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The Best Toys for a Virgo Child

Blocks, magnetic tiles, and interlocking toys. Virgo loves figuring out how things work from an early age, and logic-based toys are key for awakening that lifelong interest.

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The Best Activities for a Virgo Child

Intelligent Virgos love reading books with their parents from an early age. This sign also loves kid-focused STEAM classes (science, tech, engineering, art, and math), and may impress their parents by building a computer program before their fifth birthday.

Books Every Virgo Child Must Read

Virgo kids adore reading, and will likely ask for the same books over and over again as they try to make sense of their world. Here are some books that will especially resonate with a Virgo kid:

Little Oink by Amy Krause Rosenthal. This story of a little pig who just wants to stay clean and organized (even though his family loves nothing more than bathing in a pig pen) will speak to Virgo, who is organized from an early age.

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. A classic children's book about a little girl who finds and nurtures a forgotten garden, this sweeping novel appeals to Virgo's love of nature and belief that hard work can make a huge difference on many levels.

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle. A classic sci-fi adventure with strong female and male characters, this story embraces a love of math and science, while also showing how, through science, math, and "facts," the world can truly reveal itself in all its wonder and mystery.

The Best Names for a Virgo Child

Grounded, intelligent, and hardworking, Virgos tend to prefer classic, practical choices. Classic names, or twists on them, can be perfect monikers for this sign.

Names for Virgo Boys: Your little Virgo is destined for success pretty much from day one. What names come to mind when you imagine him chairing a meeting one day? Names that connote strength, like Everett (Anglo-Saxon for wild boar), Liam (Irish for strong-willed warrior), or Zale (power of the sea) will serve your son well.

Names for Virgo Girls: Although Virgo women are practical, they also adore beauty and will always wear their multi-syllable names with pride. Don't be afraid to go girly ever-practical Virgo will always shorten it if it becomes too much of a mouthful for her. Arabella, Annabella, Isabella, or Gabriella are all slam-dunks for Virgos. Want something shorter? Consider names meaning "strong." Brianna (Gaelic for strong), Matilda (whose German root means battle), and Adira (a Hebrew name meaning powerful) are all good options.

How to Parent the Virgo Child

Cautious, sensitive, and intelligent, Virgo parents often recognize their newborn's "knowingness" from day one. These babies are old souls, but that doesn't mean they're easy. Virgo children may be especially sensitive to noise and lights, and parents may have a hard time soothing infants when they're tiny. Luckily, nature helps calm them down, and long walks outside will become a go-to strategy for parent-child connection even as Virgo gets bigger.

Virgo is a sensitive child who might sometimes be hard to hear. They don't demand attention, and the more upset they are, the more they fade into the background. That's why it's key for parents to pay extra attention to their Virgo kids. Even in big families, carving out one-on-one time is key for drawing a Virgo child out of his or her shell. Virgo needs a lot of solitude but also craves check-ins. Parents can draw them out by reading the book that they're reading and scheduling time to talk about it, or by attending a lecture on a topic that they're interested in. Talking about subjects that matter to them can be an onramp for Virgo kids to talk about their own experiences.

Here are more tips for parenting a Virgo child:

Give them a break. Virgos are naturally hard on themselves, and parents can help teach them that "good enough" is sometimes okay. Setting a limit for the amount of time they spend on homework or encouraging them do a fun pickup sport "just because" can help Virgos learn that it's okay to do okay.

Ask about their passions. Little Virgos are happiest when the people that they love enjoy the things that they do. Read up on your child's hobby, ask questions, or watch YouTube videos together. Communicating that what they like matters is a way of telling your Virgo that he or she matters.

Give them space. Virgos love to imagine, and they need a safe place in their home to let their thoughts unfurl. Even if you have a small space, giving your little Virgo a dedicated corner for reading, drawing, and dreaming will make him or her happy.

All About the Virgo Teenager

Virgo teenagers seem to be a parent's dream they're hardworking, honest, and usually have a good, strong friend group. But it's important to realize that Virgos are this way not because they want to please you (although that's a nice side effect), but because they're driven by an internal motivation that may be different than yours. In other words, Virgo is extremely aware of being his or her own person, and standing back and letting your Virgo teen forge a personal path is the key to successful parent-teen relations.

Virgos bristle at being told what to do, and they hate when parents have major expectations for them to attend a certain college or enter a certain profession. Let your Virgo find his or her own passions and path. A Virgo teen may also experiment with "bad" behavior. This is all part of finding themselves, and the best thing Virgo parents can do is let them live with the consequences. Did they skip school? Then they get a failing grade. While parents are often tempted to intervene, it will likely do more harm than good. Virgo teenagers need to figure things out on their own.

Sensitive Virgo needs time and space to talk and may request seeing a counselor at some point. This is a sign of strength, because Virgos are incredibly adept at knowing their needs. Taking them seriously is key for a mutually respectful relationship.

