How to Cast a Protection Spell for Yourself or Someone Else

By Stephanie N. Campos

On February 22, 2022

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How to Cast a Protection Spell for Yourself or Someone Else

Here’s everything you need to know about casting protection spells—including best days, before magic, and casting a protection spell for a friend. Casting a spell isn’t as simple as reciting text from an old weathered witchy book. Before you delve into the world of magic, here are a few tips and tricks to get you started on the right track.

Spell Casting Safety

If you’re going to cast any spell, first, it’s paramount that you cast a circle of protection. Calling on the four elements and utilizing the power of your mind and energy, you can create a protective circle around you before the magic even begins. Place an object that represents each element at the four direction points in your circle (earth/north, fire/south, water/west, and air/east). Once you’ve placed your objects down, start facing east and call upon the element of air. Next turn south and call upon the element of fire, then repeat with west and north. 

Before you finish, ground yourself into the Earth’s core. Visualize two beams of white light streaming down into the Earth’s center, and white vibrant light traveling up through your feet. Thank the Earth for her protection. We’re almost ready for some spellwork, but before you get started, imagine a column of golden yellow light beaming from your crown chakra and up into the Cosmos. Thank the Universe for its insight and assistance. Once you’ve set the foundation, you can state that the circle has been cast and blessed be. Continue on with your spellwork.

Casting a Protection Spell

Casting a protection spell is not entry-level spellwork, there is serious intent behind the process. Anytime you’re engaging with magic, it’s important to be as respectful and thorough throughout the process as possible. Here are a few tips for casting a protection spell.

For Yourself

The power of your mind can be considered one of your greatest assets. One of the best ways to ensure you are psychically, mentally and physically protected is by casting a shielding spell. Once you’ve cast your circle and called the elements, sit and begin to close your eyes. Visualize a protective layer around you. It’s made of bright white light, yet is reflective on the surface like a mirror. Anything that comes your way and intends harm will bounce off and be sent back to the sender. This psychic bubble creates a physical barrier between you and harmful energies around you. 

For Someone Else

A wonderful way to cast a protection spell for someone else is by creating a protection jar. First, you will want to cleanse the jar. You can do this by using incense or moon water or by placing it outside under a harmonious full moon. Once the jar is cleansed, place Himalayan salt at the base of the jar and begin to add other helpful and protective elements. From basil, cinnamon and mugwort to small crystals or a small item that has meaning, fill your jar with intention. Seal your jar with wax and state out loud, “I am protected from negative energy and harmful attacks. May only peace, love and light find me.”

Before Spell Casting

Before you cast a spell, you’ll want to make sure you and your house are clean. Cleansing yourself from any energetic residue you’ve picked up throughout your day is key. You don’t want that seeping its way into your magic making. It’s also important that your space is clean. You can even charge your cleaning supplies with energetic intentions as you go. Imagine ridding yourself of any lingering anxieties as you scrub away dirt on your floor or sweep up your entryway. 

Best Days

For a magical spell to have the best bang for its buck, you’ll want to do your spellwork as the moon is gaining light. Pay attention to the moon cycle. Anytime between a quarter moon and a full moon, when the moon is gaining light, will deliver the most power. New moons and full moons are also wonderful for spellcasting, but you will want to consult with an astrologer, as not all moons bring beneficial energies. 


How do you make a protection charm?

The best part about magic is that everything is magic. We are magic. It is our intention that brings the magic to life. You can create a protection charm or amulet through your sheer will. Imagine that, when you place that charm in your car or on a bracelet that you wear, your energetic field receives an automatic boost. You’re surrounded by bright protective light that is nearly impossible to penetrate. 

How do you put a protection spell on a bracelet?

Similar to a protection charm, you can infuse the bracelet with your intent of protection. Visualize that once you put on the bracelet, there is a protective layer of energy that surrounds you. 

Are witches real?

Yes, witches are real, and we practice magic on the regular. You’re welcome to join in on the fun, anyone can be a witch with study and dedication, and it’s pretty freaking cool.

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