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The Best Toys for a Cancer Child

Dolls, stuffed animals, and action figures. With a rich imagination, Cancer children see "best friends" in their toy chest, and they might carry around a stuffed animal lovey for years. If a Cancer child loves something, parents should consider buying backups—Cancer children have intense emotional attachments to objects and will be crushed if a lovey goes missing.

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The Best Activities for a Cancer Child

Imaginative and creative, Cancer kids have a rich internal life. They may be content watching from the sidelines on the playground, but don't assume that they aren't "playing." Little Crabs may be telling themselves a fanciful story about what they're observing. That said, Cancer children can be shy and may need Mom and Dad to help them make friends on the playground. Even introducing your little Cancer to other kids can be a big first step.

Books Every Cancer Child Must Read

Cancer children use stories to understand the world around them, and stories about complex emotional events can help put their big feelings into words. As Cancers get older, they don't shy away from the hard stuff, and reading "gritty" books can help you connect with your Cancer teen.

Llama, Llama, Mad at Mama by Anna Dewdney. Part of a classic series about a little llama learning to understand the world, this story centers on Little Llama's temper tantrum—and how you can be mad but still love someone, too.

Ida, Always by Caron Levis and Charles Santuso. A picture book about what happens when a polar bear's BFF dies allows little Cancers to ask and grapple with the big questions about life and death in an age-appropriate way.

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. A contemporary classic, the story about teenage love in the face of certain death appeals to Cancer's emotional core, while the smart, edgy voice simultaneously appeals to their intellectual side.

The Best Names for a Cancer Child

Empathetic, deeply intuitive, and almost psychic, Cancers are well suited to names inspired by art or literature, or names that have a personal meaning in your life. Think about naming your child after a favorite artist or the place where you got engaged.

Names for Cancer Boys: Your Cancerian will be very much in tune with his emotions, and may grow up to be a poet, author, or songwriter. Shakespearian names provide a treasure trove of inspiration: Think Romeo, Henry, or Duncan. Or get inspired by famous authors: William (Blake), Percy (Bysshe Shelley), William (Wordsworth), August (Wilson), or Lin-Manuel (Miranda).

Names for Cancer Girls: Again, Shakespeare provides endless inspiration for Cancer children. Diana, Miranda, Katherine, and Juliet all nod to a Cancer girl's lyrical nature. Poets and authors can also be great inspiration: Zora (Neale Hurston), Virginia (Woolf), Chinua (Achebe), Jhumpa (Lahiri), or Jane (Austen) can perfectly fit this sign's literary personality.

How to Parent the Cancer Child

Emotional and intense, parenting a Cancer child can feel like you're giving everything you've got. Well, you are—and it will pay off. As infants, Cancer children may seem needier than other signs of the Zodiac, and those infamous Cancer tummy troubles may put them at greater risk of colic than their other peers. Cancer children also have an intense need for physical touch, and a Cancer infant may seem like they're never happy—unless they're in your arms. Normal! Cancer craves love and affection and can almost never have enough, so "baby wearing" (holding baby close to you as you go about your day) can help you both stay sane and happy!

As your little Cancer gets older, he or she still needs the physical connection to Mom and Dad. Plenty of cuddles can help ease transitions. Meanwhile, being aware of your little Crabs' big emotions and letting them know that they're not "good" or "bad," is key. Cancers cry but they aren't crybabies, and shaming them will make them less likely to share what's going on in their life. Always let them know that you're there to listen, but don't pry. Knowing they can come to you is key, and trust that they will—eventually.

Here are more tips for parenting a Cancer child:

Give them space. While Cancer kids can be emotional and clingy, they also need their independence. Give them the time and physical space to quietly sit with their own thoughts and emotions. Let them recharge and they'll be snuggling up to you again in no time.

Nourish them with healthy food. Cancer babies love food and may some day grow into emotional eaters. Provide them with the best possible nutrition from the very beginning. That way, when they reach for comfort food, they'll be nourishing body and soul.

Make family time fun time. Family connections are important to little Crabs. Try to be intentional about the way your family spends time together, and include extended family, too!

All About the Cancer Teenager

The Cancer teenager is an enigma. These adolescents crave closeness and push you away. Some days, they'll be cuddly and open; other days, they'll slam their door in your face. Their emotions, always a rollercoaster, are on hyperdrive during the teenage years. Worse, a parent's well-meaning check-ins may backfire, making a Cancer teen even more secretive.

But despite the emotional overload, a Cancer teen is passionate, motivated, and truly wants to make the world a better place. Idealistic Cancer teens are ravenous about the news and may become local activists for causes in which they believe. This sign also maintains strong family bonds, even if they do seem to create a wall around themselves, and they'll never, ever lie to you.

Cancer needs space, and teenage Crabs intuitively feel like they need to grow up on their own. In other words, they don't want you helicoptering over them and their decisions. But they also need to know that you care about them and are ready to help when they're ready to ask.

A Cancer teen likes:

Responsibilities: Giving Cancer teens a job, like carpooling their younger siblings or making dinner, is key to making them feel like an active and helpful part of the family.

Self-expression: Allow creative Cancers to decorate their own room or come up with a color palette. Where Cancer lives is important, and learning that they can feel comfortable in their own space is key.