A Virgo teen likes:

Space: Don't crowd them by asking how their day was let them talk to you when they're ready.

Naps: So what if they sleep until noon? They need it, and they know that they need it.

Their own money: A Virgo teen will get a job as soon as they're able, just so they can have their own cash (and spend it on the luxuries that catch their eye).

A Virgo teen dislikes:

Being babied: Virgo teens are happy to do laundry, clean, and cook for themselves if that gives them the privilege of being treated like an adult.

Lectures: They've already figured out that their parents don't always know best and can't necessarily be relied on for the final word, so Virgo teens would rather get a range of perspectives.

Drama: The clique system in high school only makes Virgo teens nervous, and they hate when these pointless social drama play out on social media even when they're not at school.

The Virgo Parent

Low-key and rational, a Virgo parent loves seeing his or her children come into their own, and tries hard to step back and let them become the people they were meant to be. That said, Virgo parents are also perfectionists they can have a hard time standing back, especially when they know that they could correct their child or teach a better way of doing something.

Virgo parents love connecting with their child through teaching, and they see possible lessons in everything. Although usually fastidious, a Virgo parent doesn't mind the mess if it means that his or her child is learning something. Virgo parents will welcome their kids' help with cooking, even if it takes five times longer.

The Virgo parent will read his or her child's homework, and may be even more demanding than the teacher. But even though Virgo parents will call out laziness when they see it in their children, they'll never be unkind and will always stop for a hug or talk if their child needs some emotional time. Virgins are their child's fiercest advocates they truly believe that their little one can do anything he or she has a mind to do.

As their children grow, Virgos are happy to become friends as well as parents to their child. While they'd never identify as their child's "best friend" and will always have some boundaries in the relationship (they do not want to hear how their twenty-something child spent his or her Saturday night), Virgo parents love conversations and debates about world issues and big life questions. This sign believes that raising an independent thinker is one of their biggest parental success stories.

How a Virgo Can Be a Great Parent to Any Kid in the Zodiac

How does a Virgo's personality mesh (or clash) with their offspring's? Here's how!

Virgo Parent, Aries Child

A Virgo parent respects headstrong Aries, and Aries kids love that Virgo doesn't place too many boundaries around them. By avoiding arbitrary rules, Virgo allows an Aries kid the space to try new things.

Virgo Parent, Taurus Child

Both earth signs, Virgo parents and Taurus children are rational, intelligent, and have a bit of a stubborn streak. But these two signs understand each other, and they're apt to quickly resolve any fights.

Virgo Parent, Gemini Child

Virgo parents can get exasperated with Gemini, while Gemini bristles at Virgo's staid approach to parenting. The two signs bond over art and music, and they may find it easiest to talk about art while really talking about what's going on between them.

Virgo Parent, Cancer Child

Both sensitive and filled with quiet strength, a Virgo parent can draw a Cancer kid out of his or her shell like few others can. Because Virgo is less emotional than Cancer, this parent can teach this child how one setback isn't the end of the world, helping them learn the art of tenacity.

Virgo Parent, Leo Child

Virgo parents are enthralled by their fearless little Lion, but they sometimes wish their Leo would be more careful. Meanwhile, Leo learns how to be (a little) more organized and detail-oriented from his or her Virgo parent.

Virgo Parent, Virgo Child

Virgo parents see themselves in their Virgo kids and it can drive them crazy. Both are committed to being their best selves, and seeing their most fussy traits reflected in each other can help them both relax.

Virgo Parent, Libra Child

Virgo parents can help ground air sign Libra, and little Libras can see how Virgo moms or dads remain both kind to others and true to themselves. This is an all-star parent-child match!

Virgo Parent, Scorpio Child

A Virgo parent can temper intense Scorpio's emotions, while teaching their little Scorpion how to get along better with people who hold different viewpoints. Meanwhile, Scorpio is inspired by Virgo's grounded energy.

Virgo Parent, Sagittarius Child

Adventurous Archers give their Virgo parents heart attacks on a regular basis. Little Sags are impulsive, and allowing them to make their own mistakes and learn the consequences can be a lifelong lesson for Virgo parents.

Virgo Parent, Capricorn Child

Both detail-oriented, Virgo parents and Capricorn kids can get along well, but emotional check-ins are key, because Virgo parents need to ensure that their relationship with their little Goat is more than just superficial.

Virgo Parent, Aquarius Child

Creative and passionate about the arts, Virgo and Aquarius connect well over creative pursuits. However, Virgin parents should take the lead in getting Aquarian kids to open up to them. If they wait for it to happen, it may not.

Virgo Parent, Pisces Child

Earthy Virgo can help ground watery Pisces, and Pisces kids look up to their Virgo parents. Virgos can also help direct Pisces to their passions, and can keep them on task something that Pisceans doesn't always do on their own.