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The Best Toys for an Aquarius Child

Silk fairy wings, dress-up costumes, and plenty of musical instruments are all little Aquarians need to tap into their deep, rich imagination.

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The Best Activities for an Aquarius Child

Aquarius kids are intelligent and imaginative, and love reading books and making art from an early age. They also love socializing, and are happy to spend time on playgrounds with little friends. Aquarius kids need downtime, too, though—making sure Aquarius kids have enough solo time to recharge, play by themselves, and allow their imagination to unfold outside of adult earshot is key for Aquarius kids to grow and thrive.

Books Every Aquarius Child Must Read

Imaginative, intelligent, and artistic, Aquarius children are drawn to stories featuring children who may live in different parts of the world. They love recognizing similarities and differences between their experiences and the experiences of others, imagining life in other countries, and recognizing their place in the worlds.

Dreamers, Yuyi Morales. This book, of an immigrant mother and child who find magic in their local library, will appeal to the Aquarius worldview.

Jumanji, Chris van Allsburg. This classic picture book turned movie explores the very thin line between imagination and reality, and lets an Aquarius imagine "what if �".

The Best Names for an Aquarius Child

One of the most creative signs of the Zodiac, Aquarians are emotionally intelligent, intuitive, and endlessly creative. Choosing a creative name to match their personality is key—feel free to be playful with spellings, or even make something up!

Names for Aquarius Boys: Gender neutral names for Aquarian boys can work well. Think Amari, Gray, Rory, or Taylor. Or look to artists for inspiration. Some names to consider: Henri (Matisse), Mark (Rothko), Ansel (Adams), or Robert (Capa).

Names for Aquarius Girls: Female Aquarians see life as an endless art project; give your girl a creative name that will let her artistic soul shine. Some names to consider: Anais (after Anais Nin), Aria, Keats (after the poet John Keats), Magritte (after painter Rene Magritte), or Thisbe (from the Ovid myth).

How to Parent the Aquarius Child

Playful, friendly, intelligent, and fun, it may feel like your Aquarius kid doesn't need that much parenting. They may seem "wise beyond their years," and the way they easily adapt to different social situations can make it seem like they go with the flow.

And they do. But an Aquarius kid is very attuned to emotional imbalance, and while they may not voice their fears, they have a lot of existential worries about the world and their place in it. Finding time to go deep and talk about these things is helpful. It's also helpful to be able to schedule plenty of time to just be with your Aquarius. They may seem gregarious, but you may notice it takes some time for your Aquarius kid to open up and actually talk about what may be bothering them.

Aquarius kids thrive in groups, and do well in packs of siblings. But they definitely need and want plenty of one on one time with mom and dad, too. Aquarius kids are seekers, and it may feel like they wake up with a whole new identity every morning. They don't! They just are exploring different facets of who they are. Help encourage the exploration and don't lock them into any roles. Reminders of how you'll love them no matter what job they have or what they study is key.

Aquarius kids can have a lot to teach at a young age. Tune in, listen, and let your Aquarius kid lead you sometimes—just always remember that you're the grown-up. Here, what else to consider as your parent your little water-bearer.

Be social. If you're the mom or dad of a young Aquarian, get ready to have a full schedule of parties, playdates, games, and rehearsals. These boys and girls thrive on social interaction and tend to have lots of friends.

Keep them engaged. You'll also need to be prepared to fuel their quick and mutable minds with plenty of mental stimulation.

Embrace their uniqueness. Just when you think you've got your Aquarian all figured out, they're likely to have picked up some new quirky habit. Keep an open and accepting mind, and you'll be just the support they need.

All About the Aquarius Teenager

An Aquarius teen is independent, unique, and may drive you crazy. They don't mean to, but an Aquarius teen may be annoyed by what they see as you not living to your true self. For example, if you end up coming home late from work and complain about your boss, they may think you're selling out by working at a job you dislike—not recognizing all the positive reasons you're doing it, including a paycheck.

As a teen, Aquarius sees things as black and white, and it may be helpful for you to remind yourself that your job is partially to help them see the shades of grey that exist in the world we live in. That said, the idealism of an Aquarius shouldn't be shrugged away. It may be good to help guide a young Aquarius to a volunteer opportunity or help them find ways to make a difference in their community. An Aquarius teen has a strong sense of social justice, and they also hate being talked down to. Learning from them will go a long way in showing that you respect them.