A long leash: Responsible Cancer doesn't need a bedtime—trust them to know what's best for them. It's the same with curfews. Rules for rules/ sake can make Cancer pull away.

A Cancer teen dislikes:

Pestering: They may have tears streaming down their face, but if a Cancer teen says they're fine, trust them to deal with the problem or come to you when they're ready. The more you ask, the more they'll shut down.

Snooping: Reading their journal is pretty much the most disrespectful thing you can do to your Cancer teen. If you're truly worried about something, ask them directly. They're much more likely to tell the truth.

Injustice: Whether it's in the world at large or inside the house, Cancer hates injustice. Even shy Cancers will speak out when they think something is unfair.

The Cancer Parent

Intuitive and fiercely loving, a Cancer parent will do anything for their kid. Occasionally, this can backfire when the parent becomes a martyr to their child's whims. This means it's important for Cancer parents to realize that their own best option is often their child's best option, as a happy, well-adjusted parent will lead to a happier child.

Cancer parents truly want to know their children, and sometimes get frustrated when a child doesn't take a step or action that they would have taken. It can also be tough for Crabs to step back. Fiercely protective Cancer will do anything to shield their child from pain, when allowing children to make mistakes can actually pave the way for growth. Cuddly and always there for their child, Cancer has an open, happy, "anyone is welcome" home. Even though they aren't wholly comfortable with a ton of people around, they'd prefer their child to hang out with friends under their roof than under someone else's.

Emotional and mercurial, Cancer can sometimes seem a little too intense for their child (hello, tears on the first day of school). The trick for Cancer parents is talking through their emotions so that their little ones, whatever their sign, will learn how emotions are a powerful and essential part of everyday life.

How a Cancer Can Be a Great Parent to Any Kid in the Zodiac

How does Cancer's personality mesh (or clash) with their offspring's? Here's how!

Cancer Parent, Aries Child

Intensely passionate, this water and fire sign can be a great combination if both parties respect the other for who they are. Cancer can help an Aries kid tune into their emotions; Aries can teach Cancer parents the power of action rather than rumination.

Cancer Parent, Taurus Child

A Cancer parent and Taurus child have a tight emotional bond and love spending time together. As little Taurus grows, a Cancer parent may cling too tightly to the past, so learning to let go and grow is key!

Cancer Parent, Gemini Child

Although both of these signs are emotional, they express their emotions in different ways. Gemini voice their opinions and Cancers turn inward. Finding language to communicate and share emotions is key for these signs to remain harmonious.

Cancer Parent, Cancer Child

These two water signs are almost psychically in tune with each other, creating pros and cons. Cancer parents need to realize that even though their Cancer child seems similar to them, they're a different person. And Cancer children need to learn how to forgive and forget the occasional parent-child arguments and head butts.

Cancer Parent, Leo Child

Cancer parents are sometimes mystified by their little Leo's bold confidence, which can border on brashness by Cancer's standards. Crab parents and Lion kids connect over a shared love of creativity and a deep imagination, and the more they see and admire each other's gifts, the more in tune and harmonious they will be.

Cancer Parent, Virgo Child

Both sensitive, intelligent, and lovers of the world's beauty, this can be a great combination between water sign Cancer and earth sign Virgo. Cancer can help guide little Virgo to be more in tune with their emotions, while even Cancer parents can learn lessons from pragmatic Virgo.

Cancer Parent, Libra Child

Both signs are creative and intelligent, yet Cancer parents may find it hard to connect emotionally with Libra. Little Libras, not wanting to cause harm or pain, may bottle up their feelings to create harmony with their Cancer parent.

Cancer Parent, Scorpio Child

These two water signs love and protect each other fiercely—and they'll fight fiercely, too. The Crab and the Scorpion innately understand each other, though, and even though both typically hold grudges, this pair has the capacity to forgive and move on.

Cancer Parent, Sagittarius Child

Fiery Sagittarius impresses watery Cancer, who loves the way their tiny Archer will always speak his or her mind. Cancer parents and Sagittarius kids love hugs, cuddles, and connecting, although Cancer parents can have a hard time when Sagittarius inevitably wants to explore away from home, whether it's an overnight at a friend's or choosing a college across the country.

Cancer Parent, Capricorn Child

Cancer parents love their diligent, intelligent Capricorn kids, but their little Goat's logical side can sometimes be frustrating. Cancer believes that emotion is healthy, and having such a pragmatic kid can make them a little crazy. Both signs are homebodies, so parent and child will find closeness in the everyday routine of life.

Cancer Parent, Aquarius Child

Idealistic and intense, this water and air team bond over a strong sense of social justice and what is "right" in the world. Both creative and artistic, Cancer parents and Aquarius kids can spend hours drawing, building towers, and creating imaginary worlds. But while Crabs like to anchor themselves in the world, Water Bearers are free spirits. A Cancer parent needs to allow an Aquarian child to adventure and trust wherever they travel, because that parent will always be close to that child's heart.

Cancer Parent, Pisces Child

Intense and intuitive, these two water signs both are in touch with their emotional depths, which can cause incredible closeness as well as stormy fights—especially in adolescence. Both sides need to keep their emotions in check. While honesty is key, those parent-teenager fights are prime opportunities for saying something that both Crab and Fish may regret.