Mars in Leo Woman: Sexuality, Personality, More

By Ellen Ricks

On August 3, 2022

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Mars in Leo Woman: Sexuality, Personality, More

Mars is the planet of sex and passion, and Leo is a fixed fire sign. When a woman has Mars in Leo, she can be energetic, family-oriented, and fierce. 

What Does Mars in Leo Mean? 

In astrology, Mars is our inner warrior—how we act when we are challenged or get mad. However, Mars goes deeper than that.

In our birth chart, Mars represents our desires and passion. It’s our drive, energy, and instinct to survive. While we see it in the moments we are angry, we also see it when we are aroused and how we act in bed. After all, love and hate are all that different from each other. 

When this passion planet is in fiery Leo, this placement can really bring the heat.

Leo is a fixed sign, so its fire burns steady in this placement. They have a natural staying power that will help them achieve all of their lofty goals and ambitions. Natal Mars in Leo has a strong need to create meaning in their lives. To create something significant that will be remembered long after they leave this earth. An eternal flame. 

At their best, all natal Leo Mars are driven, charismatic, and have big hearts. At their worst, they can be overwhelming, prideful, and very bossy. Here’s how Mars in Leo manifests in women. 

Mars in Leo Women 


You’ll notice a Mars in Leo woman by the way they walk into a room. Even if every other placement in her chart is meek and demure, the Leo Mars takes over the moment they step onto the scene. They always leave a lasting first impression, strutting into a room like they are royalty. Leo Mars loves to make an entrance, moving with such grace, confidence, and authority because they have things they want to achieve in this life. And as soon as other people respect that, the sooner they can achieve their dreams. A Mars in Leo woman is a force to be reckoned with in all areas of life. 

Mars in Leo women are charismatic, confident, and have a strong personal magnetism that can make anyone bend to their will. These women seem to have a strong sense of purpose. A “calling” that allows them to move with such authority. They know what they want in this life and follow through on their ambitions.  They are natural leaders, able to take creative risks that will pay off because they have so much faith in themselves and their abilities. Never call her “bossy”—she’s “the boss.” 

However, don’t mistake them for being all-business. This woman likes to have fun.

Leo traditionally rules the 5th house of pleasure, meaning they enjoy having fun. A Mars in Leo woman typically has a lot of hobbies and a large variety of creative talents that makes them the Jane of all trades. They have a start-quality about them, usually being the center of attention with their amusing stories. They love leaving someone start-struck. However, while they can seem egotistical, vain, and dramatic, they truly have a heart as big as a lion. Warm, generous, and faithful, they’ll go to the ends of the earth for the people they love. 

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Leo’s famous passion is on full blast in the bedroom. Mars rules over passion and sexuality, creating fiery physical passion in Leo Mars women. This is one of the most sexual astrology places as they ooze magnetism and sensuality. A Leo Mars woman loves sex—and they aren’t very shy about their desires either. Their bold nature helps them seduce anyone they please with ease, and their long-lasting stamina allows them to go all night long if they want to. In bed, they are expressive and open-minded, though a little demanding. 

While a Leo Mars woman loves sex, they also love everything that leads up to the “big event.” They like being courted, flirted with, complemented by, and admired. This placement may have a praise-kink, getting turned by compliments and being treated like the goddess they are. They want a love who is completely devoted to them and has all of their attention. Leo Mars women usually stick to one partner at a time, as love and sex go hand and hand with them. They are loyal creatures who want the same loyalty in return. If they aren’t someone whole world, they rather go to bed alone. 

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Anger and Passion

Mars in Leo women are the Queens of passion. When they want something (or someone) they’ll do anything they can to make it happen. They have a natural fire that can keep them warm or burn them if they aren’t careful.

Idealists at heart, Mars in Leo women just want to make the world a better place, and when they see injustice in the world (or someone being unjust to them), they will burn with rage. However, a Leo Mars woman needs to learn how to keep their anger in check and learn when a fight is worth fighting or if their ego just got a little bruised.

Leo Mars women, no matter how old they are, are not above throwing a tantrum when they aren’t getting their way. Their dramatic nature can easily work against them when they are upset. A Leo Mars woman needs to remember to not burn their candle at both ends and to save their lioness roar for a worthy fight—not every fight. 

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How to Find Your Mars Sign 

Your Mars sign is the sign Mars was in the moment you were born. Your Mars sign is found in your birth chart, which you can discover here


What does Capricorn Mars mean? 

If your natal Capricorn is in Mars, you are driven, determined, and have a great amount of self-control that allows you to climb mountains to achieve your goals. 

How long does Mars stay in a sign? 

Mars usually stays in any given sign for about two months but can remain in a sign for up to seven months when it’s in retrograde. 

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