality makes them shine. This is a person who wants to share their gifts with the world. They crave that recognition. Aquarius sun and Leo moon people are generally outgoing and social people who love to learn. There is an insatiable curiosity with these people. 

A challenge remains in being able to balance their larger-than-life, indulgent desires with their logical side. The creative Leo moon coupled with the innovative Aquarius sun makes for an incredibly clever individual, who at times, can be stubborn and stuck in their ways. It’s important for these people to not be too controlling or rigid in their thinking. Generally speaking, this combination of signs is open-minded, but when put in a leadership position, the fixed nature of both their sun and moon can make them inflexible. 




The sun and the moon are two very important planets when it comes to compatibility. Because your moon is in Leo and your sun is in Aquarius, finding someone who has Leo and Aquarius placements may make for an instant connection.

People with strong Leo placements will be able to see the inner you right away and access the emotional world of your moon in Leo. Aquarius placements will understand your goals and can help you build confidence in your sense of self. Generally speaking, someone with other fire or air sign placements in their chart would make a good match, too.

Aquarius Sun and Leo Moon Celebrities

A few noteworthy celebrities who were born with an Aquarius sun and Leo moon are: 

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