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Taurus Horoscope

This year, focus on your own well-being above all else. You can increase your material wealth and health this way, and also structure a more stable future. With Mars and the asteroid Ceres starting the year in your sign, you have the energy to nurture and grow the future you want.

The Sun-Pluto conjunction in early January is in the Cardinal Earth Sign Capricorn. Cardinal Signs love to start things, and Earth Signs (such as Taurus and Capricorn) are totally practical and realistic. This conjunction is a signal to make a big change or to formulate an ambitious new plan to make 2017 better than ever.

Your planet Venus is retrograde this year. Which things and people make you happiest? When this retrograde ends, you may want time to let your feelings settle down to focus on what really matters.

Of Mercury's four retrogrades, the second one starts in Taurus. Rethink any previous decisions and find improvements during this one (in April).

Spring may be complicated, but autumn gets simpler and more serious when Jupiter moves into Scorpio in October. December is a powerhouse for all Earth Signs as Saturn goes home into Capricorn. Changes are everywhere!

Taurus Couple's Horoscope

Love may have some ups and downs this year, but each up takes you to a better place. January and February should be smooth sailing and sweet times. When spring comes, Venus goes retrograde and you may want to take another, longer look at love and your relationship.

By April, you and your partner should have similar domestic goals. Basic shared feelings are more important as the retrograde ends on April 15 in sensitive, empathetic Pisces. You're not getting soft - just more compassionate.

If looking to make any major domestic changes or purchases, autumn may be a more pragmatic, sensible time to do so. Jupiter will be out of Libra and moved on into the Fixed Sign Scorpio. Like Fixed Sign Taurus, Scorpio knows its own mind and heart.

December could be overrun with work concerns as Saturn moves into its home sign of Capricorn. The Sun conjoins Saturn and moves into Capricorn now as well. Have a gloriously comfortable and loving holiday season... without breaking the bank.

Taurus Single's Horoscope

Love is a prime concern in 2017. If you're looking for that perfect someone, you might imagine several candidates in January before the Mars-Neptune conjunction separates and dissolves to give you a clearer vision and less fluctuating feelings.

All year long you should have good romantic judgment because 2017 opens with Venus and the Moon in congenial but cool Aquarius.

The Venus retrograde in the spring might slow down the dating scene, but sometimes a slower pace creates more time for feelings to gel. If you're with someone special and thinking of tying the knot, it's usually best to wait until the Venus retrograde ends (on April 15).

In October, Jupiter leaves the most sociable of signs, Libra, and enters stern Scorpio. Love is serious now. Only total honesty, sincerity, and dedication will do. However it's also a super-sexy time. It helps if you know what you really want.

Taurus Money & Career Horoscope

If love is important, career and money are more so in 2017. The opening Sun-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is a red flag to get serious about what you want and where you're going.

If you have a plan or direct path in mind, you can get intense about it and make whatever changes are needed. If you do nothing, the world may force a change on you anyway. Be proactive.

Mars and the asteroid Ceres start the year in your own sign of Taurus, a sign naturally concerned with material welfare and comfort. You have the energy and resources to go after and secure your goals.

Jupiter is retrograde in agreeable Libra from February until early June. Line up your partners and allies, if any, and be on the same page with people who share your career or financial visions. When Jupiter enters Scorpio in October, you'll have your bottom line clearly defined.

Once Saturn's retrograde ends in late August, you can make progress with little hindrance. December is powerful, work-focused, and perhaps frugal. Start the 2018 new year financially strong by riding these currents.

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