4 Ways a Cancer Man Tests You

By Ellen Ricks

On June 15, 2022

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4 Ways a Cancer Man Tests You

If you’re dating a Cancer man, expect drastic mood swings even in a healthy relationship. Here’s how a Cancer man tests you, plays with you, and more.

Cancer men are often considered the best “boyfriend material” of all the astrological signs. But that doesn’t mean that these crabs down have sharp claws when it comes to love—especially when they are testing a new romantic partner. Cancers are in it for the long haul, so they need to know their partners are in this with them—for better or for worst. 

Even if you’re not dating a Cancer sun, check your partner’s moon, Venus, and Mars sign as Cancer placement there will really come out in relationships. 

Signs He’s Playing With You 

If you catch him doing any of these, be on the lookout to see if he’s testing you or he’s just not that into you. 

He’s Distant 

The first clue that a Cancer is losing interest is that he’s going back into this cold hard shell. If a Cancer is into you, he’s all over you, but if you find that your Cancer is not coming over as often, not answering your texts, or you just can’t get ahold of him, something is wrong.

It’s also emotional distance: not asking you about your day, and not including you in future plans, are also red flags. 

He’s Re-Connected With His Ex

Staying friends with an ex isn’t always a red flag, but when you’re dealing with a Cancer, keep a closer eye on his relationships with his exes. Cancers are very nostalgic, always longing for what used to be. If you find your Cancer following his ex on social media, texting them, or saying “we’re just friends”, it’s very likely that he’s not over her. 

Acting Crabby 

Cancer signs are famous for their mood swings and passive-aggressive nature. Even the happiest Cancer can fall into their stormy moods every now and again.

However, if you find him embracing his crab persona 24/7, he may not be happy. King of passive-aggression, Cancer may try testing you by showing you his worst or try to get you to break up with them.  

Starting Fights 

If Cancer is really unhappy, the claws start to come out. Usually, Cancer is defensive not offensive, only fighting they feel pushed. So when they purposely pick a fight (usually about something small and unimportant). This can be they are feeling very emotional and don’t know how to voice their feelings, or this is a manipulative tactic he’s just to get you to break up with him. 

Signs He’s Serious

Okay, so we talked about what a Cancer does when he’s just not that into you. But how do we know he’s actually serious? Here are a few hints. 

Allows Himself to be Vulnerable 

Cancer is symbolized by the crab, a creature that has a hard outer shell that protected a soft interior. Cancer men often keep their guard up to prevent getting hurt. So if a Cancer is into you, he’ll put down his claws and let you in. This is very special so don’t take it for granted. 

Invites You Into His Home 

Cancer traditionally rules the 4th house, the house of home and family, so Cancer treats these things as sacred. Home is the one place Cancer can let down their guard and be themselves and feel safe. So if he’s inviting you into his home (especially if he’s planning on cooking you dinner), this is a HUGE step and shows that he trusts you. If he introduces you to his family, you know he’s very serious about you. 

Talking About the Future

Unless they have a lot of signs in their chart that they otherwise, Cancers are NOT casual daters. They date because they are looking for a life partner. If a Cancer is into you, they are already planning out how many children they’re going to have you and some houses saved on Zillow. If a Cancer man is including you in his future plans, from upcoming vacations to long-distance moves, he’s serious about you. 


The key way Cancer will let you know he’s serious about you is all in the body language. If a Cancer man is into you, he can’t keep his hands off you. Always hugging, handing holding, and putting their arms around you when walking. Touch is a love language for them and they just can’t get enough. 


Are Cancer men honest? 

Cancers are empathic and emotionally intuitive and, while they are usually honest, they are not above telling a fib or two to prevent hurting someone’s feelings. However, they only do this to people they don’t very well. Once a Cancer is comfortable around you, they aren’t afraid to tell you how it is. 

Are Cancer men loyal? 

Cancers are very loyal once you get past their hard shell. Cancer loves deeply and can create strong emotional bonds. They consider the people they love to be their family and do anything they can for them. If a Cancer loves you, they are loyal to you till the end. 

Are Cancer males affectionate? 

Cancer males are very affectionate with their partners and lovers. When a Cancer man is into you, they just can’t get enough of you—from physical touches to words of endearment. 

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