An Aquarius teen has a lot of friends and has a good head on their shoulders, but may need some rules and structure. Instead of making rules, have them collaborate on rules and guidelines that make sense to them—they will be more likely to follow those without getting frustrated. The more you respect an Aquarius teen's autonomy, the more they will respect you.

An Aquarius Teen Likes

Learning: An Aquarius teen may bristle at the rigidity of school, but they love making connections, reading books, and figuring out new things.

Music: Music is life to an Aquarian teen, who finds songs can give a much more accurate representation of how they feel.

Their own autonomy: For an Aquarius teen, realizing they are different than their parents and have the power to make different food, religious, or style decisions than their parents is a heady thing. Encourage their experimentation and allow them to find their own path.

An Aquarius Teen's Dislikes

"Because I said so.": That is not a reason for an Aquarius teenager. Having a reason behind the rules makes them more likely to follow them.

Cliques. Aquarius teens have a lot of friends, but don't like to align with a group, preferring to float between different people.

Privacy invasions. Aquarians can be messy, and you may think you're just cleaning your water-bearer's bedroom. They see a full-on invasion of privacy and will be annoyed that you stepped into their space without permission. Respect their boundaries (and their mess).

Aquarius as Parents

How does an Aquarius personality mesh (or clash) with their offspring's? Here's how any Aquarius can be an amazing parent to any kid in the zodiac:

Aquarius Parent, Aries Child

Aquarius and Aries are both artistic and imaginative, but Aquarian parents may be taken aback by the fiery temper their little Aries has—and may belittle their Aries mood swings. Learning to tune into their own emotions can help their little Aries adapt.

Aquarius Parent, Taurus Child

This air sign and earth sign can be a tricky combination, as little bulls can need a lot of structure, which doesn't come naturally to Aquarius. The more both signs respect each other, the better this match will be.

Aquarius Parent, Gemini Child

Intelligent, imaginative, and independent, Aquarius and Gemini parents and children are great matches, but can sometimes get a little too friend-like. It's important for Aquarius to remember that they're the parent.

Aquarius Parent, Cancer Child

Sensitive baby crabs can pose a challenge to Aquarius, who may feel like their child is asking for more than they can give. The more they can tune into their own vulnerabilities, the more able they are to successfully parent a little crab.

Aquarius Parent, Leo Child

Little lions give Aquarius a run for their money—but while lions may have a loud roar, Aquarius is accepting of just how loud their little lion may be. This acceptance can help a little Leo gain confidence.

Aquarius Parent, Virgo Child

An Aquarius parent can sometimes feel disconnected from their Virgo child, and the best way to combine this air and earth sign is through art. Art is a medium both signs are equally comfortable in, and can help both communicate.

Aquarius Parent, Libra Child

These two air signs have a lot in common, but little Libras may be more sensitive than Aquarius parents recognize. Learning to go past an "everything's fine" feeling and delve into somewhat uncomfortable emotions is helpful for both signs.

Aquarius Parent, Scorpio Child

Aquarius parents know that their little scorpions are very different than them. Scorpios thrive under this unconditional acceptance, and can learn how to let hurts and grievances roll off their back by watching their Aquarius parent go through life.

Aquarius Parent, Sagittarius Child

Adventurous explorers, both parent and child need a lot of alone time. But it's up for Aquarius parents to bridge any gaps and recognize when it may be helpful to hold their little Archer's hand.

Aquarius Parent, Capricorn Child

Aquarius parents sometimes wonder if the Capricorn kid is the real parent. Cap kids love structure, bedtimes, and neat playrooms. Aquarius parents? Not so much. Both signs can learn from each other, but Aquarius parents may need to be more rigid than usual with a Cap kid.

Aquarius Parent, Aquarius Child

These two signs together know each other—maybe a little too well. Aquarius parents may be hard on their Aquarius children because they're hard on themselves. Cutting some slack is helpful for both of them.

Aquarius Parent, Pisces Child

Both imaginative and intuitive, Aquarius parents and Pisces kids love exploring life together. Water element Pisces may be more emotional than Aquarius realizes; recognizing this, and learning to think before they speak, can help ward off hurt feelings before they happen.