The Best Self-Care Routine, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

By Amanda Lauren

On January 9, 2019

In Astrology

The Best Self-Care Routine, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Having a self-care routine is vital to maintaining a positive state of mind and well being. It is truly essential to take time out and focus on yourself, especially when Mercury is in retrograde! Remember: Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be complicated, but you should know that every sign benefits from different treatments, rituals and routines. Your personal self-care activity should be one that you are naturally drawn to or will help create balance in your life. Scroll below for the best self-care routines for you, based on your zodiac sign.

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Passionate Aries thrives on competition so you naturally excel in a group fitness class like spin—especially with a leaderboard like FlyWheel or Peloton, Orange Theory or even CrossFit. Sweating it out and releasing endorphins won’t just help you physically, but will also help you release stress from work or other areas of your life.


We know you work hard, but also know you enjoy the fruits of your labors and like being aware and in touch with your body. A Reiki treatment or a massage is exactly what you need to relax your stubborn muscles and clear your mind.

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Gemini loves to move quickly and try lots of different things. This is exactly why taking a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class is perfect for you. The variety of exercises and rapid changes are challenging but exhilarating for you.


Emotional and intuitive, you love easily and connect deeply to spiritual practices. Try metta meditation, which is all about giving love out to the world. Even just ten minutes of meditation each morning can start the day off right for you.

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The consummate fire sign, Leo is a hardworking leader, but even the loudest lion has a finite amount of energy. Your self-care routine can be as simple as taking a short nap. Because the upper back and spine rule Leo, it’s best to keep your body supported on a comfortable mattress—skip the sofa even for short siestas.


Virgo loves home organization and decor. So a fun DIY project, such as refinishing an antique chair and then painting it will feel naturally relaxing to you. The mindfulness of crafting will be as rewarding as the end product itself.


A hot Vinyasa Flow class is perfect for Libra. As a sign that not only likes to sweat but also feels inclined towards routine, this type of yoga will bring peace and balance.

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Scorpio can have trouble expressing their emotions or perhaps they are simply more guarded than other signs. Invest in talk therapy for the ultimate in self-care. Taking an hour each week to meet with someone you trust can be an emotional game changer.


Sagittarius is independent and loves to expand their minds. Take some time daily to do something simple like read a book. Because Sagittarius’ tend to be big dreamers, you’ll get find loads of inspiration from reading memoirs and non-fiction books.


Extremely ambitious, Capricorn does what it takes to get the job done. However, you can overwork yourself. Take some much needed “me time” by going for a hike. It will give you both the break you need and the sense of accomplishment you crave.

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Known as the “water bearer,” it’s not a surprise that Aquarius can rejuvenate from a nice bath. Epsom salts or any mineral salt will help you clear your energy fields. Add some essential oils such as lavender for added relaxation.


Since Pieces rules the feet, taking time for regular pedicures must be a guilt-free indulgence. In between treatments, this sign can give themselves a daily treat by massaging their own feet with their favorite lotion or cream.

Photo: Hanna Postova on Unsplash

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