Pisces Singles Horoscope

With your planet Jupiter in Libra, romance is big-hearted and adventurous. Your social life may take you to new places with new people. It could drain your energy reserves and budget, too.

Venus is retrograde in March and April, and you may appreciate a slow-down in the dating scene. Spend more time with someone willing to listen to you more. By April, you both may be more tender-hearted than ever. Give yourself time for feelings to gel. If hoping to tie the knot, consider waiting until the Venus retrograde has ended (April 15).

Jupiter moves into Scorpio on October 10. If you're looking for someone more serious and dedicated, if not an actual soul mate, that could happen in the last three months.

December is cooler and less raucous with Saturn and the Sun in Capricorn. Holidays should be sensible and loved ones should appreciate more quiet time together just loving, respecting one another, and cherishing traditional values and activities.

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